• Hi there, Diego Iglesias CEO of Findremix.com here.

    Findremix is not only a remix contest aggregator, but we also run our own remix competitions. Nitrous Oxide (Anjunabeats), Dusky (Anjunadeep), Sébastien Léger (Mistakes Music), Funk D’Void (Outpost)… are just a few artists who run their contests through my site.

    Besides that we list remix contests of electronic music (House, Techno, Progressive House, Dubstep and so on mainly) and post interesting articles about music production (Eelke Kleijn has dropped one), so I after a few thoughts it came to my mind that Beatport’s new site will benefit the “remix contests scene” 🙂


  • David Cummings

    Stems seem to be mp3 only…where’s the lossless?

  • Michael Nelson

    co star here and i welcome it just like we love and welcome remix comps . its hard to get single or ep singed by labels these days , due to most looking for the next david guetta or swedish house mafia hit , this is just another great door opening for us to have a way to get are music heard . there’s alot of great remixes out now thats not signed  at least this way we have a better chance of haven our music out 

  • We’re not worried, I, for one, welcome our new Beatport overlords!

  • Littlegreenmatt

    Matt, CEO of Beatport here. Our goal is to run off all other competition.

    • DonmecZ

      Nice! Are you guys hiring?

    • run off all other competition..ehmmm..what is the point ?

    • Campark43

      Site is great, was about to start soundclouding but might just use beatport. Other than the play/contest area, what makes ur site better?

  • Littlegreenmatt

    Matt, CEO of Beatport here.  I sure hope our platform does not slow down the Find Remix and Remix Comps sites.  They are valuable tools that I use all the time.  They are aggregators of various contests and opportunities for DJ’s and Producers and should continue to grow as more and more people play with music.  Cheers Everyone.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for redoing your site in HTML, we really appreciate it 🙂

    • SmiTTTen

      Adding these additional dimensions to Beatport is certainly a smart move and caters well to DJs like me who spent 80% of their time on a handful of sites. It’s also an opportunity for Beatport to succeed where Apple did not. 

    • We’re not going anywhere, at Remix Comps we are just interested in collecting and listing the contests which includes Beatport. Considering that there are 5 contests open on Beatport and we’re listing 120 open remix contests at the moment shows that we’ve still got a job to do.

      We’re glad Beatport has gone for the free stems 🙂 When we’ve listed Beatport contests in the past they would usually get a comment on our site or two about not liking that you had to pay.

      Good luck Matt with Beatport Play!

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