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Traktor Pro 2.5 Free Upgrade Available Now

Traktor 2.5’s release date has finally come, and the new version of Native Instruments’ digital DJ software is ready for downloading now. If you own any version of Traktor 2.x, it’s a free upgrade for you. We’ve got our first impressions at some of the improvements and new features – as well as a few basic upgrading tips!


Ready for your free upgrade? You can grab 2.5 by opening up the Native Instruments Service Center application and checking the upgrade tab – but if for some reason it’s not there yet, some of our crafty DJTT forum members have found it hiding on NI’s site by logging into your user account and checking the “My Products and Serials” section.


While 2.5 will automatically import all of your Traktor data into the new version, some users might prefer to start (relatively) fresh on this install. Either way, it’s a very smart idea to export all of your Traktor settings and ensure that you’ve got a copy of your personal preferences in the rare event that anything should go wrong in the install. Here’s how:

  1. Open Traktor Preferences
  2. Click the “Export” button
  3. Check everything you want to save!
  4. Export away.

This is a smart idea to do anytime you make a major change to Traktor (upgrade, new mappings, new controllers, etc) so that you’ll always be able to revert back to the way things were if you find you’ve messed up your settings.


One of the major improvements that Native Instruments has been touting in this new version of track has been a complete rewrite of the tempo and beats per minute detection engine. Worth noting is the new window in the screenshot above that allows you to make a few adjustments to the analysis when you add a track to your Traktor collection.

We loaded in a number of new tracks into 2.5 to give it a test, and did notice a seemingly more accurate default detection on beats, but we’ll be interested to see if genres or tracks that Traktor has had trouble with in the past are detected a bit more precisely – let us know your experiences in the comments.


We’ve noticed (and so have others in the above NI forum posts) that while playing out a set on 2.5, the CPU load meter stayed much lower than in previous Traktor versions – perhaps even lower than we’ve seen since Traktor Pro 2 came out. There’s been serious behind-the-scenes optimization to Trakor, likely to accommodate for heavier FX usage and total active playing tracks/loops/samples with the new Remix Decks.


If you’re a mapping guru, you’ll be interested to know that Traktor has changed around the sorting and names of some of  Controller Manager’s mappable commands. We haven’t seen any associated problems with mappings yet, so we’re hoping that the new labels are intelligent enough to be able to import mappings with the older commands with no issues.

Additionally, you can now use the “Learn” functionality on MIDI out commands – meaning that LED mapping is about to get a whole lot simpler.

Unfortunately, you still can’t expand the size of the Controller Manager window. Please, NI?


The Remix Decks do work as advertised, and one of the cool features of the new BPM engine is that beatgrid detection on short loops and samples is drastically improved in this version of Traktor. This means that loop generation for the Remix Decks is fairly straightforward.

We’re holding off on a complete review of the Remix Decks until the middle of next week when the Traktor Kontrol F1 officially launches. Look forward to an in-depth analysis and assessment of the Remix Deck/F1 workflow!


NI’s got a brand new video routine on the F1s with “Techno Explorer” and one of the brains behind Itch Clips, Stewart Walker. While the video doesn’t show off any new features we haven’t seen before, it is nice to see that the workflow is solid and sensible for less performative DJs (only in comparison to Shiftee’s F1 video) to play a set on.


There have been a number of smaller tweaks in 2.5 – here’s the full list for you to peruse!

• Implementation of Remix Decks
• F1 integration

• Fully overworked tempo and beat detection
• Additional options dialog with predefined BPM ranges allows to customize the behavior of the analysis right before it is triggered
• Specialized BPM detection for loops, one-shots and files shorter than 20 seconds

• Stage one CDJ integration: Improved Jogweel and Joglight integration for Pioneer CDJ-2000, CDJ-900 and CDJ-400

• Content of Remix Deck can be saved and reloaded as Remix Set managed in the Browser as a single entry
• Context menus in browser are now content type sensitive
• State of browser tree is recalled from previous session when starting TRAKTOR
• iTunes node now can always be opened by ignoring corrupt entries in iTunes xml
• Select-All feature moved from double-click on tree node to context menu, to avoid conflicts with double-click opening of folders
• Search in browser now includes path name
• Importing another collection now preserves favorites
• History playlists now contain duration of played tracks
• Exported playlists now contain correct path information to the contained files
• Browser status bar shows correct information about search results
• Horizontal scrolling in browser using a trackpad improved

• Fully reworked structure and consolidated wording of mappable Controller Manager entries
• Controller Manager now suggests corresponding output for the selected input to facilitate mapping of LED’s
• MIDI outputs (typically LED’s) can now be learned by pressing the corresponding MIDI button
• Added “Slot Play Type” and “Slot Trigger Type” to the list of modifier conditions

• User defined Input/Output Routings are new saved between sessions
• The control panels of Traktor Audio interfaces can now be opened without interrupting audio

• Repeatedly duplicating the same track is now totally seamless
• Stripe display for high resolution displays fixed
• Auto loops size now follows manual loops size which allows to adjust manual loops with the auto loop controls.

