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Gemini CDMP-7000: An All-In-One Solution for CD-J DJs Gone Digital

The Gemini booth was another stop on our NAMM 2012 tour, and we got a chance to take a close look at the CDMP-7000, their flagship all-in-one CD-J, Flashdrive or software controller. It’s well suited for DJs looking for a complete solution to get used to mixing with CD-J style jogwheels without spending thousands of dollars on a top of the line solution. Additionally, it’s got some pretty slick features that we haven’t seen in this type of unit before. Check out our full video quick look overview inside!

Manufacturer: Gemini
Product Name :
Release Date:
Spring 2012

  • 5″ Jogwheels that can control CD-Js or files on USB drives or SD cards
  • Unique “slip mode” that allows for interesting new scratch FX techniques
  • Ability to operate as standalone unit or software controller (the Jogs send MIDI and can be mapped, the mixer does not)
  • Built-in 24-bit/192kHz soundcard
  • Inputs: 2 switchable line/phono stereo RCAs, one Aux RCA input, one front panel ¼-inch mic input and rear XLR-¼-inch combo mic input
  • Outputs: 3 RCA outputs for Master, Booth and Record; CD1/CD2 stereo RCA outputs, two S/PDIF digital audio outputs, and one ¼-inch headphone output.

For more info on the CDMP-7000, visit Gemini’s product page! What do you think, is Gemini on the right track with a lower-cost CDJ all-in-one? 

  • Anonymous

    Can’t believe they would not give the mixer midi

  • molten

    2 channel is so 2009. We need 4 channels and a high quality device. Will take a pass on this one.

  • Djcbravo

    They made a big mistake by not making the mixer midi mappable. Only the jogs are midi. I don’t understand manufacturers making a device and leaving out features; for $1000, I think the entire device should be midi. I would not buy this even for half the price. I guess better luck in Namm 2013.

    DJ bravo

  • Blaine aka Blaino de Maino


  • Bravo

    Great device! If it was 4 channel I would buy it in a heartbeat. I guess they are holding back until Namm 2013. This device is a true all in one and for that price wow! Why are DJs bashing them for copying slip mode function? Pioneer didn’t invent every feature they use. If you are a DJ that use looping and effects, aren’t you copying that from someone else? sure you are because you didn’t invent it.

  • Zayednahiyan

    like ………………………….

  • Skinny

    Pardon me. But isn’t the S1 same price, and more manageable (size,weight,etc) and comes w the required software?

    Great for CD and USB djs I guess though.

  • Escapemcp

    Yeah, Fdskfkskdjf
    (if that is your real name), I agree.  Just cause Gemini made rubbish in the past, doesn’t mean that this will be (and they know that it’s one of the first things that people are going to think, so will strive to make sure that it is without foundation).  
    This year at NAMM we seem to have seen the manufacturers with a bad reputation (Gemini; Behringer; even DJTT’s little brother, DJ Tech) trying to do something about it.  Meanwhile the ones with a good rep (e.g. Pioneer) have sat on their laurels and done nothing (except paint a couple of CDJ’s and a mixer white).
    I think the market is in so much flux at the moment, it’s going to be a good few years coming up for DJ equipment.  This means DJTT can spam us all with the latest tech releases, but please, make sure that technical/mapping articles doesn’t get sidelined – let’s have both tech and technical posts please!!

  • Fdskfkskdjf

    I have faith that this will be a solid unit. I don’t think Gemini would put an effort into making a product like this if it was going to be rubbish. 

  • Gemini is on point with there one… but it looks like they ripped it off from Pioneer. I’d still get it though. Considering all that it does i wouldn’t mind droppin $1000 on it. But I would rather get the VCI-400… 

  • Quenepas

    eeehhhhhhh I like the CDJ ripoffs but is that whole thing fused together? Like can I change the mixer or buy the CDJs separately? Sorry but their quality over the years have not been all that good added to the fact that the unit *may* be one device with lots of things that can go wrong and needing warranty services with this gigantic thing…. nah….

  • Dj Aj

    now that looks SICK! jeje….

  • BaseBurner

    slip mode isn’t new its been on the 2ks for ages… they should have just printed printed pioneer on the side with an e missing or something just so there’s no confusion…

  • EstatePassion

    Is it just me or does this look like a cheap ripoff of a set containing 2 CDJ’s and a mixer… if you want something like this would’nt it be better to just save a little longer and go for the Pioneer gear so you won’t have to buy new equipment after one year of use? ( just speculating about the build quality, i just don’t trust Gemini sorry…. )

    • Andrew Cizek

      If you were to go for a pioneer set up over this you’d have to save for more than just a little longer.  It’s obviously not a unit for ‘pros’

    • Oddio95

      “Save a lil longer’…??That would be like $5000-6000 dollars longer!Seriously?lol.Pioneer make quality kit,there’s no debating that.but Pioneers price points have always been out of wack since their inception.

      Could you imagine the strangle hold Pioneer would have if their gear was
      way more affordable to the average dj consumer?

    • Anonymous

      This is probably the cheapest unit out there that’s going to get you used to a “pioneer like” layout. If you have club aspirations and want to mix without a laptop or a sync button while still going digital, this is pretty much the best bang for your buck out there.

      Are the CDJs as good as pioneers? No, but they’re probably the best at their price point IMO (they are exactly Gemini CDJ-700s).

      Considering I’ve seen these units for around $700 you’re going to have an incredibly hard time finding something comparable at that price point. It’s pretty much what a Traktor S4 costs while containing way, way more standalone functionality.

      Ideally, we’d all be using pioneer cjd-2000s and an djm-1000 but I, personally, don’t have $6,000 to spend on something that’s of a quality I don’t need. Guitarists, even really accomplished guitarists, don’t usually pay $3500 Gretsch or Gibsons unless they’re professionals already making money from their music; Pioneer is the same way in the DJ world. Their kit is great, and it’s builtfor abuse; but if you’re playing at home or even at a smaller party you probably aren’t going to abuse your decks.

      In fact, I was at a rave on the weekend and the guys were playing on two Gemini CDJ-700s + turntables on a 4 channel mixer. Guess who cared? No one, cause they knew how to use what they had and the tunes were rockin.

      Quite frankly, the likes of Numark and Gemini have been working really, really hard over the past few years to improve their junky image. Make no mistake, their old products were more or less junk, but you can’t make crap forever as you build up a reputation and people stop buying it.

  • Michielygil

    Why a 3 channel mixer though? Doesn’t make much sense.

    • Coming from a Juggler, 3 balls are more fluid than 4.

      I personally would like to see a 3 channel interface on DVS. Maybe The One solution will allow something like that?

  • Noelflava

    I wonder what track preparation software is available? 

    • Guest

      coming in the 2nd quarter

  • Anonymous

    Not to sound snobbish but its only a $1000 bc it’s Gemini. I had two of their loud speakers and they were heavy, large, and broke after a year.

    • DjRayGun

      Sounds like the infamous gemini quality. 

  • Matt

    wow! When they release it and the price is really 999$ my VCI400 will be put on ebay straight away!

  • pioneer…where are your copyrights ^^?

  • Yoris

    Are you guys using a male version of Siri to do the voice overs?

  • Weltraumpapst

    wow.. 1000$
    seems an awesome price tag..