• rockson

    So DJTT what happened to announcing the release of a new product that you’ve been super hard at
    work on in the DJTT Labs at NAMM????

  • ProcyonLotor

    The Reloop Terminal mix 4 … only one Line/phono input…. why?!? :/

  • Djtavi77

    please show us if either avid or m-audio brings pout a new xponent pleaseeeeeeeee thx!!!

  • Djtavi77

    please show us if either avid or m-audio brings pout a new xponent pleaseeeeeeeee thx!!!

  • Matt

    Don’t buy Reloop, buttons tend to fail with time.

  • Marcus Klay

    Get some infos about this controller from NI please if you can: http://p.twimg.com/Ai-a0XwCEAIwqaN.jpg:large

  • Sander Tan

    When you take a look just left of the Reloops’ crossfader, you see serato being stated. While on the right of it, there isn’t any virtual dj logo..

    • Spacecamp

      It’s Serato Intro compatible – but the information on VDJ is straight from the manufacturer : ) 

  • Eagletalond

    there is a new IK multimedia Dj focused software/gear for iOS. called DJ RIG. can anyone Demo it?

  • RockingClub

    With th VCI 400 Ean Golden Edition and the new DJ Powertools Pack just released I can’t believe that there is still one more product from your labs to be released. This is just awesome! And it happens to me that I ask myself if there is still a need for all these other DJ companies.
    You DJTToolers are just awesome!

    • Owen

      I reckon it is the new control NI are putting out, It looks like it could be NI’s version of the MF-pro by the look of the teaser photo they put up, 16 multi color pads and 4 faders and God only knows what else NI working with DJTT could be quite possible

  • Jzechmann

    Keep your hands off Reloop. I have been using the Digital Jockey 2 (Interface Edition) for two years. Even though the layout of the controller is quite nice, it has crappy drivers with a very high latency and the buttons breaky easily.

    Apparently the Terminal Mix 4 has the same control buttons as the DJ 2. This fact alone would keep me from buying it.

    • +1 I’ve hade the DJ2IE as well and i had the soundcard almost freezing up when you started beat juggling. Now with my Traktor Kontrol S4 i’m doing the same thing and more with the same laptop and i’m having no troubles at all!!! I owned the DJ2IE for about 1,5 years and i had 1 CUE button and 1 PLAY button that were broken!!! I’m never buying anything from Reloop ever again! NI may have crappy customer service but i’m still sticking with them from now on!

      • DJ Tony OKay

        I must agree with you guys.  Ive had the DDJ2 for 2 years now. and for the last year Ive been playing with 2 broken knobs.  Just puchased the Denon MC3000.  So far its tough construction and very responsive is winning me over.

  • Rockson

    Is this the product that you was meant to be unleashing upon us at BPM?

  • synthet1c

    The reloop looks like an answer to the n4, just an upgrade to the digital jocky 2/mixage, So probably not the best quality. I am a reloop fanboy but this doesn’t really appeal to me, Id rather see the quality of the dj3/contour but 4 decks. The buttons are a little cheap on the dj2

  • Asd

    What’s the point of the KS? Why not get an iPad or two? I can’t imagine it’ll be cheap

    • Iax

      ipad – run lemur £36 in the apple store, create a two deck traktor control surface similarly to the KS and boom done…well im off to creat thsi surface and will come back sholrty

  • and there will be the 1st presentation of ‘the one’, hope you’ll do a big report! 🙂

  • The Reloop looks nice. I find it surprising though that al of these manufacturers are essentialy making the same product. I’d switch in a heartbeat if someone were the make a controller that would allow two dj’s to work simultanuously. Anyone know if there’s controller out there that has a dual soundcard and that can divide the deck between two users?

    • synthet1c

      you could set up vdj to operate that way with any two controllers, although you may need to share headphone signals, but multiple outputs would be simple, and it would be reasonably easy to modify a skin in an afternoon, to allow two dj’s to operate off one computer using dual screens.

  • Reigbord

    what’s cocking on 
    DJTT Lab ???
    i want the new dimension

  • Matias Padilla

    Any info on the K2 release date? 🙂

    • Spacecamp

      A&H has been quiet on this – must be some delays. We’ll try and get more details at NAMM 🙂 

      • Anonymous

        Make sure you tell them that there is at least one soul (me) that wants to get one ASAP

  • Can’t wait.