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  • I’ve got a DDJ-Ergo V and I use Traktor 2.6 which sucks because there’s no “CD-Mode” in 2.6. I had to map a few things though like Traktors Flux mode (CDJ900 Slip-Mode) and I’d mapped 8 Hot-Cues and 4 samples per deck and everything else is mapped out perfectly. When I work out how to map Fader-Start on decks 1 & 2 my Ergo will just be awesome. My only gripe is I still can’t Scratch Samples in decks 3-4 even though I have Scratch selected in Deck Options, I think maybe this is a Traktor software issue that’s gives their S4 the market edge.

    • Hi, you can share its archive? Is really and very interesting this map for DDJ_ERGO Share please..

      • I’m sorry I don’t share anything. Just like a girl it wouldn’t be special if everyone had it.

  • Roc

    Think it’s good Pioneer are getting into this market and in doing so helping their customer base migrate away from legacy CD media and control surfaces. Personally, I’d go for an S2 and let Pioneer have a few more interations of this. Hopefully they will listen to all of the great feedback on DJTechTools.

  • Love Rocket

    Great layout (Like having two mini CDJ’s). Built-in soundcard, AUX (iPod) input for emegencies, a microphone input and a beautiful face for $500. I’m sold. I don’t see where the negativity is? Unless you love tapping buttons your whole set like Ean Golden. This is a solid DJ controller for the price. It rivals the DDJ-T1 that costs $1000.

  • jazzman7292

    would this be a good first deck?

  • It’s really not true that this controller is not suitable for traktor fans! It actually works much better with Traktor than with Virtual DJ!I own it and use it with both Virtual Dj and Taktor and I even prefer Traktor now! ( I used to like Virtual dj more). Serato DJ Intro is way too basic for this type of console and is more indicated for total beginners. The jog wheels work flawlessly with Traktor, I do not know what kind of review is this, but is sounds like the reviewer never actually put his/her hand on the controller

  • djspee

    what is the set up for pioneer ddj-ergo to get sound from the headphones the same time as the speakers ?

  • Way is VDJ considered such a joke by you people?? Its come along way and still you consider it crap…….why??

  • Guest

    I have question Chris, 

    I seem to have a problem with the settings, I cant use the headphones and use the master out to my monitors… its a bit complicated, I’m guessing it might be from the VDJ LE, do you thing i should upgrade it to pro?

    • Dulshan

      hi bro can u send me this virtual dj LE software pls , mine is damaged. just send me a downloadable link to djaravin@gmail.com

  • Stencil07

    I kinda figured. Scratching?

  • BOSS

    It looks like a hob.

  • Drjackfox
  • Noman4444

    I could say that cue and play button are placed far more better than other controlers. (they are  the main and most important buttons of any controller)
    but the pitch fader is too close to the other and also some of the buttons seem too small.

  • s4 mapping???

  • Yuck…. agreed, the ball was dropped

  • smuve415

    I understand that it seems like nobody uses pitch sliders anymore… or that Pioneer in this case probably wanted it to mirror 2 CDJ’s side by side – but I just don’t get the whole design aspect of putting that pitch slider on the left deck SANDWICHED between the left channel fader & the jog wheel. beyond retarded in my book.

    • Jacapone31

      mmmmmmmmm?? not im pressed myself it seems like they are selling lights and not a prpoer dj controller

  • Dreamr

    Normally I defend controllers, but this looks like a toy, as mentioned in the article. Why the hell do companies keep cramping up eq and filter controls????? bizzare

  • John Johnson

    Chris Cartledge is the man. His reviews have been on point since his Skratchworx days. Keep it up, definitely digging your opinion. 

  • Meowmix

    “Price (especially considering software)”

    Wtf is that supposed to mean. VDJ is a perfectly good software and the fact that VDJ 8 will be a fully redesigned product is certainly more exciting than any Serato support.

    Now compared to something like the MC6000 which you can get for $100 more or even cheaper used this controller is definitely crap. That should be your price complaint rather than a software that dances circles around serato’s

    • Software

      As he explained in the article, he means that you’ll probably need to upgrade to a full version of VDJ as your skill increases. This makes it more expensive compared to something like the S2 which comes with a full version of Traktor 2. 

      • Meowmix

        I reread it and i stand corrected. Thanks.

  • While I appreciate it looks “different” I don’t think necessarily like a toy, fun perhaps ? ..Apple computers when they thought different with the Ibook and iMac, many of which went straight into use in graphic design and PP houses for lesser tasks where a powermac was overkill. 

    Its really whats inside that counts, and if it looks cool/different/weird so be it, it looks like pio (much as I dislike their pricing and specs most of the time) have hit pretty much every box on whats needed on a lightweight, 2ch controller for day to day DJ’ing without going overboard.I welcome the age of “good looking” controllers 🙂 … I do however want to touch one and feel what the build is like before committing to my likes/dislikes about it.  

    Its a shame Pio have not introduced a version of reckordbox which could be used seamlessly with their controllers instead of relying on third partys, it really would be the icing on the cake for day to day use, set planning etc..and less of a move should you want too use the house equipment instead of a controller at a gig. 

  • Chris Cartledge

    Thanks for the kind words guys, it’s always nice to read when I’m on the right track!

  • kramerbuccs24

    Love that you spent time on the “looks like a toy” aspect; no matter how many cool feature it does (or apparently doesn’t) have, I don’t know if I could get past that. Also, fantastic writing, Chris!

    • kramerbuccs24

      Lastly, small suggestion related to the main DJTT page: put the authoring info (“Written by Chris Cartledge on December 14th, 2011”) under the title so we can see who wrote what article right from the main blog. Just a thought.

  • Noman4444

    At least traktors s2 fell 20 euro since the ergo came oute.

  • Bcondemi

    Chris, your writing is superb imo. I generally skip through reviews and articles catching key words and phrases because writers just aren’t that interesting these days. You however made it a very good read and I followed every word. Good job… As for the ergo… Your right too flashy, and as for virtual dj…. Ehhhhhh…

  • This things ok (ish)…
    But, are you guys gonna do a review of the SmithsonMartin Kontrol 1974? looks pretty crazy… Like almost crazy enough to sell all my stuff and buy one. Like ALL my stuff, if you notice the price. 

    • fade

      buy two ipads, build a frame. you now have something far more useful and future proof than the 1974.

      Still, let me know when you list your stuff. I need some cheap gear 🙂

  • Pioneer, you have disappointed me.