• frikkin sweet! if i can make a request: pls make an mp3 decoding cdj that can read the tags and get a bpm. that make an auto-bpm-match button. kinda like in traktor dj studio.

    you guys probably have all this built in other pages of your site but since im at a job-workforce thingy where I can only use the net for applying for jobs, I might get banned just for writing this.

    I need a pair of tables, cd/mp3 type and I don’t have much cash (none really), but I am a dedicated and excellent DJ of the breakbeat and psytrance nature. I just need to equipment and I would love to build my own. pls pls pleeeaaassseeee help me out guys, I’m going through DJ withdrawls since I moved to LA and I’m broke. could you send me some links on djtt.com so I could build my own tables. that would rawk!

    thanks ahead of time.

    DJ Tak0

    nico: try using waxpaper on top of the slipmat.

  • ernandes


  • that is awesome

  • midifidler

    Hmmm, something like this but with a motorised platter driven with a stepper motor by the midi clock, and optical encoding on both the platter and the vinyl. And all alloy construction… I think I've found my next project 🙂 Now I just need to finish off those midi-fighters…

  • nico

    I guess you can scratch with MIDI after all then, never mind the jitter! So simple an idea, it's absolutely lovely. Never really got into scratching, the needle always jumped, the slipmat was sticky. This made me want to try it, I want one!

  • shuebox is for prototyping. 🙂

    Anyway, next step is to create a rotating platter that detects slowdowns and speedups instead of touch-sensitivity.

    It is noted that midibox-native touch sensing doesn't work well if you have dry hands(might represent a problem). This is a nice project BUT as M.Haque from applegeeks would say: http://www.applegeeks.com/comics/viewcomic.php?is
    "Needs more boobs."

  • obsidiance

    hahaha at the flux capacitor!

    very dope sh*t indeed! this is the kinda stuff that gets me excited! lovin the shoebox technology!