• here’s my setup lol

  • djlootz

    I had a question, you mention switching from techs to cdj in serato with a flip of a switch? could you explain a little more? thank you!

    • Anonymous

      The techs are plugged into the sound card as normal but the CDJs work with HID, so all I have to do is switch from relative (or absolute) mode in SSL to internal and the CDJs take over. It’s a lot more convenient than plugging and unplugging.

  • Fatgat

    I wish I had a setup 🙁 been using my keyboard and traktor pro 2 for the last 2 years ahaha Can still slam some sick mixes though. 🙂

  • My rather basic setup with a Traktor S2 and two Adam A7X speakers. 😉

  • my name is djtetsuo. (blakkattakk!!)
    and this is my mothership…

    First Image: 2 technics, maschine, traktor s4, sony vaio f series i7 CPU 8gb ram 500gb HD running traktor scratch pro 2…
    2nd Image: blakkattakk!! live setup: 2 kontrol s4, 2 kontrol X1, maschine, and 2 sony vaio i7 laptops running traktor scratch pro 2 at the same time…

  • nuno

    i have question about a tip of the week.i have the tsp 2 and in the effects area there is not the freeze effect.were can i find it,or how can i do it to get it.

  • matt

    im 16, and when i was 15 i got a loan and started a busness doing live sound and djing, im currently working on trying to produce my own tracks and im trying to learn more everyday, i know my setup isant much but i love it haha

  • Rudj

    Here’s my setup, for the first time on Dj Techtools blog. Ecler NUO4 mixer, 2 NUMARK 1610 and Behringer and a couple of BEHRINGER Eurolive B215A are missing
    They make my day, and I hope they continue

  • Sublim&All

    My shizzle

  • Purpletears90

    am on s4 running traktor on windows 8, windows 8 fix the crackle and sound problems s4 has with win 7 great sound quality @ 96000hz x 512 latency win hp laptop

  • Chris Kou

    Endless Summer Parties…Loved that laptop stand….. 🙂

  • kaossilator

    Thanks to  explore the DJ tech tools in your blog.You really describe it in a easy way.It is really very informative site for the music lover and player.

    kaossilator pro

  • Dreadmaul

    BABY MONKEY! amazing.

    and amazing setup of course 😉

  • Ktsosie967

    Can i show you a pic of my computer with the free virtual dj?

  • SmiTTTen

    Good Work Fella!

  • Greg Cerveny

    Looks like a lot of fun toys.

  • A close friends setup 🙂

    • 4x CDJ 2000’s a DJM 900 and 2 vinyl’s for traktor 🙂

      • esk0bar

        how does the 4 channel mixer handle all seven sources??

        • it doesnt, its either 4x CDJ’s or 2CDJ’s + vinyl

    • Ktsosie967

      Yet you have cheap earphones… U_U

    • MidContrast

      When I see that many CDJ’s under one mans command I’m either looking at my bank account upset, jumping up and down in a dimly lit room fully of people, or both. 

  • Nice setup! The youtube video made my day btw. Big thank you for that! 😀

  • dj sl!m

    My name is djsl!m I use the numark mixtrack pro complete with dtt chroma caps and the m-audio keyrig 25. I run traktor pro 2 on a toshiba laptop. I dj in clubs around central TX

  • Owen

    So much gear envy right now 

  • big up fullenglishpint… nice setup 😀


  • https://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-snc7/297736_10150321149886174_638366173_8343873_1340953755_n.jpg Pic of my setup. I have vinyl turntables behind the chair. Use the Roland mc 505 with my Korg zero 4  via midi for some old sckool controller-ism. Studio has changed a bit now , I have a 22″ touch screen monitor and a PC running ableton and traktor. https://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash3/547950_10150603176421174_638366173_9368531_1606750693_n.jpg, added a reel to reel tape recorder today.  my set up is ever changing , all second hand stuff.

  • 1 question,  How do you hear the KRK’s with them facing forward?  

    • JC

      what? Which way should they face?

      •  http://www.tnt-audio.com/casse/waspe.html

      •  http://www.tnt-audio.com/casse/waspe.html

      • Something like this:

      • like Mutis just pointed out.  If your outside that spread most the frequencies disappear.

    • Emery

      good point. Im sure he can still hear, but they should be aimed at the point in which you want the music to be loudest. ie. your face, a bit wider

    • Anonymous

      I sometimes have them facing in, but quite often I have other people in the room and keeping all the goodness to myself wouldn’t be fair!

      If I were producing it would be more of a big deal, but for DJing it’s really not as important. I can still hear perfectly well.

  • Brilliant! i love these articles. As im looking to invest in a ikea set up table rather then the glass dinner table i use lol

  • Houseincorporated

    I am soo hating yoi…but in a good way. 🙂

  • Hsbs


    • JC

      Great input. Thanks!

      • Ben


  • Whatevs

    what, no hitler poster?

  • Pedroferreirapulido

    hilarious! i got the exact same poster!! 🙂

    • 3heads

       Me too 😀

      • Anonymous

         I want posterr! where can I find posterr kommrads?
        lol ;p
        It’s really bad ass! Love it!

  • neotechtonics

    I know it’s not quite a DJ setup but live production is close enough aint it? This is a photo of a hardware setup from a jam session with my mate Drone-375.Drone-375: 2X Korg Electribe MX + Behringer VMX200
    EMX’s used like individual ‘decks’ for smooth transitions between patternsMy gear: Korg Electribe MX, Kaoss pad3, Kaossilator Pro.all mixed and multi-track recorded on Zoom R16.

    EMX’s for all drum parts and synth bassline and lead parts
    KPRO for some sfx and live-loopingKP3 for effectsAn example of something a little unconventional

    • Emery

      i’d like to see a vid of that

      • neotechtonics

        next time we jam i’ll make sure to setup some cameras =D maybe some GoPro POV action

  • Anonymous

    The DB4 is such a monster.  Lovin it!