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A Gift For Our Younger Readers and Some Great Gifts For You.

We’ve had a solid week of five posts on various topics, so if you dont mind I’d like a moment to tell you about a few cool things we created for the DJ TechTools store. In order to help our younger readers and those who are attempting to purchase equipment this season, we have created two things:

  1. A special letter and video for parents to help kids explain why they want to get into DJing.
  2. A few killer bundles and holiday specials that make the gear a lot more affordable.
(Editor’s Note: The bundles in this article no longer exist – instead we now offer bundles on many of our products – see links inside) 

You may not realize it but a growing number of DJ TechTools readers and fans are younger than the average DJ. What they lack in funds, they make up in passion for music – so we thought it might be cool to help our younger readers speak to their parents and explain why they want to become DJs and controllerists.  All over the world, many schools are cutting music and arts funding and interest in traditional instruments is waning. We strongly believe that it’s important to offer creative outlets through music. Do you need help convincing your parents that controllerism is a real musical pursuit? Let Ean help! We’ve created a special page for your parents: Special Holiday Letter for Mom and Dad  And for everyone else, we put together a few special deals so you might have a chance at getting what you really want this year.


Comes With…

    • NI Traktor Kontrol S2
    • DJTT MIDI Fighter
    • Chroma Caps (Knobs and Faders)
    • Dual RCA to RCA Cable
    • DJTT Kontrol S2 Mapping
    • DJTT Powertools Sound Library

Check out all of our S2 Bundles on the Traktor Kontrol S2 Page!


Is everyone still asking you what you want for Christmahannukwanzadan? How about the new Mono S4 bag?

  • It’s on sale for $149
  • It’s super good looking
  • and it’s something you will actually use! (as opposed to another ugly sweater or a pair of socks)

They are now available here!

  • guest

    Oh dear… having just read the letter and watched the video I don’t know how Ean doesn’t feel dirty after this one. Much worse than cartoon commercials. He’s putting himself in the kids position and getting them to do the hard sell through their parents while calling himself their ‘friend’. Pretty shameful stuff I have to say. I feel sorry for the parents who can’t afford it and the kids who think their friend Ean is doing them a favour. It’s pretty obvious whose making the money here, and it’s not kids who buy $750 hardware based on sales tactics like this and promotional videos featuring professional DJ’s. I appreciate that DJTT is a business but there is such a thing as ethical business practice and Ean doesn’t strike me as somebody who needs the money.

  • Campark43

    Let the man make some money, I think everyone on this site owes the man. Peace.

  • Janzak

    I don’t know guys… when I saw the article I thought it was a great way of enrolling more junior DJs and pushing some gear for you to make a living but I dunno…

    If I had seen this article when I was 12-13 I woulda felt left out, my family could never afford stuff like this and this video would have made me feel bad for having sub-par equipment to practice with. I dunno. Not all families can afford stuff like that and your sales pitch kinda makes it sound like that gear is what you should be using to be part of controllerism, to be cool.

  • Jfd6812

    Ugh. This article makes my skin crawl. Yeah, I understand this is a business, but this just feels gross.

  • Peter

    Ean Golden i love how much you want to get young people into controllerism, your doing a good thing to the DJ community and these bundles are a great way to get people started in the industry

    • Peter

      Ean you have done soo much to help get people started and this is a great way to do it. i showed my parents and they love it and are very interested in it and i think they agreed to help. If you are reading this Ean, thanks for everything you have done to help. keep up the good work.

  • Misunderstood Destroyer

    Wow you guys are such COMPLAINERS!

    Here goes Ean trying to get new fresh blood into the business. And it worked to all you haters I am 13 years old and have been saving up for whats close to 3 months. My family isn’t loaded and this video definitely convinced my parents that Djing is a real thing. If you’re reading this Ean thank you very much, it is pretty much soley you that convinced my parents to get the “big bundle” with me

    • Peter

      same here man im putting all my time and money that i make from work to put into these products, thank you Ean the video has helped a lot to get some help from my parents. Ean and his amazing staff is helping out the community and new people coming into the scene.

  • Tyler Keeton

    Total respect for you Ean and all you do. Thumbs up to this post.

  • Parkrangerchops

    so stoked you have this deal available but what about a similar deal involving the s4?

