• djpinecone

    this is awesome. i am a drummer and am interested in using this with the new vic firth LED sticks.

  • ATP

    I'd not mind helping with the hardware aspect of it. I love building things. I suck at coding, so far, so making a MIDI app for it will not be my thing.

  • midian

    I've built a touch surface using a method similar to FTIR called Diffused Illumination, its definately the way to go over FTIR, for many reasons. The concept is very simple tho but It is a lot of work to get it going smoothly, this is due to multiple reasons, pretty much ALL revolving around lighting issues.

    Getting it into a size usable in a live setting is possible but will cost a bit and take quite a while to dev. This is something I'd like to develop (and plan to) but its just a matter of free time! (and money!).

    If anyone else is interested in developing this further let me know, shouldnt be too hard to build an app which can send midi data once the device is built.

  • Luis Mondragon

    Yeah, that's great. You should also check out this guy's project:

    He got featured in Youtube some weeks ago.

    His blog (http://ssandler.wordpress.com/MTmini/) is highly interesting and it helps you build a real size interactive table and also a small sized touchscreen.

    I'm really excited, because the programs which he is working on accept MIDI data, that means that it would be possible to interact with any program (I'm thinking in Propellerhead's Reason) with a touchscreen. That is mind-blowing.

    Keep the good job, I check out this blog almost daily

  • Fourth! woot!

    Just kidding… I work in medical imaging software and I attend a lot of user groups where they discuss how to improve human input devices to interact with software… And what it usually boils down to is that the mouse is simple to use and inexpensive… and most of all… IT WORKS! Everyone wishes that the latest DJ controller had more knobs or buttons but eventually it becomes too overwhelming to use. Touch screens are great and I think there is a youtube vid of some guy who uses touch screens as his "turn tables" but it simply isn't practical for the DJ on the go and it requires specialized software so it's mass appeal is very limited. I personally like real knobs and faders…

  • Stephanie


    I love jon k. <3

  • first

    frenando That's just stupid u know, cluttering comments with: "Me! Me! MEeee."

    A fair round-up of current technology development. I'd guess that no-one would beam, on the wall, a DJ-app interface and then wave around and touch the wall (can't see why people would like it). Video beams are for VJs. AudioCubes, That wireless Guitar and other interesting stuff ar for getting close with your audience.

    Touch-screens and touchable screens (not multitouch) are not good enough for a precise work like handling a modular synth or controlling a bad-UI-design VST. Years of experience with mouse/arrow/single-pixel-click-area are still better.

    The way I see it: Touch and multitouch screens will have a majour breaktrough when they start detecting twist of a single finger (ie. for twisting a on-screen pot) and when projectors become small enough to fit in a e-dj bag.

  • Fernando