• The channel filter curves have been shaped for smoother transitions around the neutral position

• Improved stability of MK2 timecode decoder
• Disabled processing of unused timecode decoders
• Timecode drift compensation and skipless mode are now also working at 45 RPM
• Exiting timecode CD rescue mode by skipping to start of CD Track 2 fixed
• Synchro-start is now correctly applied when staring playback of a deck, which has previously been stopped by stopping the timecode record

• S4/S2 sample slot functionality matched to Remix Deck functionality

Overall, it seems like a solid upgrade to us, although we really wish that Native Instruments might have one more look over our Christmas Wishlist we wrote six months ago. What else have you noticed is or isn’t the this new version of Traktor? 

  • Sharon White

    Finding traktor history playlists

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  • Blackbeard

    i can accept that the controllermanager gui was simple in the beginning, but now, the same “silly” setup, not possible to zoom the window or scroll the list without a mouse, no the simpler way to map, i.e press learn and the corresponding keys a voila, the function is there, just on any other midicompatible hardware.

    I still cant imagine way any hardware company would produce controller for traktor when it takes forever to map this crap.

    The overall idea with traktor is good, but the gui is braindead, ive mapped midicontrollers keyboards before, even on amiga, and this is just lame.

    They have xtreamer 3rd party manager on apple, but not on PC and im sure were never gonna see anything like it on PC.

    Furthermore i think native should stick to produce software aimed for their own controllerrange, and Pioneer and Denon should stop shoving out cotrollers without legacy software.


    is there away to download traktor pro 2 or s4 full version for free!! if their let me know, please!! i cant find it?? =( tis is my email

  • Arie Setyo

    I have cannot open file remix sets from donwload free. please help me!!?

  • Guest

    I have a remix can not open file sets from donwload free. please help me.!!?

  • Waw. Total Failure. I was admittedly playing around with a copied version of Traktor 1. It worked great even though it wasnt installed properly. I decided to try my luck at djing professionally so I went out and purchased the Traktor udio 2 USB device which comes with a legitimate copy of Traktor v 2.5. After installing everything downloading the updates and latest drivers, the cpu is at a constant max or close to maximum. The sound is very jittery and glitched out. I tried contacting customer care through there help center and received an autoresponse but it’s been a week and no response. I am using a Toshiba Satellite lap-top with a pentium 4 at 3.5 ghz and 2 gigs of ram with 7.5 gigs free space on hd. Needless to say I would NOT buy this product and I am going to return my tomorrow.

  • daisy

    I need a big help please anyone!!!! 
    I bought the F1 which comes with traktor 2.5, but now i dont seem to able to load traktor pro scratch, the vinyl doesnt show up any more and I’m not sure of what to do.

    would appreciate some help please


  • I have also seen that im not able to save Bpm in which i have set ranging from 80- 120 bPm.. When i lock the bpm or save the collection, it will not retain the settings when i open traktor up.. It goes back in to default mode and its annoying. I have to do that with every single folder. Nothing stays in memory.

  • jack

    I upgraded and now my tracks take forever to load into decks, the gain isn’t auto adjusting, and it’s not detecting BPM or the full waveform on the bottom. Horrible upgrade so far. 

  • nevermind I am a ra-tard

  • Tried to update to 2.5 but it is no longer on the my products and serials page 🙁 someone please help I just got my F1!!!!

  • Joelpaes

    Will the mappings for the MF3D on traktor 2 work on traktor 2.5 ??

  • ray han

    why is it not reading my midi DDJ-t1

  • Bgncoco2000

    I am using traktor pro 2.5 with my radius 3000. Every song that I play, it pauses every so many beats or seconds. What could that be?

  • This is great, I’ve been wanting to try out Traktor for a while. Still on Virtual DJ, but it seems harldy anyone uses that, makes me feel like I’m missing out.

  • help

    When I go to download it from “my products and serials” on the website all I see is my “Traktor Pro S4”.  Anybody know how I can download it? Its not in my service center either

  • So far I’m loving the upgrade. The BPM and Beatgrid detection is a major improvement.