  • I started 2 years ago on nothing but an m-audio x session pro, and a iMic Grffin that I used in tandem with my internal computer audio (created an aggregate audio device in OS X). Then I moved up to a RMX + XSP, and now I’m at my current rig which is a X1, Xone DX, and HDJ 2000. I paid for all of this from just working at a regular part time job and when I got confident enough with my skills I stepped into doing DJing part time, which helped pay for my current gear. Now this month I’m going to be doing my biggest gig of the year on the 23 at the Orange Room (Guvernment). 

    To those who are wanting to start and already have money are the bundles that Ean’s offering worth it? Yes imo. Do you NEED the above to start DJing? No.

    Yes DJing is becoming more accessible, I’m glad to see more people wanting to learn. However to those people who are grinding their gears about this new wave of DJ’s need to understand that most of them probably will never see a crowd larger than that of a small house party probably. Some might not even see a crowd, and just be bedroom DJ’s for a few months before selling their gear. Sure lots of people are learning, however most people that I’ve seen that say they are learning when I ask them about how they are mixing don’t even know what Beatmatching is, they just let the software do it for them! When I ask how they mix, they say, “Oh I just turn up the bass/volume”. 

    What do I say to these types of “DJ’s”? I smile and nod and say keep practicing. Am I worried about these types of DJ’s getting in my way? NO.

    If you really want to start DJing in bars, clubs, and bigger university/college house parties. Work hard, and be confident with your skills, and make the move by actually reaching out to bars and clubs to see if they have a spot for you. 

    just my 2¢

    • Campark43

      Really? smile and nod? Props T.O. Guvernment. Take the ego down a notch.

      • That was a little dry, my apologies. haha~ 

        But what I mean’t by the smile and nod, is just don’t make a fuss about it. At the end of the day if that individual finds happiness in the hobby they are doing who am I to say, ” you suck, go do something else”. Just be polite and give them some encouragement.

  • Tragik

    oh come on, haters gonna hate.  Keep up the good work Ean

  • Rutger Willems

    Some people really need to understand that DJTT is a buisnis. If you think it’s a bad thing when they make money, what are you going to say when they are bankrupt??? What a shame they didn’t did some more advertising???

  • 2010

    Capitalism is what these complainers know NOTHING about. Keep writing your long whiney comments and wasting your time Clowns! DJTT rules period.

  • Sambo

    Wow, what an absolute shower of c**ts this fanbase has become.  I for one think this is a brilliant post for this time of year, and is a great business move.  You delivered some belting news and articles these past two weeks, and now you present us with christmas deals.

    And people still complain.  Haters gonna hate I guess!

  • Jmr1392

    ummmm… can we get this going for the s4 too? ahahaha. plz?

  • Once more, DJTT…

    As I said before – the issue isn’t that DJTT is hawking product. The issue is that they’re hawking product but pretending as though said hawking is an actual article. Also, there’s a huge bias in here, as there was in the Christmas post last year – this post is pointing out these bundles as a great Christmas idea, while completely ignoring all of the great products out there that DJTT doesn’t carry. IMO posts like this, or possibly anything specifically discussing the store, should be tagged with [Advertisement] in the title, or at least should be more open and honest about the fact that it’s not an informative post, it’s an ad.

  • Once more, DJTT…

    As I said before – the issue isn’t that DJTT is hawking product. The issue is that they’re hawking product but pretending as though said hawking is an actual article. Also, there’s a huge bias in here, as there was in the Christmas post last year – this post is pointing out these bundles as a great Christmas idea, while completely ignoring all of the great products out there that DJTT doesn’t carry. IMO posts like this, or possibly anything specifically discussing the store, should be tagged with [Advertisement] in the title, or at least should be more open and honest about the fact that it’s not an informative post, it’s an ad.

    • Wilster3163

      O just shut up already

  • Parkrangerchops

    How come ther’es no s4 christmas bundle with tonnes of cool shit?

  • kramerbuccs24

    Ean, I love what you’re trying to do here. Everyone else, cut the team some slack, they clearly tried out something new here and while it didn’t come out perfect, the message of spreading controllerism was still put out there in an accessible form to aspiring controllerists’ parents, something that has never been done before on this site or anywhere else on the internet that I’m aware of. I’m sure future videos will be even more effective!

