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Show Us Your DJ Setup: Episode Two

It’s time for another edition of “Show Us Your DJ Setup”! This is the blog version of our popular set-up section in the DJ TechTools forum, and we’re excited to feature long-time forum member Jon Hersom (fullenglishpint) today. In case you haven’t noticed, DJ TechTools hosts one of the largest DJ communities on the internet and this is just one of the ways we try to include you in the editorial process. 

Hey Jon! How about quick description of how you use your gear and what your standard workflow/practice session consists of?

Thanks for asking me! I’ve been a huge fan of DJTechTools for a long time now.

I’ve DJ’d quite a few different ways since I started in 2007 but right now I generally use my CDJs with Scratch Live, running each deck into 2 channels of the Allen and Heath DB4 using the matrix input.

The Novation Dicers are perfect for me, allowing access to cue points and loops right there when I need them without taking up any space. I know that in the current fast-paced and complex world of DJing with controllers, Ableton Live, Traktor’s new remix decks and so on, a simple two CDJ and mixer workflow might seem a little plain, but right now it’s what I’m comfortable with.

I also like to switch things up a bit for variety, so often I’ll spin with my Twitch instead or break out the Midi Fighter and have a good button mashing session in Traktor.

I noticed that you’ve got CDJs and Technics on the same setup – which do you prefer to use, and why?

Hmm, tough one. I guess, as parents always say to their kids, I love them in different ways. Even though I’m a pretty new DJ in the grand scheme of things who started on controllers (a Behringer BCD-2000 as it happens), I really do have a love for the feel of vinyl. It makes me feel connected with the track.

That said, most of my gigs are on CDJs and I like the extra space you have over a controller, particularly the long pitch fader and big jog wheel. The HID support for the 850s in Scratch Live is excellent as well – one of my pet peeves with Traktor. The way I have things set up right now means that with one click per deck I can switch between CDJ and vinyl control in SSL, which is ideal.

Anything in your setup that you want to replace or get rid of?

I’m a self confessed gear whore, so I’d love to replace my CDJs with 2000s (or whatever Pioneer have been whispering about recently), but right now I’m happy with what I have. I do have a pile of old stuff sitting around that I should really get around to selling though.

Everyone raves about the Allen and Heath DB4 – how do you find it for your setup?

It’s by far the best mixer I’ve ever used. I had a DJM-800 before, which is a really solid mixer, but feature-wise I think the DB4 is in a league of its own. The effects are phenomenal for a DJ product (everyone says it, but they really are studio quality) and the filter EQ mode is really useful – it’s changed the way I DJ. Also, having the matrix input takes a lot of the fuss out of wiring things up and means I can have more fun with FX and loops by running the same track on multiple channels.

I noticed that you don’t have any MIDI controllers in this rig aside from the Novation Dicers – what kinds of controllers would you work in here if you had space?

I have a Novation Twitch which I’d love to have within reach, at the moment I have to unplug one of the CDJs to use it. I also really like the look of the VCI-400 as an all in one alternative, though I wish it were ITCH certified! Props to you guys on the Ean Golden edition by the way, it looks killer. The VCI-380 looks good as well, since I don’t really use more than two decks, and I’m interested to see if A&H come out with more X-Link compatible controllers that I could try with my DB4.

When you play a gig, what gear do you usually bring with you? What do you leave behind?

For club gigs it’s usually either the Twitch or my SL-box with control CDs and the X1 (and of course my trusty macbook pro). I’ve played in bars that don’t have their own gear and if I have time I like to set up my own CDJs because I feel at home with them (and it means I get to use my DB4), but if not the Twitch is a more than admirable substitute.

What kind of desk is that?

That was inspired by the IKEA mod post a few months back! It’s a 4×2 expedit shelving unit with the 150cm vika amon table top. I had the whole lot on a keyboard stand until recently but drunken friends bumping into it was getting far too nerve wracking. Eventually I’d like to move everything away from the wall and when I do I’ll put some IKEA vika kaj legs on the back for extra stability.

There appears to be a poster of dictators consuming cocktails in the background – are the communists having another party?

Yes they are! I found it at a poster sale last year and didn’t think twice – it’s perfect!

Anything else you’re keen to share while you’ve got everyone’s attention?

Absolutely, just a couple of things while I’m here:

  • Native Instruments, please improve your HID support.
  • Serato, please improve your MIDI support – I like LEDs.

Do you want to land on the front page?  – Post your impressive DJ rig in the newly re-designed show us your setup section. 

Forget about RGAS for just a second— we noticed that Jon has some of our favorite monitors: the KRK Rokits!

