• Jaksonwithnoc

    I love the concept of powertools…however being a controllerist that plays disco house and old school house this particular powertools set isnt that desirable.  I am wondering, DJTT, if you could make some powertools that would be great to play alongside old school house tracks not electro house stuff

  • anxious

    When will we know who wins :) ?

    • FauxTones

      For reals man, I doubt I did, just odds wise. And yet I’m eager to know.

    • FauxTones

      I asked on their Facebook page, and they said hopefully by Tuesday.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Randy-Dowell/549963297 Randy Dowell

    so, i decided that instead of making a video and submitting it, i’d just use the parts and make a remix. check it out!


  • channaD

    Just found this site!  Busting my ass to finish…deadline says February 5th.  Is there a specific time on Sunday when you stop accepting entries?

  • Dandyrandy88

    so i wasn’t gonna do it. but then i was bored so i played around with the samples. and holy crap i can’t wait for you to hear what came of it! hahahah so stokeedd

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000259195806 Chris Galea

    just finished my mix, would appreciate it if everyone could check it out :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UqzSFQGPXIs

  • Linux_user

    OK OK OK !!!    WE NEED INFO ! 

    Is the contest going to be judged on REAL LIVE PERFORMANCE or PRE RECORDED STUFF ??


    1. Record a video of you performing the powertools remix LIVE  <——-
    2. Use that kit alone to ( REMIX ) ANY SONG creatively


    After all Power Tools are meant to be used LIVE !       Right ?

    Thank you very much for your help !  : )

    PS : I would impose a screen shot video to evaluate the performance !

  • http://twitter.com/DMXSound Daniel Mx

    I love this mixer! I will win, or else you will never have a mixer so beautiful ….
    Ean which is the maximum limit of the track, or add other sounds?
    I like this contest, too.

  • Kontrolle Volle

    hi guys,

    the download link does not work… ;(

  • http://www.facebook.com/higherbeats.de Higherbeats De

    “There has been an error processing your request”

    “Error 404

    Oh no! You’re looking for something which just isn’t here!”

  • The Vision

    When due?

  • reminixe

    can you enter multiple times?  anyone know?

    • Lauti

      of course not. common sense dude

      • Herp

         in some you can durr durr common sense dude herp

      • Herp

         in some you can durr durr common sense dude herp

  • Blevittben

    Should you only remix a single song or can you do a sort of “remash” using the powertools and multiple songs at one time?

  • Blevittben

    Should you only remix a single song or can you do a sort of “remash” using the powertools and multiple songs at one time?

  • TWD Industries

    Can I tweek/glitch the effects before bringing them into my mix and still be on the up and up?  I’m planning on have a clean and dirty version of the kit to work with.

  • TWD Industries

    Can I tweek/glitch the effects before bringing them into my mix and still be on the up and up?  I’m planning on have a clean and dirty version of the kit to work with.

  • Drift33

    How many entries can one submit?

  • Guest

    Im still a bit confused, anyone help?
    So you can remix ANY song, using any software/controller, AS LONG as you use the electro pack provided as your main element? Because I watched one of the responses and it sounded like he just used the pack alone?

  • Barghy

    Surely this is a very easy thing to judge… 

    1) DJTT make a shortlist of the best 5 or 10 entries after the first deadline.
    2) The community vote on which is their favorite before the second deadline.
    3) The most votes wins and everyone is happy and it’s fair.

    Anyone else agree?

    • Tab Lock

      Totally disagree. Please, no more competition based on “like or view”. 
      This is competition not an award. 

  • the_abuse

    Why is the price of the new house PowerTools $14 on this page but if you go into the PowerTools page in the DJTT store its $19

  • Anonymous

    Does the video have to be from a camera, or can it be just a screencast of Traktor?


  • Miguel

    Love it. Good work Ean!

  • Puikegast

    the samples are awful, sorry….. maybe i can use the nasty clicks that occur in the beginning of every sample :) 

  • Stinkyflow

    Hope I can find the time to put something together. If I do, it will definitely raise some eyebrows. I’ve had an idea i’ve been toying with for a while but I’ve always put it off because the time required to complete the midi mapping. S4 can take a backseat on this one =) prepare to be surprised (if i can get it all working)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001048670875 Johnathon Robert Flores

    Can we use the free dubstep Powertools as well?

  • Lauti

    I’m totally not going to win, but I’ll participate anyway awyeah ah

  • kramerbuccs24

    Awesome contest. Gets us remixing, gets publicity for your PowerTools and gives us the chance to win a sweet mixer. Love the way you guys are thinking.

  • Soundtransmission

    do u have to create a remix with the powertool package and play this remix live OR do u have to remix a track live?

    • Audio Domini

      remix a track live

  • Guest

    to expensive!!!!

  • Campark43

    Finally, amazing prize, will b interesting.

  • Reverent Kamakaze

    Just wanna clarify a few things, is the rock lick part of this contest and does it have to be one song is is there a set time?

  • djlotus

    rock lick download is invalid.

    • djlotus

      nevermind. ID10T

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/PaulHolland-DoubleDutchdj/100001027166218 PaulHolland DoubleDutchdj

    I’d quite like to use finger drumming and one shot samples alongside the supplied sample packs, is this ok?? 

  • Sidi Hodo

    I think that same rules have to be explained. Such as playlist or if we can use other acapella or different parts of other song  together  with the pack.

    • http://www.eangolden.com Ean Golden

      Yes- you can play a series of songs or accapella’s – just make the powertools your core remix tool 

  • Kasper Skov

    I’ll give it shot! Hopefully I’ll be getting my nanopad 2 back from rep before this contest is over :)

  • mk

    wait a moment, if we have to use only the electro kit, why the second download link gives you the rock lick pack?

    • http://www.eangolden.com Ean Golden

      that was a mistake- it’s been removed. Please only use the electro kit. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1651530188 Joseph Chang

    What about length of the mix? Is it the YouTube max length 15 minutes?

    • http://www.eangolden.com Ean Golden

      you can make it as long as you want- but keep in mind people have short attention spans. Short and juicy is usually better with video

  • http://twitter.com/jtSilence jt ? Silence ?

    I’m on it, this is going to be fun!

  • Carloatendido

    When’s the deadline?

    • http://www.eangolden.com Ean Golden

      Febuary 5th

  • Nick

    Can you explain judging a bit more clear? It says most views but also best performance…is quality of the performance being based on how many views you get? 

    • http://www.eangolden.com Ean Golden

      we changed our mind and removed the views component. The video with the best quality performance (as judged by our staff) will win. 

      • Bastian Hertel

        good choice ean :)

  • Aquin550

    are we allowed to use the free download over other songs or does it have to be purely that???

    • http://twitter.com/jtSilence jt ? Silence ?

      A mashup will not win this contest.

    • http://www.eangolden.com Ean Golden

      You have to use the free download as your main remix tool. Any songs or other components you use beyond that is fine. If everyone uses the same core component we can compare the creativity better.