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Introducing Maps: The Ultimate MIDI Mapping Site for DJs

Today, we’re proud to announce a brand new section of the DJ TechTools website, Maps. After years of trying to keep  thousands of mappings organized on pages and forums, we decided to create a better way. That’s where Maps comes in – upload your own mappings, rate other mappings, create revisions of popular mappings, and most importantly, quickly find the best mappings on the web for your controllers.  Click through to watch Ean’s video walking you through this brand new section of our website.

Many thanks to John Drummond, a long time forum member and DJ who runs Muopia records, for building this amazing site for the Dj TechTools community.

Well, what are you waiting for?

Check out Maps now and start uploading, sharing, commenting and creating! Got feedback for us? Go ahead and make a comment here!

  • MdeMapping

    MdeMapping especialistas en Cabinas DJ Mapping

  • alexis

    hola amigos soy de chile y quiciera que me saquen de una duda quieroempezar a utilizar los sofware de serato, y necesito saber si existe algun mapper para el controlador Hercules dj control Air.,,,,espero su ayuda


    • djtavi77

      Mira Alexis! deberias fijarte en su pagina para asegurarteque haya un mapping, no estoy seguro porque segun tengo entendido para usarlo todavia necesitas una tarjeta de sonido de RANE, pero bueno fijate talvez se pueda con serato intro… o algo no estoy seguro si es “open source” todavia pero fijate aca
      Ojala te sirva de algo la info amigo!! suerte!

  • surfer_luiso

    Any map for a mixdeck?

  • za30

    what does Mapping mean?

  • DJ Subculture

    No mappings for the MC6000 🙁

  • DaniG

    Love where this is going. I’m new to dj’ing and this is a major help. I’m currently rocking with the Numark Mixdeck Express and am upgrading to the ns6. Sadly, I don’t see any mappings for these two products.

  •  Thanks DJTT, greetings from Spain !!!!

  • This is awesome.. way to do it, definitely. Forums are too lotek.

  • This is just amazing work guys. Made my searching for a twitch mapping much easier.

  • chewy

    Great idea!


    youda youda best, best I evaah haaaaad haha! Thanks doods!

  • ummm ya fukin eh! 

  • El Tiburon

    Add a Numark V7 and NS7 maps and we are in business!

  • Davelazy

    great concept, forward thinking once again well done!

  • I’ll be adding my BOSS DR-202 sample pads + total gratification mapping very soon.  I might go on a sprint and start borrowing as many midi devices I can and map them out.

  • DJ tech tools does it again!! I’m going to be on here for hours now lol

  • C Lab

    Yet again, you guys have DONE IT!!! This is EXACTLY what i have been waiting for! I love you guys.

    Check out my “Collision Mapping”!!!

  • Samuel_travassos

    Missed the mapping of the hercules control air: (

  • Samuel_travassos

    Faltou o mapeamento do hercules control air 🙁

  • Anonymous

    Good job Ean and John.


  • I nearly wet my pants when I read this……
    You guys ROCK!

  • Owau

    Really excited for this ! ! !

  • BrinkmannProductions

    Get some sleep Ean you look exhausted. lol Love the new addition to the site. Kudos!

  • Theo Void

    Awesome stuff DJTT!! But how bout some Live (APC40/Launchpad) mappings. 

    • C Lab

      Just posted one for you. Check out the “Collision Mapping”

  • Alex B.

    Pioneer RMX-1000 middle right on the table 😉 Anyhow, fantastic video and great new features!

  • Bielik108

    Torq 2 mapping for Vestax VCi-400 please!

  • Groovemixer

    Thx DJTT!!! You guys rock!!!

  • A83

    What is the case that is used to hold the controller in the image in the main listing of this post?

  • Movelikebass

    brilliant idea. thank you

  • Dandyrandy88

    aaaaahhhhh yes! thank you!!!

  • bartykutz

    i request a requests section 

  • Janzak

    This is SWEEEEET

  • Excelente idea!! Great idea! Chévere, cool!!

  • LOL. The guy at traktorbible is going to be pissed! 

    • On a related note would it be “illegal” to take those mappings from traktorbible and upload them here?

      • Anonymous

        If it isn’t your own mapping you want to upload, it might not be totally illegal, but it surely would be inconsiderate, rude and inappropriate.


  • Xoduzz

    thank you 😀

  • Anonymous

    I love the idea, this might turn out to be something, like, big.

    One thing, however: I think that the description of the mapping is at least as important as the mapping itself, so people who don’t have a particular controller can take a look at the description, get some ideas, and implement it on a different controller.

  • Tragik11

    You look tired ean now get some rest 😛 awesome idea btw

  • Ryan Supak

    Question: OK to post a revised version of midifighterpro.c?

  • Safadao

    The hard work you guys are putting in to make this the first URL I type in instinctively, speaks volumes. Thanks for this new idea. It’s great.

  • Djcheba

    It’s long over due, love it! Thank youu!

  • Dimpo

    I have one very cool mapping for ipad osc for traktor, can i upload it for people, or it must be only hardware controller mapping?

    • andy

      even if not can i have a copy of it please? 

  • JeffGold

    this is exactly why i l luv DJTT! You guys really hook it up. Thank you Ean, thank you DJTT Crew!

  • long overdue and hugely welcomed

  • Wow – as a web developer have to say you guys have put in a huge amount of effort in this new part of your site and so much kudos to you all for doing this and taking the amazing things you already do to yet another level. And as a new S4 owner hungry to explore what Traktor and the S4 can do (and it’s limitations) I’m even more excited. Thanks so much guys – am a huge fangirl of what you do 

  • Miguel

    Is the vci-400 ean edition mapping compatible with all vestax vci-400’s? (non ean golden editions)

    • Anonymous

       no. as of now there’s no way to upgrade to the djtt firmware.

  • DM

    Best idea !!!!! – but can you make a special mappings for CDJ 2000 

  • Rutger Willems


  • Isn’t it a great moment when you realise that so much more is happened behind the scenes of DJTT. Thank you so much for adding this feature to your site

  • Matias


  • Djtavi77


  • Awesome idea!

  • E Karalavicius

    Can you make mapping for trakor on American Audio VMS2 controler ? A?i? [LT]

  • Rdej47

    Very cool idea.

  • Noelflava

    Nice, excited to see what new mappings come of this. Seems like it will inspire people to grow and create new mappings from older ones. I likes. 🙂 

  • Byammine0227

    I still cant download the s4 mapping 🙁

  • Boris

    Please fix the S2 mapping and give us a new update 1.3 or even 2.0!

  • Ol

    Can’t wait til you start charging for access to that (other peoples) content!

    • Upbeatentertainmentny

       is one of YOUR mappings for sale on DJTT? o … its not? then wtf u open your mouth for?

      • ilmugre

        All of you are leechers!!! Shut up!!!

    • Safadao

      @OI – If you would spend more time working on your own website and stop jealously trolling other websites that have something to offer, you might actually make a worthwhile contribution to the world.

      • ilmugre

        All of you are leechers!!! Shut up!!!

  • Awkwerd

    The only real question I have is on the shelves behind you, how is the kettlebell mapped? I know, I’m hilarious