    In the meantime, let’s see if we can get the S4 mappings out so the people who have already invested $1,000 into DJTT can have a little extra fun with their hardware for the holidays 😀

  • Whereisdave2002

    Yeah I see the need for DJTT to make money and so on, but why didnt someone say to Ean, hold on dude this idea sucks! Its cheesy as, and IMO DJTT have shot themselves in the foot!

  • Djteeoh

  • Djteeoh

    Hey guys at DJTT….post up the nanopad dj setup. Traktor/Serato/PCDJ/or Virtual DJ… a cheap mixer….and 1 or 2 Korg controllers…or Midi Fighter…. Thats a cheap and easy solution to young djs who only have $150 or less to spend. And there should be a “DJ WORTHY SECTION”…. list all the gear that is top of the line, but dj worthy. Some stuff by companies like Gemini & Numark, are worth mentioning. Just because Technics are the best and midifighters are bad*ss….doesnt mean everyone can afford it. So lets spread the word, its not what you pay for, its how you use it. Creativity is what fuels music….just like DJTT. Am i wrong?

    • Djteeoh

  • mindonaNimbus

    (Applause). I for one liked the video DJTT!  Great job advertising.    A business (which is what DJTT is) needs to expand their cliental to become a successful business, a primary goal for a business is to actually in buiness, one effective way to stay in business by making somewhat of a profit to help pay for employees, bills and such.  An effective way to make a profit is by advertising not just to regular clients, but new potential ones that will help the business develop and grow. Business 101 everyone. DJTT is a business and their doing what business’s do.

    This whole ad was put together very well, Ean didn’t scream at the camera telling you to buy a product now,  He didn’t show any b/s footage of kids having the time of their life with the product, instead Ean describe what Digital Djing was all about.  Ean informed parents what equipment was needed for a child to get them start.  Very informal.    

    Im guessing the video didn’t take long to make, but it was effective, especially now that its Christmas time ( which has become total commercialism now days) . I kept reading negative comments about this video, but  I say why are so many angry. Let them advertise in peace, a lot of crappy companies are,  why not let a great small company grow. that is all, Peace!

  • Golie

    I think kids would need a soundcard after their parents buy them any of those bundles

    • djsquaretube

      There’s a soundcard built into the s2…

  • i wish i had the option to show my parents this when i was younger!! lol

  • DJ M.i.F

    Where to get that white midifighter?

  • Simsamurai

    Let this be a warning to all of you who think you want to make a career out of being a DJ. Just like all childhood dreams, you need to get a dose of reality. Since rave culture exploded some 20 years ago EVERYONE AND THEIR BROTHER “IS A DJ”.  With music being SO..SO overly accessible through iTunes, Soundclound, etc. there is little way for anyone to make a real living at DJ’ing these days. (and by this I mean at least 3-5 grand a month) The “art” is no longer special. Now that “controllerism” and things like Serato and Traktor which make beatmatching so much easier for beginners to learn  should make my point even clearer. Unfortunately because so, so many people are now “DJ’s” the thousands of amatuers completely overshadow real talent, most of which will just get lost in the mix…or remix as that is what it’s all about anyway. Make music and then have others take your work and remold it however they wish and make a dollar off your track if their mix is “better”.  It is just dance music after all.  While great sounding, and so enticing, …its just dance music…nothing more. 

    If you choose to go down this path don’t rest all your laurels on it. Do it as a hobby, do it for fun. Don’t do it for the money. Go to college, find a career in science, industry or other. Don’t be the DJ that wakes up at 35 or 40 one day with no other skills and wonders why the 21 year olds ask “who is that old guy” when you walk into a club. It WILL happen. Just like strippers, the DJ has a distinct shelf life..but hey at 40 there is always the wedding circuit. I tell you all this because I f’d off my entire 20’s at raves, parties, festivals, etc. I worked as a DJ, a bartender, a waiter, a carpenter, and a host of many other shite jobs like eveyone else in hopes of finding some sort of stardom which never came. I played drums too, I was in bands, even had some songs on the radio and it never went ANYWHERE..and I tried very, very hard to make it work. was a hedonistic blast. What I did NOT do was set myself up for a real, valid, successful future. At age 32 I gave it all up and started looking at the real world and it has taken me the last 10 years to make up for the 10 years I spent “as an artist”.  

