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The 5 cent DIY midi controller

The funny thing is- I pitched this concept to a certain major manufacturer about 5 months ago. They didn’t really get it and totally missed the boat. Then again, with this approach, there is no money to be made on hardware!

  • MichaelG

    just an idea…. i wonder if you could hack the new xbox kinect sensor to do something like this.

  • NapalmBob

    yeah, there is clearly something under the paper, like a dascatch or other touch device (iphone? lol).

    I do like the idea though…

  • Stanton fooled us all !!!

    For the record theres a Stanton Dascratch unit under that peice of paper

  • i doubt its a fake, just primitive and very "proof of concept"

    This kind of thing has been done using more sophisticated motion tracking cameras before in very accurate ways but in other fields.

  • ATP

    The first thing I thought was "fake," but time will tell. Give it another month at most, I'd say, and if there's no more information, then forget it.

    I'm not that thrilled by it, but it'd be interesting to see how it works, if it does. I already know approximately how all the other new touch technologies work, so something new is mildly interesting to me.

  • Horrible response time+a camera's magical ability to detect finger presses+no information other than a demo video=FAKE

  • ATP

    Yeah, Kr0n's point is well-made…the response time is abysmal.

  • Think about how this detect the finger press, if the camera is panning from above. Weird eh?

    Also, I don't think the time response of this would make it useful beyond a fancy youtube proof of concept video.

  • ATP

    …I'm confused. I would assume this would be something like that YouTube video that Writhen mentioned…but that requires a clean view from behind and some custom software running in the background…and nothing like that circuit board sitting there on the table.

    The guy is incredibly cryptic on his YouTube page. He should throw together a website, instead of keeping his stuff secret…unless he plans to make lots of money off it. Stuff like this should be open source, like all the various methods of constructing multi-touch screens that are out there.

  • Darrel

    I'm just imagining a clear pain of glass with a DJ on one side of it and a dope artist on the other side .

  • DJ Elvis

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  • Writhen

    look on youtube for "cheap touchscreens". There's a guy there that tells you how to do this with cardboard, a piece of paper, a picture frame, and a webcam. Oh, and it's more than 5 cents when you factor in the $400 camera, $40 cords, and $2 sharpie, lol. Cool shit either way tho Ean.

  • Cool.

    Can we get some more info about the technology behind this?

  • djc

    badass! haha keep it ean.