  • Kaelon2

    Can some 1 tell me when u go n download 2.5 traktor n then open it year looks nice but when i go the manual the whole traktor 2.5 just freze cant do shitt n my dell laptop has 8gb ram i7 n 750hd 17 inches my laptop run nicee but cant run traktor 2.5 the last update np kidfresh

  • A Mrak

    My CPU is overloaded all the time and the sound crackles all the time. I will somehow reinstall the previous version!!!

  • Jbdjservice

    Can one F1 control both remix decks in Traktor 2.5?

  • YNDgray

    Will mk1 control vinyl still work with this new version? sounds like a dumb question, but ive heard rumor’s that it doesn’t.

    • Freshfluke

       it depends. if you have bought a traktor scratch package that included the old vinyls (i.e. before 2.1.x), then you can use both kinds of vinyls.

      if you bought a traktor scratch package after version 2.1.1, you’re bound to the new vinyls mkII.

  • Luis Kent

    hello everybody.. I need some help… before the Osculator 2.12 update and Traktor pro 2.5 I was working fine with touch OSC and traktor pro, but after update (OSCulator and Traktor), the response of Osculator and touch OSC are experimenting slowness in all control that I use in Traktor . somebody have the same problem.?

    • Luis Kent

      Update… the last update of osculator have a bug and make a lag… the people of hexler asked to me about this lag and they are working to fix this in the next update.

  • M.P.

    After update. Crashes EVERY time. I cannot close it. Only kill process works. My X1 stopped working as well. Really great update. If you want to spend extra few hours fighting it or recovering your previous installation. Go for it! Piece of crap software. Still surprised that such buggy soft is actually industry standard. Crazy. I never had even small percentage of problems with any other software than Traktor. Buggy, buggy bug.

    • Freshfluke

      a) this is no common behaviour. you should contact support.
      b) traktor does side-by-side installs. rolling back is done with a single click.

  • Felipe Yagami

    I think i found another bug… mine Traktor 2.5 doesn’t close by Alt+F4 (on Windows). I have to set on window mode (non fullscreen) and close the program.

  • Deksel

    Hi everybody,

    So some smart guy found a workaround for the RMX deck lock: Using the Lemur App to send mousemovements and clicks. It is not perfect off course, and the modding started yesterday, but we’ve got it working. Now we need a lot of people toying around with it. Maybe someone will come up with a cleverer fix? Maybe somebody knows how send MIDI-in to the Lemur Daemon so we can hook up all controllers via this solution?
    Play around with it, happy time: 

  • Cscummingsiv

    no key detection??

  • A Mrak

    Will a keyboard mapping for the remix deck work? or do I have to buy a f1?
    I have no idea on how trigger the loops from the list. Any help?

  • Anonymous

    More new bugs:
     * If a track is playing and I click on the “BPM x2” button, there’s a glitch in the sound
     * If you export a playlist as m3u without copying the tracks, it saves the file names as just the basename, without path, instead of as full path, as before.
     * After the dialog box pops up for the analyze options (see header “improvement: BPM and beatgrid detection” in the article), Traktor loses the focus

    I think I’ll go back to 2.1.3 for now.

  • guess I’m going to have to get to work on making a midi map of the F1 for Maschine…

  • ObviousAlias

    While a lot of mappings probably weren’t affected, the new update put a hurting on my Maschine mapping…  Oh well.  Guess I’ve got to get that back on track before next weekend!!!

  • Michael G

    does anyone know how to save remix sets? I have found plenty of information that this function exists but no information on how to do it…

    • A Mrak

      I have seen a function ” save set” in the mapping editor. But you can save sets right cliccing on the browsing tree. On the remix folder…

    • A Mrak

      Also if u connect to service center and download the new demosounds pack for the remix decks u will find a mini manual to use this feature properly

  • Grimshawga

    This version seems to have broken my VCI400-EGE…… be cautious when downloading it. It randomly stops working, freezes up when loading a track to another deck. does not recognize the jog wheel very well. As mentioned in earlier blogs, remix decks are not 100% compatible with much. The “classic” remix deck controls does not work well either. they seem to trigger multiple things. Gratify controls only work randomly, and cue points are not accurate when making new cue points. There are plenty more, I’m sure.

  • Jasonspain

    for those that have yet to do it yet, do what i did which was simply to set a manual restore point ‘traktor 2.5’ then upgrade and try for a few hours, having decided i wanted to roll back i simply ran recovery and restored the system and OS. easy as f***.

    • Freshfluke

       uhm… traktor installs side-by-side. you can always roll back with a single click.

  • FUFR

    bugs, hisses and drop outs… what else do we have to accept with this so called free update???