    I still love electronic music and I still go out to clubs on rare occasions and I would like to more but sure do get the many odd looks from people 20 years younger than you.  I now have a home studio packed with the latest gear because I did something else that allowed me to afford it. It certainly wasn’t from trying to get $100 or $200 for a 1 hour set each week in between other DJ’s. In short the market is flooded kids..F-L-O-O-D-E-D and it will remain that way with each new techno advance and you my friends….all of you… have a shelflife.  The sooner you move on your life with a 10 year foresight, the better off you’ll be. DJ your heart out..but just be realistic about your future. How will you be able to survive when everyone to the left and right of you are wanting to do the same exact thing..playing the same exact music..remixing the same music. This is a warning call.



      ..and yes it is weird to get looks from the “young” kids but I am so very thankful that I was around for the real deal back in the day.

    • Louiethecuban

      Well then the bar is only going to get raised isnt it?

    • SmileyBob

      You never went anywhere because you suck.

      • guest

        and who are you bigshot…John Dig..I mean Dickweed.

    • Ddt88

      Wow. So jaded. I’ve played with some of the world’s biggest dj’s & have been djing for over 25 years. I’m 45 now & not the ‘old guy’ in the corner. I don’t get strange looks but understand where you are coming from. I know what you are saying but it’s not all that bad. If you still feel the music & have the passion, keep playing I say 🙂

    • Darichard1

      Now that everything (equipment to mix, remix and produce) has become so much cheaper and more accessible it levels the playing field. When you grew up, it was only people that had money that were allowed to be DJ’s, that equipment/music wasn’t cheap nor easy to get. To stand out in your day you didn’t necessarily have to be special or super talented, you just needed money (either from mommy and daddy or bustin your ass at some shitty summer job) and time to practice. I don’t think its fair that because you failed at your dream for whatever reason you come onto this site trying to discourage newcomers from achieving success. And by the way, i spent an hr last night with a 45 yr old dj who rocks it at our best local club. What did we talk about? How to set up the system for when i take over for him. Why is he leaving? He got offered a better gig in a bigger city. Maybe you shouldn’t given up so easily.

    • Wilster3163

      People like you just need to be isolated on an island without any internet. If you can’t be happy for all of the great things that DJTT has done on this site then get off. the rest of us are grateful and where is complaining getting you. Im a 17 year old guy who has a low paying job and alot of that money goes into saving up for DJ equipment. I’m not saying that’s my dream job because as you stated and is true, you cannot rely fully on DJing unless you get a lucky break. HOWEVER I will continue to pursue my passion and you can get over it. I love music. I could never say that enough. Its people like you, critics, who can never find anything good, that piss me off. THANK YOU EAN GOLDEN. you probably arn’t reading this but if you are ignore people like this because we know how much you’re doing and thank you.

    • Myteck001

      I would write the same thing if I sucked and didnt want newcomers taking my spots!

  • Sajjid

    Im 16 years old and really appreciate this holiday bundle & video! I’ve been djing for a year and also producing for a while now. Havent been using any controllers, just a numark idj3 and a hercules rmx here and there for gigs. I was wondering, could you guys ship to Vancouver, Canada?


    WHITE MIDIFIGHTER PRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DJ Tech Tools are the Number 1. End of. Goodnight 🙂 

  • anon

    Wheres the price and link to the s2 controllerist essential bundle?! I wanna buy it!!!

    • anon

      correction… just click the title lol my bad

    • Spacecamp

      Link added!

  • Bambiiable

    You know you should have done this earlier >.> before I spent a grand on my Ableton equipment XD You’ve been much more convincing to my parents than me


    DJTT blog…satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!

    LOL @ people complaining about a free blog

  • DnBass

    I don’t understand why everyone is complaining about the site trying to make some money. It’s not like there asking for charity. Anyway all the midi mappings and tips from the past and future are free, so we can’t complain really.

  • Tyrellgardens

    What is the song in the video?????? It’s playing at the beginning and end, and it sounds like it sampled Something About Us by Daft Punk. Dying to know!

