• great potential, cost is too high given the features..

  • Campark43

    Good Idea, only thing I would say is no one wants to have to look at a 10 inch screen while djing.

  • But the sound is still going to be mono in a dj setup with cue, yeah?

  • Mrfreezeforce

    seems Skratchworx copied the layout of this site and created DJ WORX with exactly the same news stories, wtf y do we need 2 sites doing exactly the same?

  • Mrfreezeforce

    seems Skratchworx copied the layout of this site and created DJ WORX with exactly the same news stories, wtf y do we need 2 sites doing exactly the same?

  • looks great for a small remote party where you don’t want to carry much and also for that hotel room session.

  • oneend

    cool story

  • Goletasurfer21

    Too steep of a price for the product for my applications. Coming from a primarily traktor background I would not implement this piece of equipment into a set of mine. I am not a current owner of an ipad or ios handheld device. Even if I was I would consider this price tag absurd for just an amplifier.

  • So close…

    $220 just to be able to use the iPad _slightly_ more easily? Cool-ish concept but whack price. Apparently Vestax have been sipping the Pioneer Kool-Aid.

  • ToOntown

    This is a great first step in the right direction.
    This seems to cater more to the mobile DJ (judging by price point only) so I don’t think anyone is expecting this to replace a club rig. It’s pretty cool that a major player is putting some skin in the iOS game.Tablets are becoming more powerful by the month. Remember when Traktor DJ Studio could run on a 1.2Ghz processor with 512 MB DDR2 RAM? The new iPad is more powerful than that with better video processing. Expect tablets to become a serious player in the mobile DJ arena very soon–in hardware and software.

  • paddydj


    finally something I’ve been waiting for. But Vestax listen up, push it to another step and build this kinda thing with a timecode generator inside (e.g. 2khz generator for Native Instruments) so you can plug in a midi controller and define or calibrate jog wheels while your midi controller (learn function) is plugged into the V-Midi and the V-Midi in the computer. Then bypass all midi signals through to the pc and at the same let this thing generate timecode from the jogwheels (2/4 stereo out for up to 2/4 generated timecode signals) to connect to a device (e.g. Audio 10 by Native Instruments). Then your Midi Controller will send the midi signals just as regularly but with the difference that timecode goes to the software as well. Define a shift button (toggle/hold option included) that disengages actions while using the jogwheels, so you can still use the jogs for example for effects in the software. Sell this for 699$ and I’ll buy it!

  • i dont trust an IPAD or IPHONE for a DJ setup.

    • Djamesburke

      If it works for Richie hawtin!

      • 2ez

        I’ve seen RIchie Hawtin try to swallow Sven Vaths face while kissing him.. does that work for you?

    • Anonymous

      you must own neither. more stable than any pc

    • Avarice.The.Beat.Maker.

      Why’s that? do you piss on your gear after a gig or something? Or is that the technology just not good enough for you? 

      Whatever man…

  • RockingClub

    As far as I understand it just lets you integrate the IOS Device into your setup as an additionally MIDI-Controller. That’s cool but for the price I would have wished an additional option to take the IOS-Device as an additional audio source that can be routed into your set as the audio coming out of the IOS-Device’s headphone output normally is quite low in loudness…

    • DJ Segatto

      You are completely wrong. What this does is allow you to use a USB MIDI controller or instrument to send MIDI signals to your iDevice and control whatever music app you are using in the iDevice, as long as it has core MIDI support. So it actually does allow you to use your iDevice as an additional audio source that you can plug into your mixer, because it also amplifies the audio output from it.