  • Jasonspain

    Hi folks! so here’s a question for folks in general. What are the chances that someone far cleverer than I will be able to adapt Flashflooder or Klaemo’s latest mappings (with the latest overlay) to Pro 2.5. I understand it would be an impossible task to get much of the signals in, but as the remix decks do still on a basic level function similar to the sample decks, how likely is it that the mapping could be mofified to at least retain the sample deck functionality (ie. load and trigger) within the remix decks. I ask this question as it would seem that 2.5 is an upgrade in many ways (better beat count/gridding engine, MUCH lower CPU usage, etc….. its almost as though the bigwigs at NI were following our loving petition for a new overlay and announced a new version of traktor only weeks later just to f*** with our heads!!!  of course thats ridiculous, but the timing was kind of ironic. Anyhow, if anyone has any ideas or opinions on this I would love to hear them. Thanks for reading! J

  • Greg Arroyo

    I read this post on Wednesday night and then updated to Traktor 2.5 on my macbook. I exported all of my settings first as mentioned in this article, installed the new version and then imported my settings. All of my playlists are now gone. I can not figure out how to get them back. Please help.
    I looked for a backup application but the last one I could find was Traktor 2.1.1 (R11533). This version did not have my latest playlists. I am pretty sure my last version was Traktor 2.1.2. I did find a Traktor 2.1.2 document folder but I was not able to find a Traktor 2.1.2 app to launch. In the Traktor 2.1.2 documents folder there are backups, but none of them bring me back to my last set of playlists. Not even the backup settings I saved right before the update. My favorite playlists show up, but they don’t point to anything since none of the playlist exist in the left nav.

    I have been struggling to figure this out for the last two days. I am really hoping someone can help me figure this out.

    • Alfredo

      In Documents there’s a folder called Native Instruments, inside, you must have a folder for Traktor 2.1.2 and another one for 2.5, just move ALL the folders from 2.1.2 to 2.5 and replace the ones there, that’s it… worked for me

  • I am the only one that have problem with cpu load with this update!?… with the last version before this 2.5 upgrade I have no problem, the cpu load meter was always in the first half party also using 4 decks with timecode vinyls in c & d and a & b internal playback with S4, full sync with also snap + quantize, keylock on, 96000 hz quality, all HiQ modes active, 4 fx group banks, and with an NI X1 and a Midifighter always connected.

    Now the setup wizard set me as default sample rate 44100 (….) and “low quality” scratch control and when I use all the 4 decks synced the CPU load meter goes often to 80/85 % … O_o

    Is not good…

    I have a Macbook pro 2010 2,4 Ghz Intel Core Duo with 8 GB of RAM.
    I use Traktor with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and obviously no other software running at the same time.

    Hope that this cpu load bug will be patched very soon, I can’t work well with this trouble O_o

    • Mine too. My CPU load is actually worse. I thought it was support to be better but it’s not. WTF ?

    • same here on all 3 computers. All high spec computers. (quad core min 6gb RAM). Selecting enable multicore processor in preferences, the meter peaks while loading tracks editing file names etc.. De-select enable multicore and it works fine. Is there any point in this “feature”?

  • Jasonspain

    hey guys…. basically not happy as feel like i’m losing integration with my vci running latest overlay. How do i do the famed ‘roll back’ to previous version. is there a simple command or is it a question of simply reinstalling v 2.2 or uninstalling and then reinstalling? any advice greatly appreciated!!

    • Jake

      If when you installed previous versions of traktor, you chose the “copy” option when asked about your new library, I think it creates an .exe file in your library for each version. I think you can just click that .exe file and it will run that version. Anyone, please correct me if i am wrong, but I know i’ve read that over and over in the NI forums.
      Otherwise, yes, i believe you just need to install & re-install the version you want (or maybe just install over the current version, not sure that an uninstall is needed). Might want to do a quick export of you settings elsewhere so you have a back-up, just incase…

      • Freshfluke

         yup, exactly. given, you’re using the defaults, you’ll find any legacy traktor.exe (or .app or whatever the mac equivalent is called) in a folder called “backup” in your program folder.
        also, every traktor version creates a user folder within your “my documents” folder (or user folder on mac). there you’ll find your collection & settings untouched.
        opening your old traktor.exe will point to the old user folder. so you can decide from minute to minute, which traktor version you want to use without data loss etc pp

  • Racingbirds

    I have only been using 2.5 for an hour to test it out at home with an s4 and it is spiking suddenly in the cpu load and distorts audio and chokes up.. dual core newer macbook.. it is smooth during 4 deck usage and then it choked on just one track.. I hope this doesnt continue. 

