• Awesome routine controlling serato, i presume this is native not requiring a control cd?  I personally have had trouble getting decent responsiveness via my cdj1000, pitch control and cueing work fine but the cutiing and scratching can fall short…anyone  else have that problem with CDJs?

  • Kjlskd

    fail. there must be like one million “dj switch” in the world, the probability of not being the major lazer one was obvious

  • Gmanuk2

    That switch is a guy who’s been dj’ing under that name, and winning the DMC’s under that name, for a while.

    It’s not his fault you can’t double check yer facts before posting 😉

  • Killerfanatics

    That was awesome.

  • Richard

    So is that timecode or midi? HID? controlling Serato ?
    I’m still waiting to see a non NI controller offer timecode quality scratching.

  • Spacecamp

    It’s not actually Switch from Major Lazer, but a different DJ Switch! Article fix’d. 

  • Lowpass

    The Real Switch is a beardy ginger, and a horrible live DJ. Fantastic producer, one of the best in the world, but I saw him spin not but a month ago in a small venue and he crashed the dance floor to silence 3 times in under 45 minutes. 

    • true this…incredible tunes and remixes (at least 4-5 years ago).  Absolute shite dj

  • This is not the Switch I was expecting. 

  • David Schroeter

    Even the laptop was bobbing it’s head.

  • Janzak

    lol word, that’s not Switch from Major Lazer. Good video nonetheless.

  • That’s not the same Switch you’re talking about… Switch who produced Major Lazer is bald and has a red-hair bear…

    • Spacecamp

      True fact! Fixed.