  • Grantcsmith

    I think you guys are all being a little harsh on DJTT.  This article is not centered only on 12 year olds.  I am 17, have been DJing with cheep gear for 2 years now and have started to get some real gigs lately.  This commercial works well for someone like me who believe it or not, does need decently good gear, yet I still rely on the funding of my parents.  
    Also, are you really getting pissed of because DJTT is a business? Yes, they half to make money and advertising is generally the way to do it.  Regardless, DJTT still is a great community that is hugely beneficial to all of us.   

    • Its not getting pissed my brother. We are just showing concern. lol an intervention so to speak. 🙂

    • Tyler Keeton

      I totally agree with everything this Guy has said….. I too am 17 and am working with cheap gear…… I have been following this bollog for about 3 years now and I have been happy with everything that has happened…. and honestly you guys are being harsh. I mean I read through a bunch of replys on this post and its like no has respect for what Ean already does…. its hard to run a blog and business at the same time… I run a blog, go to school, have a job, trying to start shingles more, and volunteer at my church 3 or 4 days outta the week…. its hard

    • high five bros, i am 17 too and getting gigs with little more than my laptop and the Mixtrack. cheap gears, but not necessary cheap music. i’ve got respect for Ean for what he has helped us all, but after all, Ean runs DJTT as a blog and a business. in business advertisement is a must. to be honest, i don’t like this letter and video thing a bit but it is not like the doom of this blog. in other words, GMail/YahooMail/Skype/etc. gives us free services with advertisements and we don’t complain a bit, so we should just take it easy with Ean on this one. he’s got a business to do (and probably a family to feed) xD peace out!

  • Ryan Dejaegher

    I know a lot of people are going to get worked up about this because it’s becoming more about the business then what the site was originally intended for, but you have to ask yourself, “What do you think keeps this site going?” What pays for server costs, employees,  time to make videos?

    Ean is clearly looking to take this into the long term. Obviously in the beginning it made sense to do it for free but as time goes on there has to be a balance. He can’t keep putting out free stuff without taking anything in. 

    Although I do agree the message in the video is a little commercial I do think his heart is in the right place. I know that when I have kids I would love to see them take up DJing if they decided too. I think a better thing to do would have been to actually talk with youngsters out there who are DJing and get them to tell their story. 

    Bottom line: This site as a business needs money to keep it going and to be able to offer you the helpful video tutorials that we all enjoy. If that means balancing things out with promotional videos for products that this store sells I think thats fine. 

    • Ryan, I agree totally. We no this site has made dramatic changes. Most for the better, others not so much. I have much respect for the members or this site however, I also understand how easily it is to get caught up.  Im sure Ean isn’t the only one making these decisions.

      Expect it to change even more when Techtools starts to develop an market there own line of software and controllers. Its coming.

      But I also respect the crew and their concern by still asking our opinions. It’s whether they do something about it that has allot of peoples attention.
      Business is business my brother. However, what is the direction they want to take it that matters. Is this going to turn into a NI forum?

  • Rockson

    Cheesy…You have taken the time out to record this video and for a sales pitch, when you could of worked on the stuff that made this website great. Taken a massive step backwards in the last few months lads. What happened to the s4 mappings coming out after 2 weeks ( 4 weeks now and counting)? The video demostrations of the Midi fighter Pros ( 4-5 months and still no show?) The whats in your record bag “regular” feature? The Dj Shiftee, “regular” tips and tricks feature?. I know you have to make money, but this blog is more a shop now. What happened to the fun stuff that made this website cool and interesting?

    • I understand it’s tough to see on the surface but we do work VERY hard on creating way cool stuff every day. This week for example I worked 5 X 12 hour days on: 

      new products I cant mention 
      a what’s in your bag 
      4 great articles published this week
      the midi fighter pro final mapping (I wont publish a video until it’s perfect) 
      improving the blog by tweaking the design 

      I agree, we can do even better and I promise we will but you have to give us some slack on promoting the store every once in a while. that is the only way I can pay my staff and help them earn close to a fair wage. If we cant do that- then all of this goes away. 

      • This

        im a huge fan of you ian. but that guy is right.

        you guys have fallen behind, you have started to worry more about making sales then djing as a whole.

