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DJ TechTools Is Hiring – Worldwide!

Ok, before you get too scared – no, DJ TechTools is not expanding into a mega-tron-global-in-your-face-blog-force that consumes all around it ( like a black hole!). We simply have two remote positions open that can be filled by a few talented people anywhere in the world. One is in customer support/experience and the other marketing. Every single DJ TechTools employee was first a DJTT fan and DJ, so we want to continue the tradition by opening it up to you – our community!


First up: it’s important that you understand what DJTT is all about. We aim to build the world’s most valuable DJ community through articles, videos, and community tools like Maps, our new MIDI-mapping database. It’s my belief that the helpful and fun culture of DJing can stay alive in the digital age if we really work at it. If you want to be apart of that, read on.


Our mission here is simple: Provide way cool support to every person that comes into our store. That means helping people find the right gear and learn how to use it properly, even if they don’t purchase from us.

We are looking for a few very passionate individuals that can help their fellow digital DJ in their search for the perfect equipment, through live chat and phone support. These cats are absolute wizards at DJ gear and love helping others learn about it. This is a great “work at home” job, which can be done anywhere in the world. All that’s required is a computer and a headset!

Please visit this page for more details and to apply


Marketing. Arrgggg. I hate that word. Marketers are, by definition, cheesy sales people trying to hawk their wares. We are looking for someone who really believes in the power and fun of DJ Technology and wants to share it with the world beyond our site.

Are you an absolute wizard at spreading the word through way cool, genuine methods on a tight budget?  Do you love DJ technology and really believe that more people should know about DJ TechTools (the site and our products)?

If so, please visit this page for more details and to apply.


Ok, I made this one up at the last minute. But seriously, is there some mad skill you uniquely have that could help DJs? By skill, I mean you’re an absolute black belt ninja in this one area that no one else is aware of, but could be really powerful if unleashed on the general public? We love working with passionate and talented people, so if we’re missing an opportunity here and you absolutely must work for DJTT – then let me know.

For example:

“Geez Ean, you’re pretty good on camera – but I could run DJTT way better. Stick to button mashing and I’ll throw in some crab scratches on the P&L that will really blow this house up!”

Thank you for tolerating this brief interruption, our regular programming of great Dj Tech Tips will resume on Friday!
  • Darle Desmond

    Are you kidding me ! I need a big gig and support ,tours are not cheap these day ! E- mail me anyone who whant’s to help me !!!!

  • Rafael

    I am moderator of the largest Brazilian djs community of orkut  and have great experience in web marketing. I have experience with sales and midi controllers.

    ps: I have one of the vci 100 in Brazil!

  • Steven Lam

    I’m your ninja. Professional photographer: and Also a DJ. 10 years of running my own photography business and studio. Been a on the dance music scene and have in depth knowledge of dance music since the early 80’s at the beginning of the transition of disco to the evolution and introduction of house music. Additionally, I was with UPS regional headquarters as customer liason so I have excellent customer service. I am also an graduate of Art Center College of Design so I am fully qualify with extensive knowledge of art, design, branding, graphic design. I also ran a boutique graphic design agency for a few short years. I am very creative and artistic yet very analytical which allows me to solve issues effectively from both side perspectively. I am self motivated and can work independently yet I work passionately in any collaborative effort. Lastly, I love, love, love, love dance music…check out my mix: Cheers!!

  • It’s simple DJTT….Japan is the land of the lost art of DJing. The true artform still exists in this land and (that being said) I think it is imperative to help this place expand. Japan is very segregated when it comes to equipment. Everything has to be ordered and no one has a clue what is out now. When I show up to gigs with 2 Technics 1200s, a midifighter, dicers, and an Ipad…..they are all drooling. There is amazing potential here and I see it daily!! Problem is, all the great products are usually made outside of Japan. Unfortunately, most of the djs here speak very little or no english, and they can’t order because they cannot read the websites. Even worse, just about none of them have credit cards. You wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve helped djs by taking cash in exchange for ordering gear for them. So here I am, with my krew of DMC vets and pro djs, making a difference in Japan. What better way to do that than with DJTT.

  • Saucekingston

    uk, young designers/djs/promoters/journalists from SouthWest of London. 

    • Saucekingston

      we’d love to work with you guys

  • Asignorelli

    Español, English, Deutsch, architect, 33 years old.
    Turntble dj , home base Santiago Chile.
    unoccupied for Partime Ninja.

  • Any interest in South East Asia?  Specifically Saigon and Bangkok? I work with DJs and electronic musicians in both cities and we drool over the DJTT store and really value the videos, however most of us don’t speak English well and would love to see vital content in other languages.  

