• Dj Honest

    What a lot of people seem to forget (or don’t know) is that Pioneer Electronics was facing certain bankruptcy only two years ago. Luckily, Honda invested in them to bring the company back but that doesn’t negate the fact that Pioneer has been losing money for years. In my opinion, Pioneer is still bouncing back. Honda has 5% hold of the company and, though they aren’t going to let them fail, they most definitely aren’t going to let them blow all their money on R&D or heavy production. I think that’s why most of the Pioneer line hasn’t really had anything but a facelift, most items getting a new screen and/or souncard. True they did release a few new controllers but in my humble opinion they feel thrown together and flimsy, simply meant to capitalize on the sterling Pioneer name. I would guess that nothing particulary “groudbreaking” will come out of the Pio labs anytime soon and I wouldn’t expect a price drop either. In the future, however, I absoultely expect big things from them with a lower price tag. Once they have proven themselves to Honda, I really think their budget will increase dramatically.


    P.s. I own a pair of CDJ900s and a DJM900 so you can’t say I’m a hater.

  • So the white ones are worth more than the black ones? Pioneer YOU RACIST!!!!

  • I’d say they’ll either go up or down on their lower price bracket cdjs, a cdj450 or cdj300. Maybe they’ll take some more buttons and features off and remove all the lights on the unit all together, and maybe add a record function. Oh and they’ll make it white, but 6months later they’ll make it black and give it a new model name and charge 20% more. Pioneer sure knows how to make money.

  • Xxl3ck

    Next year pioneer is coming out with the djm t4 traktor 4 channel mixer.

    • Xxl3ck

      Im lying lol

  • futa

    As Albyrne17 already said, I think a CDJ-Controller without CD input but with an included Sound-Card as well as an USB-Slot would be a very nice solution. It would be less expensive and every Software fan would have a quality and professional looking Midi-Controller and every CD-Fan would also have a less expensive unit using USB-devices as many DJ’s who don’t use software already do.
    I’m still waiting for a less expensive CDJ with big Jog-Wheels and due to the fact that I would only use USB-devices this would be a chance.

  • AnM

    next year they will paint them blue and charge an extra $700 

    • Escapemcp

      No.. red & $1000… I mean, blue, come on!  Pioneer are cleverer than that!

  • Dz_le

    I really think that Pioneer is running out of ideas. Their only hope really is to stayed paired up with their software partners. I really hope they’re really holding something back and goind to surprise us later because white CDJs and DJMs at marked up prices make them pretty look like they’re full of shit. I’m sure after what their competitors have put out, Pioneer should either match it or come up with something break through.

    • Jon Cooper

      “breakthrough” is something that gets banded about a lot on DJ blogs. Why do Pioneer need to come up with something breakthrough?? What exactly IS breakthrough. They seem to be doing pretty well (and by pretty well i really mean EXTREMELY well) with the product lines they already have. They have made a lot of money already in the CDJ and mixer market and although their prices are high their products are well built and do their job well. How “breakthrough” can a CD player and mixer really get? Please don’t be a cliche!! 

  • TJP

    What about a CDJ-250?  No sound card, no midi, no cd slot (usb), with a quality jog wheel to pair up with the DJM-250.  A lot of people still wish to learn how to DJ using CDJ’s or simply only want to mix two tracks together 🙂

    • Misterfaust

      Two techs dude, way cheaper if you’re going basic two channel.

    • Misterfaust

      Two techs dude, way cheaper if you’re going basic two channel.

  • deejae snafu

    pioneer ftl imo

  • Albyrne17

    I think there next move will be, CDJ like controllers with no CD input. With a lot more buttons for midi control of software, touch strips, an available sync or no sync option, with High end jog wheel resolution. Basically a high end modular midi controller. They would be stupid not to IMO. There never going to keep up with software that is endlessly changing, progressing and updating.

    • They have it DNSC2000. Its a CDJ like controller it just doesnt have a needle  drop touch strip wich i thinkwill eventually be added