        • Mistermr

          I’m sure when this site first started it was done on spare time. When traffic picked up, I’m sure there was a point where Ean said to himself “Damn, this is getting big, but what should I do? Should I stop working and work on this site that brings in no cash, or just keep working on spare time?”. Considering the amount of content, I’d say this site takes up the same time if not more than a full time job. Working that much, any person deserves to have a decent payout. Don’t hate because you disagree, because it is entirely possible to disagree and not be a hater. The site costs $$ to run, it’s like when people complain about bank fees. Both businesses don’t make jackshit if you just drop by and leave. Money has to come in or the business dies, plain and simple.

          • How do banks work?

            While this is certainly not the place to start a political debate, you’re completely wrong about bank fees. I agree that DJTT needs to run a successful business to support the site which obviously costs money but the comparison to banks is inaccurate. You should look into how banks operate…

          • Mistermr

            I know how banks work, it’s not off topic, it’s an analogy of how people love something when it serves their purpose but hate it when they don’t like something. I brought it up because it’s the most basic example that applies to a decent amount of the masses. I’m not going to go in depth of something off topic. Keeping it light allows more room for examples that would have otherwise strayed a bit too far.

        • I agree to an extent. For the last month I was working hard on making the store work and the blog suffered. I will now turn my focus back to the blog and make sure we are putting the high quality people expect. 

          • What you need is more money, which leads to a bigger staff, more stuff gets done, more concrete to do list, etc. Have you ever considered getting your wonderful midi-fighter controllers mass produced? Get them built in China and sent over to the US. Don’t even go into “made in USA” bsbs because no one really gives a shit, they just want a better price. Don’t let quality slack, or else this simply won’t work. If you need to get over the initial price hump, make it into a preorder where people can put money down on a new midifighter, but they know that they will have to wait about 2 months or so before the first shipment comes in. People will buy in. 🙂 I know I would. 

          • Mistermr

            I’m sorry dude but you have no idea what you are talking about. You can’t just “mass produce” something on a dime, and just because you would do something doesn’t mean the “masses” would. That’s what the idea behind “mass producing” exists for – mass consumption. Unless it would work for the “masses”, not just “you” or a few others, “mass production” isn’t worth the cost. Also, it’s silly to say that Ean needs to start thinking of this as a business on a business related post. I’m sorry to be so hateful, but seriously, are you high?

          • anon

            I will kindly disagree with you on that one… “mass production” probably wasnt the correct wording, but being manufactured at a reduced price… is a great idea. 

            Controllers are on the rise and in demand all over the world. This website has a huge reach, just look at the views on youtube and midi fighters sold to date. 

            Now imagine an inexpensive, reliable controller with djtt mappings and a few vids of Ean playing around on it… BOOM thats $$$ which lets the blog and website flourish because they can afford more staff, servers, etc.
            think about it

          • lets just say anon got what i was saying. Reduce the price on the Midifigher. And like 99% of the time, when you make shit in bulk, its cheaper. Forget the whole “pick what colors you want” it just wastes time. Its too expensive for “beginner Controllerists”. I can pick up a APC40 or something for 2/3 of the price. Its hard to justify $350 on 16 arcade buttons and a couple faders. Throwing one off the side of a building and it surviving is cool, but it doesn’t justify the price for me. its just TOO MUCH. 

          • Rockson

            I think you have all gone of subject here. And the Midi Fighter is great because it is custom made.

          • Winstunpunk

            trying to get shit done in china is not as easy as it sounds… especially if you throw in deadlines. you have to watch those fools like a hawk if you want quality things done on time over there.

          • Mistermr

            Yes, it’s money. But that’s also the sacrifice of mass production. Each unit sold yields less profit because you spent that much more. It could work, but you’re also talking about making a less quality product, which could easily backfire.

      • Guest

        There are still fans that appreciate your work and are more willing to accept the somewhat commercialization as of late…

        But you guys may need to prioritize a bit. As awesome as new products and a what’s in your bag sounds, people are still waiting on content that you’ve previously mentioned… And put self-imposed deadlines on. Finish what you’ve started, and then you can spend time “tweaking the design of the blog” and bringing back “regular” posts that were abandoned months ago.