  • here’s my setup lol

  • djlootz

    I had a question, you mention switching from techs to cdj in serato with a flip of a switch? could you explain a little more? thank you!

    • Anonymous

      The techs are plugged into the sound card as normal but the CDJs work with HID, so all I have to do is switch from relative (or absolute) mode in SSL to internal and the CDJs take over. It’s a lot more convenient than plugging and unplugging.

  • Fatgat

    I wish I had a setup 🙁 been using my keyboard and traktor pro 2 for the last 2 years ahaha Can still slam some sick mixes though. 🙂

  • My rather basic setup with a Traktor S2 and two Adam A7X speakers. 😉 

  • my name is djtetsuo. (blakkattakk!!)
    and this is my mothership…

    First Image: 2 technics, maschine, traktor s4, sony vaio f series i7 CPU 8gb ram 500gb HD running traktor scratch pro 2…
    2nd Image: blakkattakk!! live setup: 2 kontrol s4, 2 kontrol X1, maschine, and 2 sony vaio i7 laptops running traktor scratch pro 2 at the same time…

  • nuno

    i have question about a tip of the week.i have the tsp 2 and in the effects area there is not the freeze effect.were can i find it,or how can i do it to get it.

  • matt

    im 16, and when i was 15 i got a loan and started a busness doing live sound and djing, im currently working on trying to produce my own tracks and im trying to learn more everyday, i know my setup isant much but i love it haha

  • Rudj

    Here’s my setup, for the first time on Dj Techtools blog. Ecler NUO4 mixer, 2 NUMARK 1610 and Behringer and a couple of BEHRINGER Eurolive B215A are missing
    They make my day, and I hope they continue

  • Sublim&All

    My shizzle

  • Purpletears90

    am on s4 running traktor on windows 8, windows 8 fix the crackle and sound problems s4 has with win 7 great sound quality @ 96000hz x 512 latency win hp laptop

  • Chris Kou

    Endless Summer Parties…Loved that laptop stand….. 🙂

  • kaossilator

    Thanks to  explore the DJ tech tools in your blog.You really describe it in a easy way.It is really very informative site for the music lover and player.

    kaossilator pro

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    BABY MONKEY! amazing.

    and amazing setup of course 😉

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    Can i show you a pic of my computer with the free virtual dj?

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  • A close friends setup 🙂

    • 4x CDJ 2000’s a DJM 900 and 2 vinyl’s for traktor 🙂

      • esk0bar

        how does the 4 channel mixer handle all seven sources??

        • it doesnt, its either 4x CDJ’s or 2CDJ’s + vinyl

    • Ktsosie967

      Yet you have cheap earphones… U_U

    • MidContrast

      When I see that many CDJ’s under one mans command I’m either looking at my bank account upset, jumping up and down in a dimly lit room fully of people, or both. 

  • Nice setup! The youtube video made my day btw. Big thank you for that! 😀

  • dj sl!m

    My name is djsl!m I use the numark mixtrack pro complete with dtt chroma caps and the m-audio keyrig 25. I run traktor pro 2 on a toshiba laptop. I dj in clubs around central TX

  • Owen

    So much gear envy right now 

  • big up fullenglishpint… nice setup 😀


  • Pic of my setup. I have vinyl turntables behind the chair. Use the Roland mc 505 with my Korg zero 4  via midi for some old sckool controller-ism. Studio has changed a bit now , I have a 22″ touch screen monitor and a PC running ableton and traktor., added a reel to reel tape recorder today.  my set up is ever changing , all second hand stuff.

  • 1 question,  How do you hear the KRK’s with them facing forward?  

    • JC

      what? Which way should they face?



      • Something like this:

      • like Mutis just pointed out.  If your outside that spread most the frequencies disappear.

    • Emery

      good point. Im sure he can still hear, but they should be aimed at the point in which you want the music to be loudest. ie. your face, a bit wider

    • Anonymous

      I sometimes have them facing in, but quite often I have other people in the room and keeping all the goodness to myself wouldn’t be fair!

      If I were producing it would be more of a big deal, but for DJing it’s really not as important. I can still hear perfectly well.

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    I know it’s not quite a DJ setup but live production is close enough aint it? This is a photo of a hardware setup from a jam session with my mate Drone-375.Drone-375: 2X Korg Electribe MX + Behringer VMX200
    EMX’s used like individual ‘decks’ for smooth transitions between patternsMy gear: Korg Electribe MX, Kaoss pad3, Kaossilator Pro.all mixed and multi-track recorded on Zoom R16.

    EMX’s for all drum parts and synth bassline and lead parts
    KPRO for some sfx and live-loopingKP3 for effectsAn example of something a little unconventional

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      i’d like to see a vid of that

      • neotechtonics

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