• Damonster80

    This Tutorial help so much just  got Ableton live. Thanks

  • Alca

    Does anyone know, how i could start clips with a pickup in ableton while using a 1 bar quantization? I’ve tried a lot off things but it alway starts straight from the warpmarker 1 and cut the pickup off.

    I want to use this in my setup for the bridge (serato+abeleton).

    • Jeffrey Olson

      Select LEGATO in the ableton Clip menu ^^ which is picture above ^^ When one clip is fired it will start in the position the last clip ended : : -thee aldeen more tips and tuts on my youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/theealdeen

  • Cijoy

    Awesome. Thank you!

  • Cijoy

    Awesome. Thank you!

  • Awesome, I produce and mix on Ableton. I was wondering what was a easier way to preform double drops. 😛

  • Sweet! more ableton tips please! my sl1 box just took a dump. It looks like I’m going to have to get a little bit more creative with Live. 

  • missingno.

    Please, as a courtesy to all people who watch you tutorials, drink some water or something before you do video tutorials cause i keep hearing all these little sticky saliva dryed out mouth sounds every time you talk in the video and its driving me insane or at least eq them out or something geeez

  • Being a DJ who started out in Traktor then Moved to Ableton I find all these tutorials on ableton very helpful. Alot of people do not realize that within ableton the possibilities are limit less. Even with a controller that has only one knob like the APC 20. I set mine up as the first line fader is a Cross fader then the next  2 are line faders. the rest of the linear pots are for fx. I keep the first two vertical rows for Deck A and B then fade inbetween and setup the rest of the buttons for on and off fx.  VCM 600 though looks to be the future. Well a modified version atleast. So you can launch clips. But keep the articles coming.

  • JuanSOLO

    For anyone using Ableton, here’s a good resource 

  • I’ve been wondering how I can setup cue points for tracks in Ableton. Very much how I take it for granted in Traktor. Unfortunately I haven’t found a way to combine midi inputs, or better how it’s understood in TSP ‘MIDI-Shift’. I have over 100 buttons on my Midi controller and yet I struggle on how I can control 4 decks in a similar manner to Traktor in Ableton. The greatness of TSP is it is very intuitive, I find Ableton isn’t. Ableton is a fantastic program and really the term “The right tool for the job” should be applied. However; from a DJ point of view what we want is to be able to do the things that come natural, plus have all the sophisticated stuff that Ableton offers.

    Thanks Chris for this video. It’s going to be a great help in doing things I’ve been scratching my head about for a while now.

  • Idaus

    first and i really like your explanation of the legato features even though i have played with it before your pace made it easy to follow along without pausing and replaying things over and over