• Korji Liddicut

    Looks like a Novation launchpad is in the middle of it all. 
    It would be good if Livid sold some sort of packet of stickers or something to put on top the pads to remember! 
    It’ll be good visually too.

  • TrOLL3R

    I don’t really understand why you didn’t even put a mention about my mapping, as you promised, i’m very disappointed, and you also disappeared from facebook! screw you mad zach

  • not bad.. whys everyone complaining about the price.. i know controller prices have come down over the last few years but this is still well prices.. 

    shit, 4 years ago i bought 2 otus EKS controllers for $1260 (australian) each.. to get specialised low run controllers (which most were back then) you was always looking around the 800-1000k mark..  and then you had to program the things..

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  • Cerwin23

    Wait…i have to remember what 81 buttons do? FFFFFFFFFfffffffffffUK!!! Wonder how long it took this guy to remember this layout…about a month?

  • Emile Vrdgs

    Very cool gear! The multicolored LEDs look awsome!

    But damn, thats some pretty bad mixing in that video.. the best part is when he is tapping that volume fader like that little volume change matters, lol, the tracks completely clash harmonicaly, if he where to do that in a club, everyone would stop dancing and look at him, frouning their brows thinking, wtf man!

  • Lauti

    mm. nope. $599? LOL. good luck with that

  • I’ll stick with the S4.  Nothing seems to top it.

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    …they should send some music to demo@lethaldoserecords.com .DJLETHALREAL

  • Djjackmeoff

    Looks wack, cheap, and its definitely not user intuitive. Looks like someone threw up skittles on it. 

    • Draxx1200


  • Lazyellow

    Livid makes amazing stuff, but it might not suit everyone; I had a CNTRL:R and found mapping especially LEDs tedious, but if you put the time and effort into it it true is a performance instrument rather than another controller. Some other minor gripes which I found:

    – Firmware updates require a windows PC which can be a pain if you are on Mac you will be forced to suck it up and ask your PC friend to lend you their PC

    – The build quality is solid, its great, but I did find the detailing a bit off, it is hand made at the end of the day so it’s to be expected but if you are slightly OCD about these things some of the markings were a bit off, the knobs didn’t all line up and feel exactly the same, the faders and knobs had a bit of movement and were not perfectly at the same height and yes the buttons are wobbly. It’s not to say the build quality is bad, it feels like it will last, but it doesn’t feel as tidy as it could be or perhaps we are just all use to churned out machine produced controllers 😛

  • guest

    To the author: Livid’s definitely not known for shoddy build quality. Do you think the button “wobble” came from the fact they sent you a pre-production unit and faceplate didn’t match up perfectly? How do the grid buttons compare to the Launchpad or APC-40?

    • I tested this and other livid devices that are off the shelf and the buttons all have a similar feel. This is the result of how they are built and the button style chosen. It’s reliable and works but the action certainly leaves something to be desired. 

      • Anonymous

        Livid is quality. Their products are solid and their support is beyond reproach. Ean is correct; the button action and feel are indicative of their build material. Once you spend some time with a Livid product, you easily develop a familiarity with the button actions and it becomes transparent in your performance.

  • DJTransporter

    Fantastic been watching these guys for a few years and can’t wait to get my ohm rgb. You can also program it to control two pieces of software at once, for example ableton for the music and their own vj software cell dna – either same buttons triggering both or split the button grid in two. This combined with a midi fighter 3d for the button mashing would be awesome. 

  • (JSM)
    • RockingClub

      Nope. The Electrix comes with less faders, less knobs and worse looks. Your comparison is a bad one.

      • (JSM)

        yawn …..

    • Spektakx

      yea, I agree, tather have tha tweaker

  • hope ill gates can do better than that horrid demo vid.

    • Anonymous

      Could do. What didn’t you like about it?

    • Yeah it was a poor performance. This was Ill Gates? The video says it was a mapping by Robert Vela. Ill Gates is sick I don’t think this is him.