  • Matiasdlf_113

    i haven’t liked any of the updates. no sound is coming through my headphones, and when i went back to traktor 2.0 it was fine

  • Don_Cerati

    I don’t know if it’s me, but the TAP tempo is not as accurate as it used to be. Already tried it with 10 merengue tracks. Merengue doesn’t always have a constant tempo, but I made an 8-bar loop on all tracks and it’s not accurate. I had to use a bpm app on my phone to get it right.

  • Rasulick

    sorry guys i ant seem to find the 2.5 upgrade in service center. all i see is the 2.5 downloadable content. Can anyone tell me where exactly i should check to find the software upgrade?? THX!!

  • I analysed 60 new house tracks and 25 new hiphop tracks, i only had to set a beatmarker on ONE of the hiphop tracks, and all my house tracks were ON POINT. so was my hiphop tracks all on beat.THANKS NI, preppin has become ALOT easier now 🙂

    • Tragik11

       Yeah that is working like a charm so far.

  • Andrew

    Running fine on my new rack mount Ivy Bridge PC.

    Definitely buying 2 F1’s to use with the S4.

    For those that don’t have the program then get with it.

    No download problem from here in Australia.

    Content is Ok but can’t wait to use my own.

    Sorting out resize with HDMI cable tomorrow.

    This is a game changer. Thanks NI .


  • Joshrobbs

    Im on my S4 with the 2.5 update. Im trying to drop samples & loops into the remix deck & nothing will load into the slots? Anybody else have this issue?

  • muzikizum

    i cant figure out how to set a grid to a audio file in remix decks! can anybody please help? thanks

  • dex

    Turning back to 4-decks mixing
    This new remix feature is useless for s4

  • not too sure about this update… 2 crashes in one hour!!! both from loading samples into sample decks!

    the samples are wavs and play/ load perfectly on the previous version

    this was also operated on a MBP with 4 gigs ram, I7 processor and nothing else running

  • Jbumknight

    I use sample decks with all my gigs.
    I understand Sample Decks are now Remix Decks with the 2.5 upgrade but I’m still confused. I don’t plan on buying the F1 controller. Not yet anyway.If I upgrade to 2.5 will I still have Remix Deck (Sample Deck) functionality as I do now with my Traktor Pro 2.0 Kontrol S4 setup?

  • Dean

    MAJOR BUG !!!! go from fullscreen to non and the mouse stops working, can’t even close program without restarting my computer.

    • dex

      alt+f4? 😀

    • Tragik11

       Good thing I have it in my HP DV8 18″ and never have to go fullscreen XD

    • Asylum_21

      i found when you have your switch to full screen on start up function checked in your prefernces is when you will get that bug start traktor go to prference then global and uncheck that function then restart traktor and it will work fine but still a major bug that needs to be fixed

  • Asylum_21

    is anyone else having problems going from fullscreen to non fullscreen when u leave full screen mode you cant use your mouse or curser to do anything at all but its still running and all midi works and everything works fine in full screen

    • Davenayler

      Having the same problem. Only way to shut down is to force through on task manager which means u lose all your data?! Literally no point in this update with all the bugs.
      Would like some help on this issue though as am also stuck in full screen

    • yes, this a bug they say they are working on fixing in a future update.

  • I installed last night on my Alienware M11x core 2 duo. Seems to be the same as the previous version. I was hoping my cpu meter would drop when i read others posting that it had helped them. But, alas, VERY high CPU usage still, though my task manager does not reflect the same as traktor does.
    Side note, I installed the latest driver for my Audio 2 and afterwards, no matter which audio source i chose and what latency i set that source at, there was about a 3 seconds (or) more of latency. Needless to say I had to roll back to the previous driver.

    • Tragik11

       Hmmm same here on the CPU usage, as a matter of fact i though it was using a little bit more.  Maybe this improvement on performance only on MAC?

      •  Figures… =

  • Matiasdlf_113

    no sound is coming out of my headphones…. 

  • dundee

    Just updated and played for a couple of hours, feels fine so far. But did someone figured out the S4 enhancements for the Remix Decks? 
    I’m not able to jump to the next sample the way NI has promised in their forum and the Remix Decks related topic earlier this month! My S4 seems to offer me the same functionality as the old sample decks, no more! 

    • kramerbuccs24

      Disappointing. Hope someone figures this out so people who shelled out $1,000 for an S4 get to use these new features!

      • freebass

        it would have been nice if you invested some time along with all that money…that way you wouldn’t disappoint yourself so much…it took me less than 2 minutes to get the s4 working with the remix decks

    • freebass

      first go to the preferences, select the control s4 tab  & make sure hot cue buttons are set to “remix mode” & not legacy mode

      now it will work the way you remember reading…

  • Wasted Youth

    Went back to the previous version,
    this is just a way to get us buying the F1, don’t like that strategy.