  • Have been following you for 2 years now and happy to know you are growing. Make sure the new recruits are insanely passionate about dj’ing and the ecosystem thats surrounds it. Best of luck guys!

  • Phi

    This is incredible news for the entire industry!

    Increasing innovation in DJ technology is absolutely beneficial to music and culture associated with music.  I am certainly not alone in my excitement while watching the development of DJ TechTools as it fills an increasing niche on the edge of the emerging live-performance controller industry.

    From both the perspective of an adoring  DJTT fan, and as someone who has the singular focus of being involved in the production of fun, and unique, performance DJ controllers, I am thrilled by this opportunity.

     I will be sending my own credentials and designs to the DJTT team as soon as possible.


  • Elvio

    I have a blog based in Brazil named if you want some partnership let’s talk about it, or at FB http://www.facebook/130bpms

  • This sounds like my dream job and Im also very qualified for the position.. Is there enough work but? 

  • Casper

    I speak English, French, Dutch and German… And I have DJ stuff at home… Pick me! :-p

  • Anonymous

    Are you guys kiddin’ me?!? Is there really no awesome italian fellow interested in this stuff, who speaks fluent English, German, Spanish, decent French and, of course, Italian since he’s a professor, who is a trance and progressive dj, really into music, wines and women except me?!?

    c’moon guys…get a life…

  • Ross

    I’d like to be the site’s proof reader. I’ve got a crazy eye for detail, and I can do the work fast. For example, on your marketing ad you state: “Details:

    Full or Part timeRemote or Local (SF)Salary consummate with experience, bonus and equity also possible.” The last line should read “salary commensurate with experience”.

    In your case, the salary and experience would be cementing their relationship by “bumping uglies”, whereas in my case, the salary and experience would be in proportion.

    Just send the articles to me, and I’ll check them for errors for a minor fee.

  • eklectic1zm

    I think this is a wonderful opportunity to those who have the qualifications.
    I would definitely apply if I had experience in one of those two fields

  • Yaz2198

    RETURN OF THE NINJA   all the way!!!  You will not be disappointed in my skills!!!

  • the Australian digital scene is about to explode .. just needs a little push.  would you be interested in hiring someone to push (marketing/sales etc)

    • The Australian scene is already amazing!

      (Missing Aus and NZ…)

  • Dimigo

    I am a ninja that speak greek and english… passionate about my music-sword… can i have a mission?

    • Grengo

       speak me grenglish – hya!

  • Sent my info into you.
    Hope to hear back from you promptly.
    Thank you for this opportunity.


  • I would love to work for you guys, but I’m still in school and have to go through another 2 years to finish sooo…. 🙁 Maybe some day, the conch has spoken.

  • well, i speak english, german and polish, so… 😉

  • gizmo75

    BLACK BELT NINJA HAHAHAHAHAH. You guy’s are foolish, you have nothing to do with beings ninjas. just average people re marketing products and selling people a dream.

    • yeah guys stop pretending to beings ninjas and get back to selling dreams on your dream clouds, ean golden you’re a world-class average guy who simply remarkets products and you would not last a day in ninja school

      +1 for strangest comment in history

  • Slazed

    If ur searching someone with french, german, english and luxembourgish language skills for the european market, I’m search I’m your man.

  • I think you need people that speaks Spanish, German and Portuguese for the “Customer Experience” job, just my humble opinion…

    •  good point

      • cionniasd

        Well, i’d like also in Italian

  • Paco Romano

    Since you will have people worldwide how about shipping to the UK for less than $30??

    • Ed

      Not only to the UK but to anywhere in Europe for that matter…

    • guilty

      They would have to maintain stock in Europe, DJTT would either need a warehouse, or the most likely a distributor. However its unlikely a distribution process would be best for DJTT since its so small.

  • Manish

    Thanks for that, any information on the deadline for applications, will be brainstorming straightaway.

  • cionniasd

    I can make the original italian pizza, total win for me.

  • Stewe

    Traktor MIDI mappings ninja cyborg returns. I need some new “swords” in a case  🙂

  • Filitico

    i’ll do it! bilingual english/spanish journalist, DJ for over a decade, love digital evolution in djing/producing and work in marketing (eww i know!) sign me up!

  • first! on my own article! totally beat you guys. 

    • flatangus


    • Mavis Concave

       Nice move! You’ve out-firsted the masses.

    • How do we know you didn’t cheated? Maybe you did the Comment before the article 😀

    • Nick Sarge

      Hey Ean,
      Completely off topic but oh well, are you releasing a mapping for the midi fighter 3D for Traktor some time soon?
      Love ya stuff!

    •  I call First on the first of the first time Ean threw out the first tag!!!!