• ethan

    offliberty is better than JDownloader. js

  • T_planetperfect

    IMO you should stay away from anything belt driven if you intend to record full songs for mixing,
    Why? I recorded up-to 1000 Vinyl songs using USB Beltdrive, only to find later on that when it came to mixing the recorded songs the beats where going out of Phase nearer the end of the song. Once i started to record using Direct Drives no issues with the Beats going out of phase.

  • Macmiata

    when I read this, I feel like you have seen knocksquare’s video on how he makes maschine tracks…

  • James

    For those that looking to sample their old vinyl or just convert to digital i recommend getting an ortofon arkiv stylus – plug your deck into a decent amp with a phono stage and taking a line out of that (using the amps direct function if it has one) straight to your soundcard. record at 48000khz 32 bit and then using a decent maximiser limiter plugin. waves x plugins are a godsend for removing hum, pops & click too.

  • Best program for sampling ANYTHING off your computer and internet….. Audio HiJack Pro… Let’s you record any source on your computer individually and at whatever format you want. Been using it for years.

  • DJ Rock Well

    Another good side note for anyone who’s getting into sampling – check out whosampled.com  

    It’s a killer database of samples already used with examples of the sample in it’s original context and in use.

    Also useful for naming classic drum breaks – despite being well used, if you get creative they still have more mileage. Many come from now expensive original records, but don’t discount using cheap CD funk and soul compilations (1-3$ or £) on amazon and ebay, or cheap later compilations of the group in question on vinyl.

  • Anonymous

    So sorry for the double post – apparently the iPhone ain’t too friendly with Disqs (booo!)

  • Anonymous

    Great article, with interesting insight into vinyl culture for a newbie like myself. I’ll add a tip if I may: whenever I want a vocal sample from movie dialogue I go to movieclips dot com and rip sound with tunebite or Replay music. Thing is – that website hosts hundreds of thousands of exclusive clips and sorts them by a huge number of tags. Need something related to a certain mood, place or theme? It’s probably tagged, so go search for it. Feel free to ask me if you think I suck balls when it comes to explaining.

  • cool article but ripping youtube isn’t so bad. if you’re just ripping vocal samples from youtube videos that usually works fine. i do it all the time and my music still gets released on decent labels. (of course, i’d never rip a full dance track from youtube; that’s different.)

  • Bitwig

    Where is the BitWig love!?!?!

    Sure seems like you guys would have at least some interest in “new” performance software

    • Anonymous

      Might be because afaik Bitwig isn’t even in beta and therefore irrelevant in this context?

  • This is a great article. You can also sample audio from videos using the free VLC Media Player. I made a video tutorial on how to to do it: 

  • Filterfun

    I live for sampling, It’s an art form for sure. That said I sadly have a ton of records and no good turntable 🙁 I’m one of those aforementioned e-diggers for the most part, and a cd digger, if that makes sense. There were a lot of cd’s put out in the last 30+ years. Make that even worse with the accessibility to cd burners for independent labels. Cd’s at yard sales an consignment shops are still uber cheap you may find alot pop out there but I’ve been filling up my 90’s collection fast,alot of reissues aswell (which have there own disadvantages of course). My little sister took me to a jackpot recently. I think the place might have had every major rock related cd from the 90’s for 91cents and below.

  • Will

    Would love djtechtools to expand on the turntables for newcomers – do a review of all these superOEMs and tell us what the best money can buy today – not just from a scratching perspective but beat matching also… All this wow/flutter scares me off anything other than Technics… is it really a problem though?

    • Chris Cartledge

      Hi Will,

      I wouldn’t worry too much about wow/flutter on any superOEM. Stanton aside, there aren’t really any massive stand out versions of the design; it’s mainly an aesthetic choice, give or take a couple of choices like dip-less pitch fader or reverse position etc. They’re all solid decks, generally speaking 🙂

  • I agree with everything, especially using youtube samples.  I know a few DJ’s who rip their entire collection from youtube, and that’s great because they have a great library, and great for me because they get less and less gigs cause there music sounds like dog shit.

    • TCMuc

      Same goes for using some $50/$70 USB turntable. The samples you record with one of these will perfectly blend with your youtube rips as there should be absolutely no difference in sound quality. DJ turntables with your standard ortofon/shure dj cartridges and slipmat deliver a better sound quality but you should still be fine when mixing with your youtube collection.

      What you definetely shoud never ever do:

      – get special hi-fi/audio (not dj) cartridges for your turntable
      – use the thick rubber mat that came with your turntable instead of the slipmat
      – use an amp/interface/other input device that has better phono pre-amps than your dj mixer/interface

      The sound quality might get way to good, so the samples would stand out too much from the rest of your collection.

    • Aaron_floyd2002

      Right so other peoples shitty samples gets you more gigs RIGHT #sarcasm 

  • Nico

    That’s right! I Use ClicktoFlash as a Safari plugin to download Youtube video. The downloaded file is a .m4a that is playable straight in Traktor!

    • Anonymous

      An even easier way to do it is by replacing the “www.” in the url with “kick” – try it for yourself.