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DJ TechTools on G4’s Attack of the Show

A few months ago, Attack of the Show producers got in touch with Ean to see if he’d be interested in appearing in a new segment on their show, “Rad Jobs”. We were more than excited to get a chance to be back on television and show off some of our latest creations – keep your eyes peeled when watching this segment for the Midi Fighter 3D in use, the VCI-400 Ean Golden edition, and even our mapping expert, Flashflooder! (The Midi Fighter 3D is available in our store now!)

Special thanks to Corrado and Jessica from G4, Vessel Nightclub, Bassnectar, and everyone involved in the production of the segment!

Check out the DJTT store if you’re interested in the controllers featured in this video: Midi Fighter 3D, Kontrol S2

Remember the last time Ean was on Attack of the Show in 2009? 

  • tausif

    Ean how did you not try and jump her?

  • sameerkhan Khan

    dj sameer khan

  • Mdsameerkhan Khan

    dj sameer

  • Djpossess

    I started DJing Feb 2011.  After doing Google searches for help I stumbled upon DJTechtools.  I watched videos on YouTube and thought “Who the heck is this guy and ‘where does he get those awesome toys?”  You’ve been a big help Ean and the MF 3D….wow man, thats awesome!

  • I watch AOTS almost every day but I guess I missed this episode haha. Either way, great exposure and you guys sold me on buying one. I’ve been contemplating but I really think it’d be a great tool to perform live with. Expect an order in the next 10 minutes. :p

  • Mohammad Shaikh alard

    amazing man .. nice interview .. like the midifighter 3d

  • Bobhatescomputergeekyknobs

    Aint about money-its about music-ya dozy bunch a cunts.

  • Swag

    ian def fucked that bitch! she “went back for more” lol. 

    • Swag


  • Great Article!

  • Anonymous

    Wow. Really cool segment Ean. Makes me also want to see more of what’s behind the scenes at DJTT head quarters.;)


  • awesome!

  • Imgbyap

    Olivia Munn era though >

  • Great Job Guys!!!! Y’all (yeah I’m from Texas lol) are single handily taking controlling gadgets for Disk Jockeys to a whole new level. I still remember when I first got into the Dj scene (bout 2 years ago); this was the first and still is the my most useful website I use. Glad to see y’all keep grow. Keep up the great work.

    Ps. next time I’m in Cali I have to checkout a store!

  • deejaysoul

    Nice video, I like the content of what was presented. What I find most interesting, when Ean was explaining starting DJ rates, and in NYC, those rates don’t apply. It’s uphill battle just make over $100 as an experienced DJ of 20 years. Most places don’t want to pay a fair rate, unless you bend over and be their jukebox for the night.

    • in the uk, especially where i live its difficult to get anywhere near £100 now, the place i recently had a residency in decided they could get some cheaper djs in for £50 a night to save some money, some people don’t realise that it is false economy. They might save £50 but they are losing a lot of punters early as the djs don’t have the experience to keep people there buying drinks all night

    • The NY market is notoriously really tough for Djs – which sucks considering how expensive it is there. Other markets, like SF and LA pay much better. 

  • MxAlmond1

    i miss olivia 🙁

  • I don’t think I’ve seen that big a grin on Ean before…. Wonder why. 

  • Akay a

    Wow! whats that effect on the Midi fighter 3D when they battle? – The first thing she  has to repeat – when they press the 4. button?

  • DJ Eryx

    Congrats Ean on all your success and making your dreams become a reality. And thanks for paving the way for digital DJs like myself. You’re a legend to say the least.

  • Esnola25

    Very cool man! Congrats on all of your success.

  • AkaTheAGB

    Such great rep from G4 loved the segment Congrats to all at DJTT

  • safadao

    Great exposure!

  • Erikt6

    great interview, hope i can show my boss the beginning part and ask for a raise 🙁

  • Ean how about a 4 banks mode mapping of the performance buttons like that on the vci-400 for the midi fighter classic???

  • now all i need is an old i phone to hack in to my midifighter classic and MF£D here i come

  • Congrats brotha!

  • Jasonmd2020

    Wouldn’t it make more sense to build a MF3D into that guitar than an MPC? It’d be easier to swing around for the effects.

  • Mr. V

    Congrats Guys. – Mr. V

    WILL BUY!!!!!!

  • Illinoize

    #luls@sexualtension… props to Ean and the DJTT crew for evolving the craft, and raising the bar. Too easy for companies to drag ass on innovation, putting out the same products with few changes and outrageous prices, every time. DJTT is here to stay.

  • Miabushacra

    when is the midi fighter 3d going on sale??????

  • Man… you so better have had sex with her… or at least cop a titty 🙂
    jk jk… but really.. awesome interview thing your now officially famous 

  • HERE COME THE FNG’S!!!!bombs aaway..ean…but congrats lol

  • Nice segment, enjoyable for clued-up vets and noobs alike.

  • Santiagoparamo

    Great job guys!!! Cool exposure. 

  • Ice

    AWESOME! Loving the Midi Fighter 3D & NI Traktor S2 🙂

  • lksdlkdsn

    these raw 10 seconds of the midifighter 3d sold me completely on the device (unlike the promo video, which made me think “meh, pretty, but not that useful”)

    • Swag

      right. what a waste of a promo video. showed no actual use. garbage.

  • Cool segment!  Would have loved to see a little bit of a routine from Ean, though.  And big up for picking one of my favorite Bassnectar songs!

  • Steven Lam

    Congrats. What a great feature story on you Ean and DJTT.

  • Djluke3

    ok after seeing “raw” video of the mf 3d and someone new at djing being able to use it and the mappings that were used i am officially sold!!! gonna order ass soon as possible

  • Quixote

    I actually found this site after your first feature on G4. Promotion, Promotion, Promotion… KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!! Congrats DJTT!!! 

  • Dadblast

    this is awesome

  • Great video and that MF3d is getting more enticing every time I see it

  • Guest

    Nice to see something other than viral videos and cops on that channel.

  • Sick! Hey what is that bass in your face song?

    • Ha, are you kidding? 

    • haha 

    • MrMeloD

      ahaha it’s “The Matrix”-Bassnectar

  • armyofme4340

    Congrats guys. Love seeing you constantly push the envelope and get great notoriety for your hard work.

  • kev718

    nicely done – and jessica is gorgeous

  • nice ean!!

    BTW, have any job openings?

  • Pooyou

    yeah, Shes hot

  • Scott

    Cool segment. Congrats Ean/DJTT

  • Djingiscool

    so concerning the midifighter3d: can i adjust the sensitivity? if i don’t like 90 degrees being the maximum and i want to use subtler movements to control it will i be able to adjust that easily?