      • Rockson

        I have no problem in you promoting the store at all, i know its a business too. I myself have bought lots of stuff from you. Im just waiting on the pound to get a bit stronger till i buy more ( Import VAT sucks in the UK) Its just seems that in the last few months you have let the business side take over and lost the creative, cool side that drew me to the site daily. Dont see me a a hater as the forum too is worth its weight in gold. Its just the blog has been suffering slightly.

      • Guest

        I agree with Rockson.  I also understand that DJTT is working hard and everyone there is busy.  However, I think DJTT needs to finish what they started and stop giving deadlines they can’t meet.  Or at least keep their devoted customers in the loop.

        I have no problem with you guys promoting the store to keep this business going and I encourage you to do so.  I run two businesses myself.  I’ll tell you one thing though, if I didn’t meet my promised deadlines I wouldn’t be in business very long.  You guys should focus on finishing what you started before starting new projects – especially new product development.  Working five 12 hour days a week is not a viable long term solution.I have spent a lot of money in the DJTT store, but lately am feeling very frustrated with the missed deadlines and poor communication.  Just my 2 cents worth.


      Waaaaahhhh!!! I want free stuff!!  gimme gimme gimme!!!

    • mindonaNimbus

      This whole project couldn’t of have taken more then 4 hours to make, it isn’t like he made a mix or reviewed a product or demonstrated new awesome mappings that took days or weeks to perfect Which I remind you we get for FREE… Get over it, they’ll go back to doing what they know how to do best.

  • Wow dude. So which on of you over there have a degree in sociology or marketing.

    Ean, I hope what your trying to do is truly humble. However, it kinda looks like your scraping the bottom of the barrel on this one. I read the letter, watched the video, and seen the conveniently located 700 and 1200 dollar packages that are located on the bottom of the post. In the vid I seen you play on top notch gear and during the vid you, again, have top notch gear in view.

    So what im seeing here is… Buy this gear and buy this gear from me. 

    I have been on this site pretty much since the beginning and have read post after post religiously.  I have defended the honor of this web site multiple times from the bashing of trolls.  This site has continually promoted that its not the gear its the person and their limits of imagination. However, your vid and email completely contradicts this. 

    Again, Im not trying to bash you. Im not trying to say you have sold out.  What I am saying is, not one time in your vid or post have you said what you have been truly promoting since the beginning of djtechtools. I see a ploy to get the young kids to confront there parents and say, ” I want this stuff! I want this not that because this is “cool”. This, however humble you had hoped to be, is a commercial.

    This site and the controllerist is not only about the S4, Midi Fighter, and the $200 dollar headphone bundle. It’s about real people doing real things in a real community. And you my friend have been the pioneer and teacher to thousands of us. So of course we all look up to you and their are thousands that will probably burn me for writing this.

    How about a new vid. One that shows budget and beginner controllers. The may not buy from you but lets be real here. What 12 year old do you think really needs a thousand dollar controller. Where is the Spin, the Mixdeck and so on. You know just as well as I do that this video will get the parents of these kids to buy the gear from your store.

    If not a new vid, how about you change the name of the post. This is no letter for the kids out there. This is a classic Saturday morning cartoon commercial and should be posted as such.

    I love this site and I love the members. I truly believe that you are trying to be humble. I just think this could probably get out of hand if you let it.

    Thank you for all that you have done for use over the years and I hope that you read this and look at it from the point of view of your old self.

    Thomas Forsythe

    P.S. This my be the perfect time for you to start separating your blog from your business. 

    • I like the idea of a video focused on in-expensive controllers for the starter dj. That would probably have made a much better article. Sorry we let you down, I promise we will try to do better in the future. 

      Personally I think separating the store and blog would be a bad thing. They support each other in a very strong and powerful way. Without the store, the blog would only have the money to have 1 writer and a group of volunteers. You just cant build a great website off of advertising alone these days. 

      • Ean, you didn’t let any of us down. I feel that it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t voice my opinion. I would be wrong if I just stood by and let it go.  That’s why I love this site. You guys listen and adjust accordingly. Positive criticism my brother. 🙂  

        ….Slight adjustment made in the post noted.. Also the fact that you took the time out to acknowledge shows respect.

        Thanks man. 

