skrillex tweet

  • James Orvis (AudioTrash)

    Not really into is music but its polished to fuck, he is a good producer. Cant understand why people rip people to shit just because they dont like that genre or usually jealous of their growing popularity. The cunts of the music industry are wankers like beiber and shitty JLS. wish their producers hard drives would blow up!!! Bad times, im gonna make sure i back up all my shit tomorrow!!

  • Dj Calamity

    Wow you haters are fucking clowns!!!!.. Skrillex is a proper producer who drops proper tunes! Hate all you want, but last time I checked he is out raging, and making a name for himself while you are sitting here trolling and talking shit.. take a step back look at yourself and shut the fuck up.

    live long skrillex.. I’m counting down till feb. 5th when you come to Texas.

  • I <3 HATERZ!!! HAHAHA!!!

  • AudioWolf

    Hes done a hell of alot more than you man so just stop your hating and do the world a favor and go make something of yourself 😀 cheers mate best of luck to your sorry life

  • rudolph red nose


  • rudolph red nose

    Youre a cunt,Have a wash,Cut your hair,Never,Ever make another tune again,row out in to the middle of the sea & drown youself,
    You fuckin skanky,corey feldman dressed a a tramp looking mutha fucker,you stink of piss…

    • Veetrax

      You’re so funny for a useless jerk

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