    • Blake Brooks

      Forgive me for my naive question – but how do you revert. What is the easiest path to doing it I guess?

  • Isobar

    “State of browser tree is recalled from previous session when starting TRAKTOR”
    WOOT! Man do I hate have having to click to sort by BPM every. time. I start traktor.

    • 320i24vv

       Sort by BPM once and then click CONSOLIDATE on the playlist name. It will stay like this. When you will load new tracks in the playlist you will have to hit BPM again to sort them by BPM and then CONSOLIDATE.

  •  in regards to beatgrid/beatmarker bug

  •  Keir from NI Forums posted this not to long ago. “We’re aiming to address this in the next service update. I’ll let you know more soon.”

  • Whats up with this bug where 2.5 only recognizes the 1st beatmarker of a track and disregards a 2nd or 3rd if added later in the track to line things back up. Is NI aware of this?

  • Djkyle2012

    personally I like the upgrade a lot! of course i don’t think that remix decks should be limited to the F1 but from the small amount of control i have over these new decks i’ve been able to explore entirely new ideas. plus Traktor as a whole seems alot more stable now, and sure there are things i would like added or changed to the program but for now I am happy with NI’s latest update.

  • This has got to be a way easier update than previous versions.

  • Ive got some big gigs this weekend, I was weary about updating right before due to any bugs or issues I might have with the new layout, however, this is making it seem that everything should be fine. 

    Would you take the risk and update now? Or wait til after the weekend?

    • Ty J Brown

      You should absolutely wait! Unless you really need the new 2.5 features, I’d hold off until after your gigs. There’s nothing worse than hoping and praying that your new version doesn’t crash mid-set. 

    • Quine

      Do not update. The grid marker bug alone is enough to mess up a set.

  • From the UK. Doesnt have any updates for me on the service centre or on the web page :/ sucks man i wanted to button bash!!! Come on NI we pay huge amounts of money for your software

    • Mrrawuk

      It does work in the UK, I am downloading it.

  • Ow man, that sucks. Just like when they forgot about OSC implementation.

  • Willinfluence

    No osx 10.5 supported!!

    • Zac Kyoti

       Seriously? No 2.5 for me, I guess…

  • I just don’t care. The Remix Decks are on lock down and I am not going to buy their new toy. So why would I upgrade?

    • Another thing that pisses me off about the F1 is that you have to buy two to use two remix decks. So fucking dumb. God. I think I’ll just start Warezing Traktor now.

      • Rotebass

        I think I hear the Waaaaaaahmbulance

      • Wasted Youth

        My god you serious?

        So there isn’t a “switch to remix deck D button?”
        Bloody hell.

      • So you’re going to torrent any future, free updates?

        • You think Traktor 3 will be free? It doesn’t make sense to Torrent Traktor if all updates are free. I just don’t see the company who wants you to purchase an F1 for every deck being a company that offers major releases of their software for free. 2.5 I am certain I will update to eventually but I wont be giving them any more money for software if their model continues down this road.

  • anyone having crashing issues on their mac make sure you install the latest combo update for your OS. 10.5.x 10.6.x and 10.7.x all have combo update packs that should be installed for proper hardware integration. I was having this issue with 2.0 and I had to apply a combo update to 10.6.8 for traktor to stop crashing.


  • Pete Simpson

    I’ll save my judgement until I get it installed later, but I see nothing I. That list relating to the very poor gain controls. I dislike having to use the poor vu meter implementation which has the channel slider covering the critical area, or letting the auto gain take its own poor guess at gain. I’d rather hoped they would add the ability for the user to set a default gain level in each track.

    • NReek

      word, man. most basic stuff being forgotten.

    • I myself could add a few (simple) things that they overlooked. But seems like they advanced to working on improvements/fixes instead of making more so it is still an improvement I guess.

  • A small but annoying issue that is still not resolved is that none of the EQ types for internal mixing allow for Full Kill either with the knobs all the way to the left or with the kill buttons….some of the frequencies still get through.

    • Walter Riedel89

      Try changing the mixer type in the preferences window (dont remember exactly where, but its there). I think the “xone” mixer manages to kill all the frequencies, and also has an extra knob for the mids. 

      • Dansilva1976

        The problem with the Xone mixer is that none of the controllers out there have one available for it.

  • Mark Brown

    2.5 is also available now if you buy a new digital copy of traktor online through NI’s website.  iInstead of downloading the older version, you get 2.5.

  • Djsabs

    they have given you remix function for s4 but you cannot change the colour which means you can trigger or loop punch i dont know why they even let this onto the s4 if its not really controllable 

  • Grantgoudge

    gave me some issues loading into the first remix slot with the VCI 400 Ean Golden edition so switched back to 2.3.

