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    So how far away are we from getting this sort of capability with the iPad itself? Rheyne’s video is excellent but it seems that he only needs one piece of kit and if the iPad had the same 3D motion sensing capability that the (awesome) MF3D does, I know which one I would rather have. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love a MF3D, and might actually get one after watching the demo’s, but having just shelled out on a brand new iPad, I’m wondering why I even bothered!

  • ToastySD

    Any Serato mappings for the 3D?

  • RunBantayRun

    Another great video for MF3D and Reason 6.5 from Mattias the propellerhead guy.

  • RockingClub

    Rheyne Music’s stuff is purely awesome!

  • RunBantayRun

    The 3D kicking ass and taking names on Reason! Maybe we’ll get to see a Kong based combinator sound pack soon too ey Mad Zach please? This is definitely making me want one.

    • moonunit

      That would be awesome… unfortunately I don’t think M.Z. uses Reason at all really.

      I currently have a midi-fighter pro and have utilized mine for kong mappings, but the faders and filter knob annoy me to no end as they act as ‘notes.’ 

      • Moonunit, if you put your Midi Fighter Pro into “Ableton Mode” using the utility it will disable the end notes.

        • RunBantayRun

          hey guys! i just saw this from that propellerhead guy’s youtube using MF3D for buffre and slicer. maybe you’ll get some ideas here too.

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    How to get one for free? Any tutorials ya, ya…

  • CJM19

    Sooo want a midi fighter 3D!!

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       but your comment is the last one we read, thus proving your statement invalid 😀

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        not if your setting are “oldest first” making your statement invalid.

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