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The Crystal Method: DJ TechTools Artist Interview

A few weeks ago, Ean and the DJTT crew were lucky enough to get to meet one of the DJ and producer duos that’s shaped the dance music landscape since the early nineties, Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland from The Crystal Method. We couldn’t resist the chance to ask them a few questions about their careers and one of their crazy pieces of DJ equipment, the CDJ/double bass guitar/keyboard, before they went on to play their big show – and our cameras were rolling!

To learn more about The Crystal Method and see when they might be playing near you, visit their official website.

Major thanks to the I Love This City festival for all of their help in coordinating these interviews and allowing us to shoot on site! 

  • curious

    legendary guys, but i always wondered if they were ever crystal meth users or just a tongue in cheek name? anyway cool video!

  • Aszlamas

    These guy’s brains are fried! Honestly what are they even doing?

  • Needs to spice it up a bit!

  • The CrowdBoy

    for those who have read some of my coments! I’ve always said that wirles controllers should be the future and they should be played like guitars!! Shit is starting to get real!!!

  • Thanks DJ Tech Tools for this interview!  Their bass/CDJ creation is one of the most unique instruments I’ve ever seen.  I do wish they explained more about how their iPhone works with this cool invention.

  • Rasmus Källqvist

    I uh, well, its, I’ve got stuff like.. I, y’know.. well its gonnna be.. should stick a midifighter in there. 

    • Bhajan Raum

      LMAO! totally…

  • Bikini Blitz

    …Quoting Martin Hannett on 24 hr Party People…

    “You wear it very well. Now, play like a f***ing musician. ”

  • Hans D.

    You Know..

  • Can I get a video word count on the phrase “you know”? 😉

  • DJ Ango

    maybe pioneer can make a custom CDJ 2000 firmware for them

  • their remix of The Grid is awesome! so is their first album

  • guest

    artist economy…..this mutant, doesnt do nothing else to reduce the number of artist on stage.It doesn’t work like one unit, it’s a case with four instruments and one artist……..

  • Nick

    What was the name of the song right at the end? It sounded like a mash up of Daft Punk – Overture and something else?

  • is this really DJing they are more like producers to me here’s a nice article from John “00” flemming abouthow the scene has changed and real DJ’s are a dying breed which I have to agree with… 

    • Haha well it’s not really “DJing”, no- But with more and more ways to actually perform electronic music, those who grasp desperately to the traditional sense of a DJ just mixing tracks are struggling to stay relevant.

  • santielenaiscool

    lucky you cybertrash

  • Amazing bass/cdj … thing! Did DJTT get any more information about their setup and gear that you can share with us? It would be cool to know more about the signal flow of that instrument, how it all hooks up etc.

  • Guest

    the CDJ/double bass guitar/keyboard… Seriously ?!?!!

  • Crystal_Meth

    Just go and forget the work and shitty parents 🙂

  • Cybertrash

     Vid is not working for me, gets stuck @ 00:20

    • Spacecamp

      Strange, not sure what would cause that – looks fine over here on multiple browsers! Try watching directly on YouTube – click the title that appears in the top corner of the video.