        • i didn’t even watch the video until stumbling upon this very conversation here… now i did ;). and YES, it’s very cheesy and it’s very, excuse me for saying so, american. but hell, if it makes some wealthy parents buy that stuff for their kids from the djtt store, i’m happy with it. clever product placement. the rest of us can just skip the article, i don’t see anything wrong there. i also think you should maybe post an additional article with a more low-budget focused equipment selection. may i suggest the akg-181 headphones for that? imo the best headphone you can buy for little money, served me well for years. and it’s even available in funky colors for all the neo-rave kids out there!

  • owen

    I am really jealous of any kid that gets this for christmas 

  • oliverisconfused XS

    does anybody know if this come with software, i may sound stupid but i need to know 🙂

    • owen

      Should ship with Traktor pro 2

  • Mr oldwisekilljoy

    While this may seem like a good idea to kids who have wealthy parents, the parents who are not so well off and get themselves into debt over christmas gifts, it’s another ploy of emotional blackmail.

    I know Ean is trying to run a business, fairplay to him. It’s only fair to add you don’t have to spend a fortune to get into controllerism.

    In the DJ and club culture it’s an unwritten stupid rule that you have to have the best gear, just like school when you had to have brand name trainers, an apple ipod (and not some cheaper, but more functional and powerful alternative)

    New controllers are coming out all the time, technology is changing constantly to a new form of djing in the digital domain. We live in a current world of disposable items. What costs the earth this year and is supposed to be the latest top bit of gear, will be outdated next year because of technological developments.

    You don’t need the most expensive mixer to sound the best, you don’t need oodles amount of ‘toys’ to make a great mix.

    Can anyone honestly listen to two mixes and distinguish what mixer it was mixed on?

    Innovators in this business thrive through thought and ideas, not what piece of gear they have, if something is limited, the gifted artist will cleverly work around the problem and solve it using their brain rather than just pushing a button. We live in a world where there is a demand for problems to be solved via a touch of a button rather than thinking the problem through. Which is not stretching the artistic minds.

    With all that in mind, it doesn’t mean you should buy the cheapest possible solution (although that is a challenge). You definitely don’t need the most expensive gear out there, or the most popular choice. (the general public are badly informed)

    ‘give a man a fish, he will be fed for a day, teach him to fish and he will eat forever’

    ‘If you want to be different, try being yourself.’

    • I appreciate the feedback and agree, kids dont need the best gear and should start with whatever they can afford. 

      Unfortunately, as a rule, we dont sell the cheapest gear out there. I will only carry things that we have built or that I personally know will last a really long time.  

      So, these bundles were an attempt to make some great gear more affordable for the younger readers and give them a tool to help get the parents on board. 

      • Wobblsmi

        “essential bundle” your cheapest package – Because a kid just starting needs a s2 AND a midifighter right? If you really wanted to help the kids you would have bundled the cans in the cheap package and f*** the midifighter. infact your bundle is just freaking fluff to suck more money out of kids, I think you owed the kids a bullet point on a explanation that IF you cant afford these things, dealing on craigslist is a great alternative to getting gear on the cheap.

        But then again, your not really out to help, just dollar dollar dollar …

        The Commercial video presenting the bundle and trying to sell accessories to people who don’t  n e e d  them and arent even paying for them themselves… is great for business and I would be all for it if you weren’t targeting the young and people who don’t know any better.

        • Kevins212

          U know u can resell the gear for maybe 100 bucks less than paid if it doesnt work out.. Cant do that woth crappy gear.

        • Kevins212

          U know u can resell the gear for maybe 100 bucks less than paid if it doesnt work out.. Cant do that woth crappy gear.

        • JoeJackson

          I agree, Ean is a vulture preying on those with pipe dreams with subpar content

  • Anonymous

    Nice letter. Makes me happy and more confident I decided to help my son with the venture of being a digital DJ (as a hobby).


    • Grantcsmith

      As a starting DJ i can tell you that you don’t need all of this equipment.  Do some research and find something that is better for a  beginner.  If your son continues to DJ for a long time then maybe next year it will be time for a replacement. But you might save money this way if DJing turns out only to be a phase.

  • Wobblsmi

    well, controllers and kids do go together.

    • Djsquaretube

      You are extremely witty.

  • Magrimis

    Haha I loveyou guys! this is exactly what i needed!