  • Djsabs

    and resets your settings everytime.

  • Djsabs


  • Blair Seymour

    another way to download it

    login to ni, go to support then to updates. then click show all updates for either mac or pc

  • Djsabs

    cant seem to get track waveform display working wtf thats like the bible its crashed quite a few times trying to use multi processor enable, and trying to import old collections it dont like come on native update already ffs its the launch it should be tried and tested.

  • dex

    please djtt let us know how this new remix decks should works on s4, really have no idea with it

  • Info

    LOVING the early update – especially as i have a major gig this weekend and the new sample decks will come in very handy. Loving how in decks C and D now there’s the option of not just micro and small, but now all the other size decks (great for my imac and now got all mine on full advance size).

    Cheers so much to NI and to DJTT for putting this all up so quick and can’t wait to see what’s in there. 

    PS – just one thing, has anyone found how to save sample remix sets ?

    • Anonymous

       As far as I can see, the “remix set” automatically appears in your collection.

  • Anno2012

    Why did they not include a way to stream live with ShoutCast server?

    • 1000 Cutts

      that is an excellent point – I use Nicecast with Mac which is great by why do I need another app running, plus the TwitterDJ – my poor old mac is taking the strain  everytime I do my radio shows…

  • Redrolla

    Will the djtt midi fighter / instant gratification mapping still run with the 2.5 upgrade?

    • Quine

      It’s working fine for me

    • Andrekullberg

      i had some problem with my mf with 2.5. The lights does not continue to glow when i press it. Like eco freeze.. 

  • edeoldi

    For those, who cannot find the Traktor 2.5 option in their “Products & Serials” page:
    Apparently they haven’t updated the NI page. I chose Traktor Duo II and the download for Traktor 2.5 started. Just chose any option, which is available to download!!

  • Djsabs

    sorry its just arrived its santa doing the rounds lol 

  • Djsabs

    dan there is no update i have checked it must be certain ppl because were not good enough ni you suck.

  • Maximal

    Baaargh.. Failed on me (on a mac!) after update. Unstable! Sort it out NI.

  • qNrr

    I was excited to hear about the mapping updates but you still can’t resize the window… Is it that hard to do NI?

    • Freshfluke

      it actually is.

      when traktor (and the other older NI products, btw) was invented there was no thing like vector graphics. it’s due to the old architecture, that a “simple” thing as resizing a window is indeed a hard task that touches highly sensible parts of traktor (and a lot of other NI products as well, since especially the graphics stuff is in company wide libraries). and before you ask: yes, there are ppl at NI doing nothing but bringing ancient libraries to a contemporary state.

  • Guest

    When I login, I see a ‘download’ next to my ‘traktor 2’
    When I download it, and install, I can choose to install s4 goodness. I did. 
    Not tested it really but I hope this helps to some here.

  • yippeh ayeah it destroyed the main idea of my mapping.
    i’ve been building up a monome style sample deck with a launchpad. the key mapping command for this was the “seek position” on sample decks. it worked for both cueing and led-feedback. now that command is gone…so, bye bye 2.5 and back to 2.1…i think we need a new chistmas list for 2012 😉

  • TB

    I may be stupid but I think I found a bug. Some of my tracks have a 2nd beatmarker (not cue point) after a breakdown where it loses tempo then comes back on a downbeat. My problem is after my 2nd beatmarker, Traktor will still sync to the first beatmarker making the sync feature useless. In previous versions it would sync to the last beatmarker but in 2.5 it’s as if that was a cue point not a beatmarker.

    • Chris

       Same shit here! It’s very serious bug, NI make all of us beta testers again…

      • TB

        So glad it’s not just me!

    • Quine

      I just checked, it’s definitely a bug and a big one at that. It ignores all beatmarkers after the first. We need to get this post liked and spam them with complaints so they fix it FAST.

    • Mmullen68

      This needs to be fixed ASAP. how could they miss this in testing? Or do they just release and let paying customers be guinea pigs? I love the improved algorithms and what not but no reason any of us should deal with a bug like this.

    • Anonymous

       You’re right. Even while the beatgrid looks OK, the metronome ticks you hear are still synced to the first beatmarker.

      And that while I was silently hoping for an advancement, namely that we would be able to adjust the tempo (BPM value) per beatmarker, this is definitely a move in the other direction…

    • trollface

      or you could just beatmatch by ear…..wait, what?

      • TB

        You’re absolutely right, I could. But I shouldn’t have to.

      • Anyone who uses a turntable with a variable pitch is… wait for it… CHEATING! Real DJs don’t beatmatch, they BUY TRACKS THAT ARE ALL THE SAME EXACT TEMPO! LOSER!

