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Propellerhead’s Figure: Quick Video Review

Yesterday Propellerheads, makers of the popular Reason DAW, announced a brand new app for the iPhone and iPad. It’s called Figure, and it takes instruments from Reason and slides them into an intuitive interface on iOS. Record beats, play overtop of beats, record filter and tweak settings, and the best part is that all of the sounds are production quality. Check out Ean’s quick video review inside! 

For more information and to purchase Propellerhead’s Figure app, visit their site here!

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  • Very cool app! ditto tv made some music videos with Figure – If you want to watch it visit

  • patti carbonell

    This is really exciting! wrote a blog about it. If you want to find out more about ”Figure” app visit

  • Alexo-Wint

    Ean love the video, got the app and started messing about with it. My 7 year old son has seen me playing with it and has started making his own sounds!!!!

  • sucks that you can’t save anything..

    • Dj jambone

      With imaschine you can and export it too.

  • The Real Elvis

    Ean, you are a colossal douchebag…

  • Nick

    is this working on the iPad ?

    • Rutger Willems

      yes, and it’s awesome. I bought it!

  • Nicoavia

    iPad version, everyone?

  • moonunit

    awesome I’ve been messing with this all day… in record mode you can then go to the tweaks tab on drums, bass, and lead and RECORD AUTOMATION on different parameters of the individual elements! not to mention they have a really awesome side chain compression effect in the mix tab. If you like making music, you’re stupid not to get this for 99 cents.

  • You know this looks pretty interesting, and I’m tempted to check it out as it is from the Reason folk. But. iMaschine has been around for awhile now, and fits a fairly similar market I feel. Not sure if I’d honestly need both.

    • Dj jambone

      That’s right (imaschine) is the Bomb!!! The day when it can go midi and be able to do Lil more then I think people would under stand. I can go anywhere and bang a 32 bar beat very quickly that’s showing my ((ASS)) so far I have hade I guess maybe 50 or more peoples jaw drop because of what I can do on my iPhone .*

  • Andrewnorthern

    Nice video…fun jam session.  Thanks for showing it to us!

  • dayvue

    aaaand up go there sales

  • oneend

    Lol you forgot to mention that there is no way to export patterns or midi files. I would think that this will soon be added but currently there is no way to really utilize for any real production.

    • moonunit

      why would you use a phone app for real production? that’s what a computer is for. This is for when you’re drunk and someone wants to freestyle so you lay down a heady beat real fast for them 😀

      • oneend

        Mobile producing is part of some people’s creative process, making beats on a bus, creating a melody on the subway. I personally don’t but for some people what they come up with on the go is an important part of their productions.

        • Dj jambone

          I agree what you said man. I’m a truck driver and i works 60 to 70 hrs a week . Apps like this one or others helps people like me put down our ideas when where not around our studios. When I have an idea or want to try something these apps helps us create the foundation part of it. Right now I use an app called [ Imaschine ] so far I have made about 10 beats and some sound really like I’ve made them on my programs at home.

  • This looks like fun for sets that have that sound in them. I might actually explore using this program if I had an iPhone 4.

  • Guest

    Ean, no need to reviews like this.. please fix concerns for the VCI-400 and MidiFighters!!!!!!

  • i want rebirth on my iphone!!!

    • BiggChev

      1) The ReBirth app for the iPhone is really cool
      2) I find it glitches up a bit and freezes
      3) I think the iPhone is just too damn small to really get in there and play around…i         could imagine it being a lot better on the iPad

  • Lazyellow

    This is amazing, running this through a live deck in traktor. the possibilities are endless!

  • luca78nero

    now this is fun…
    too bad:
    1. you do not have an arrangement section at all
    2. you do not have an arrangement section AS intutive AS the rest of the app (I guess I am asking too much for a 0,79 Euros app, but – READ THIS PROPELLERHEADS – I am willing to pay way more for the same app, this intuitive, with arrangement section).
    3. you cannot lay 2 or more sounds (would be great) with different patterns/arpeggiators one on the other…

    I actually plan exporting the sounds (which are hellacool) as wavs in Ableton and start arranging from there…

    wow, thanks Propellerheads + thanks Ean.

    • Mattmangrease

      You might really enjoy iMaschine.

      • Dj jambone

        That’s right!!!!

  • 6ix East

    OMG X) me and my friend that i DJ with got this right away and love it X) please share how you plan to use it in your sets if you do? im curious if your just going to run your iphone/ipad through the speakers, use the live input in traktor, or do it some other way :3 very excited 😀 and thx for showing us all this awesome app!

  • Peter Brine

    Is there any way to save the song or a pattern or something? or is it just an on-the-fly kind of thing?

  • Llama Del Rey

    99 CENTS?!?!?!? 


    I might as well buy a 12 Core Mac Pro and Reason 6!!!

    • Llama Del Rey

      Just kidding 😉

      Seems like a cool app that I’m definitely going to check out! 

      Thanks for the heads up. And those awesome USB cables 😀 

  • steve

    fuck off trolls. DJTT post a really great range of articles and videos. I personally plan on buying this app after seeing it shared here.

    if you dont like their articles DONT READ THEM

  • Calexpetersen

    Any way to export the sounds?

    • run the audio out to ur computer and record with a program like traktor audacity or garage band

  • Ean cool app just got it and ten mins in so much fun also you can delete all if you go to system then clear song.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Lolmail

    Ean you look like everyone of the guys that tried to sell me fake rolex
    and very illegal porn from their jacket as I walked around Moscow in 1992.

    • sweet! I love those guys 🙂 

      • Lol

        In Soviet Russia – Those guys love you!

        • accukut


  • DJFT

    DJTT Blatent error free since… never….ever.

  • Samm

    How much for the video Ean? Man…….

    • are you actually suggesting that I was paid for this video? Riggghhhhttttttttt. Heaven forbid we show you a cool application that we dig just because..  wait for it…… that’s our job. 

      • Macveen

        Keep going !Because I like it !!!

    • Anonymous

       if you don’t like, don’t follow.

    •  sure, we could all go into a big debate about the ethics of a company
      that manufactures their own controllers and such reviewing other
      companies’ products, but c’mon! he’s just showing people a cool, fun little app for jamming! what’s wrong with that!?

    • moonunit

      someone’s disgruntled.

  • Xoduzz

    wow this looks fun 😀

  • nice video…