• Jim

    My Setup, Pioneer DDJ-SZ, Technics 1210MK2 Serato DJ, Ableton Live
    The last picture was taken before I installed the new tonearms in my 1210s!

  • Dfigueroa

    @”DJ peep this” peep this controllerism is still in its infancy. The pioneers and gurus are at their peak. Calling someone a biter in this new art is like Edison calling Tesla a biter. Recognize when someone is making a beautiful idea blossom.

  • Dfigueroa

    Must be a hell of a mapping.

  • Anonymous

    http://www.calgarc.com/files/studio.jpg my setup as of a few months ago 😀 a new studio is in teh works

  • Audio Domini

    what kind of laptop is that? and is it reliable?

  • annon

    I will never part with my tech 12’s!!!!

  • Willy

    Nice read and setup, I must admit it makes me happy to hear from yet another digital DJ that they regretted selling their technics, will be a long while before the allure dies out completely it seems.

    Seriously though, which turntables are better than Technics?

    • 4321djgear

      Stanton ST150’s, STR8 150’s in every way. The only downside is that they are so nice, you might have problems using an inferior turntable afterwards.

  • Rockson

    Nice set up, wish my missus would give me that much space in my house!
    Only thing no Macbook Pro! Hate Pcs! 🙂

    • SmiTTTen

      It’s more a case that I give her the rest of the house for non-DJ related activities. 

  • Leslie Jones

    Hey SMiTTTen, get yourself busy and post that booth on the “Show your Setup”- forum.

    • SmiTTTen


      • Leslie Jones

        Excellent, brah! 🙂

  • hmm, looks exactly like something another site is doing, it walks like a duck dude. this isn’t the first time I’ve seen djtt do something exactly the same as another site. time to be original, but what can you do when you traffic is slowing drifting away every month, oh well.

    • Uhm

      Well every blog entry can’t be regurgitated forum topics lol.
      Its sorta like Hulu, lots of content, but nothing new and none their own.

    • Which sites are you talking about? I would like to visit those!

    • GOD

      shut up loser

    • Leslie Jones

      LoLz, the forum isn’t something completely new, we had loads of members asking for it.
      Don’t bother to post if you can’t say anything constructive or even ‘renewing’ as you’d like your sites to be.

    • just curious – what site are you referring to? Our “Show us your setup” thread has been running for years. 

  • Cool read guys. Ill show mine soon!

  • Diego

    nice work!

  • Digitalqw3rty

    Really cool set up. hopefully i’ll be able to post mine sometime next year after i move

  • Anonymous

    Nice setup smiTTTen.:) Nice cable management too.LOL!;) j/k

    The only thing I am missing is your thread in the new forum.:) Where is your setup?

    BTW, thanks DJTT for the new “Show us your setup” forum. I am sure it will be a great addition to the site as the DJTT community can now share more information about their setups, whether it be “How I started” or “Where I am heading” or just answering more questions.:) It should help bring people just a bit closer (if they want to….hehehe…:p)


    • Spacecamp

      I got a special pre-forum release edition of his setup, before the forum had gone live. I’m sure he’d be down for re-posting and talking more on the forum! 

      • SmiTTTen

        When Spacecamp and I discussed the piece the MidiFighter and S4 were in the process of being put back together hence us being a little short on time to hairdresser up the cables and post on the new forum. My setup is rarely static so I find that making everything look pretty often comes at the expense of the flexibility in changing the setup. In fact, I am not sure it you can see it but there is a couple of feet between the desks and the walls to make it easy to get back there and change things up. 

        I have a few sets of pictures taken over the last 12 months and while it certainly doesn’t show the kind of the evolution that Karlos’ does, it will give people an idea of how things can progress. 

        • Anonymous

          Great SmiTTTen. And really. I was just kidding.:)


          • SmiTTTen

            I know but I totally agree with you, the cables aren’t purdy. I used the have them tied up and out of sight which looked great – until I have to change something. 

          • Anonymous

            I found some velcro cable ties. They are going to be an addition to my setup, once I buy and get the swedish furniture puzzle put together.:D


  • in reply to owen: use a TV sir most new have the VGA PC input

  • use a TV sir most new have the VGA PC input

  • Anonymous

    Nice set up smiTTTen! Looking forward to a mix video with you using it all, but you might have to grow some extra appendages 😉

  • Uhm

    Who cares?

    • GOD

      …about your comment?   


  • I’m just curious, why do people use extra monitors and stuff for DJing? You shouldn’t get use to a setup that you cant exactly talk on the road with you eh? Explain…

    • Pedro Pulido

      cause you might want to experiment at home with Traktor+Ableton (for instance)…  at least that’s why i use 2 screens at home!

    • owen

      I wish i had a big monitor for when im at home. It would make scrolling through your library so much easier on your eyes and for that reason alone its worth it 

    • I agree with Pedro, Experimentation at home seem to be the standard when DJing on laptop with software give you more options creatively, rather than hardware alone.
      Mainly due to the fact the hardware is tailored to the software like the S4 but with it being midi you can tailor it to how you want by all means take the kit out the kit you want to Gig with and how you want to work but if you wana use the NI standard map on the S4 well you may as well stick with cd’s & the CDJ standard.    

    • and to add basically an extra large monitor allows you to see more detail had a 13 inch macbook used it fine but always had to go back and squint at the screen when giging in dark rooms, but later got a 15’inch laptop now that problem is gone. Personally I recommend don’t go any smaller on a laptop/mac that is 15 inch monitor you do your eyes a favor. a prime example is in most pro studios they have either 2 or 1 large monitors to see different info from ableton & reason at the same time when producing, sound levels, EQ’s, instruments, ect… it just helps your work flow if you new to the game you’ll get to know in time, i used 1 but now use 3 ( 2, 15′ & 1, 26′ Inch monitors) in my setup on my PC (for Recording & Production) not including the 15inch laptop i use to gig on.

      • For DAW’s yeah I totally agree that big or dual screen is the way to go. But with Traktor and from a dj point of view I’ve been more than happy on my 13inch mac for 5 years, trusting the feed back from controllers keeps screen gazing to a minimum of track browsing or occasional glance at waveforms from un familiar songs. 

        Of course the laptop is probably the most important element in the digital setup, but visually I prefer to have a smaller laptop that I can tuck to one where I treat it like my record box,  

        Is there anything worse when looking up to the dj and all you see is 2/3 of a head and the rest is hidden behind a huge laptop?

        • gotta agree with this. yet we are all guilty to some degree of the ‘eyes glued to the screen’ syndrome. 
          I guess it’s like when u learn the guitar and can’t trust yourself to take the eyes off the fretboard.Use the force Luke.

    • dude, no DJ is just a DJ. He may use it to produce music. Have you ever tried to produce anything on a laptop with anything less than 1080p? It’s impossible. The workflow improves on a dual monitor setup loads!