        • REAL DJs?? If you were one, you’d use your ears more.. you guys make me laugh. ANYONE can become a dj if they buy music with same beat.

    • hmmmm i hear and read about multiple beatgrid issues. on v2.5. I’m scared off from upgrading, anyway i will come to own a f1 just yet, I’m staying on v 2.1.2

  • sabs

    just been on spoof there is no uk update yet wtf

  • Krishoffman0

    Export maps to a workable spreadsheet! Or at LEAST be able to resize the damn window!

  • Dan Akrigg

    SOOO im in australia and i dont have an update in my NI account online or through my service centre any body having the smae problem?

    • guest

      In france and same issue…

    • edeoldi

      Yes, having the same problem in the Netherlands here.”My Products & Serials” only gives me the following options:
      * Traktor Duo II
      * Traktor LE 2 Traktor Audio 2

    • DjFlog

      Same Problem in Germany… Service Center showes Traktor 2.1.3 and “My Products & Serials” only gives me: Traktor Pro 2 S4 …

      • just download this one!
        i’m also form germany and here it worked.
        i think that it works worldwide the same way 😉

    • Jareth

      I’m in Australia as well and I’m having this issue too…. suspect!!

      • Dan Akrigg

        i now have it in my service centre under upgrades..downloading now

      • Mr Rjohn Ca

        Support>Updates>then dont show updates u downloaded already>enjoy 🙂

    • Djdeeka

      same issue in NZ, no trace of TP2.5

    • Fraser

       Based in Hong Kong – just logged in now and 2.5 is there and downloading

    • Same here in AU.

    • BaseRunner

      I don’t think it’s country specific I’m in the US and having the same issue.

    • Klinton

      same here. South africa. 

  • DJ Eric M

    i have the s4! how will this integrate with my s4? i also have a show in 2 weeks so if i upgrade than will i be able to do my set with ease or will the controller remap to the new version?

    • IT person

      never touch a running system

  • Dannybyrne29

    someones been up all night… this update only dropped about 9pm UK time… good job on the run thru…!!

  • Traktor Bible has prepared an overview of the changes made to the mapping comands in Traktor 2.5. Check it here:

  • Michael K

    just curious if its normal for S4 Users not being able to control the sample slot volume/filter Encoders below the Jog wheel ?

    • Michael K

      or wait u can do it with the gain Knob and filter knob lol on decks C and D 😛

  • Stephen Webster

    Anyone got any stability comments? I’m really tempted to install this update but dont want it to crash on me during one of my gigs this weekend…

    • Micha

      I wouldn’t update if you’re unsure about stability.
      You can do stability testing after your gigs not?

    • Tragik11

       I totally agree … I say DO NOT .. I say DO NOT test this on a live GIG, hold your horses and test some other time

  • GM

    Looks awesome!

  • Not HID integration with CDJ 350’s or CDJ’s 850’s.

    I’d like a VDJ integration 😛 

    • Guest

      you mean ‘Advanced HID’, and for 900 it has? they only wrote improved (‘standard’?)

      Has anyone tested it with 850? is there display and led feedback on deck and how does it feel?

      • The last update had it for the 850.

      • Tested last night at work. No led or display feedback. Also a bug. When you spin the jog wheel to find the a part of a tune the other deck stops! Hit play and it starts, but a bit embarrassing. Finding cue points with the mouse in the future.

  • Anonymous

    has anyone tested compatibility with the VCI-100 SE mapping?

  • can we map any midi control to function for the remix decks?

  • Nnsjoberg

    Still would like to see the option of being able to choose between multiple GUI’s a la Serato. Really wish I could have the option of stackable waveforms as I do lots of bootlegs and mashups live on the fly. 

    •  IMO, side by side waveforms are pointless.. use your ears 😉

      • old joke is old, and not funny anymore.. (never was)

    • You’re gonna get attacked for wanting stacked waveforms because real DJs “use their ears” but those people can suck it. It’s a totally legitimate gripe with Traktor and should have been addressed rather than these dumb ass Remix Decks.

      • Tragik11

        stacked waveforms .. vs “dumb ass” remix decks.  hmm yeah right … get VDJ instead buddy.

        • I don’t get why so many people are so adamantly against the idea of having an additional layout for stacked waveforms. It’s one of the things I really like about Serato. It’s not really even that functional but just looks better and makes more sense. Any reason in particular you are SO against it?


          i have both and both work fine. traktor is better in some areas, vdj is better in others. dj software is a tool, not a religion.

  • first? 

    • Anonymous

      Man, don’t you get it…