• Yardbird

    Any possibilities of getting that s4 mapping of jimmy’s ?

  • Leslie Jones

    So cool, they used the BCR/BCF question. 🙂

  • calkutta

    great interview….i cant believe some of the comments below…seriously?…i mean really?,this is an awesome collective with some of the top-kats in the turntable-controller-vj-etc-movement…where is your Band?…if youre gonna diss’,find a real angle…jeez.anyway,thanks Ean and gang,notice the haters still stop here,lol…so how they gonna argue that..?….lol…again,mad props fella’s…as always DJTT top shelf info for those that WANNA TRULY KNOW WHATS UP….thank you gentlemen.

  • kups

    the turntable scratching most of the time slips or got out of sync even you are pro- I suggest take scrachting out of the equation.

  • You forgot my question with 9 likes! People seem to be really interessed in that.

  • DJ Tr1z

    I agree with shiftee about the jog wheels. I have been using a the vestax typhoon jog wheels for about a year and a half…and there is not a whole lot more i can do on them. My dream is to become a master controllerist/turtabilist combo threat. So i HAVE to move on to so real Turntables. If you like midi controller jog wheels, do your thing, but for me? NEVER AGAIN. lol

  • moneypizzle

    spinning platters +1

  • TeeOh

    Shiftee is a f*uckin spaz. That guy who tries to be funny, but is just annoying.

    • gfsjames120

      I found all of his comments here really informative, funny and amusing and was wondering how he comes up with so many jokes all the time while at the same time melting faces all over the world, teaching, and inspiring tons of people. That’s just me though.

  • J5k

    “CODEC & TOBY: Since we play with DJs we were always curious about a turntable player with midi out to sync scratches with animations. With DJ Shiftee on board, we were desperate to find a solution for this. After a short meeting with Jim from NI they just integrated a scratch output into Traktor.
    That’s a really fun feature.”

    Does anyone know what this output is called in the midi mapping (which finally is resizable in 2.5.1! Thanks NI!), and if it’s available in Traktor 2.5.1, or only in Shiftee’s copy?

  • Bram

    what animation software is he using

    • Kizouk Afrobadiu

      I think MODUL8

  • Anonymous

    Nice read. Thanks DJTT and the guys from Mostly Robot!


  • DJ AJ

    hmmmm S4 and S2 with with a spinning platter ? not a bad idea at all… and S6 lol

  • Nick C

    many thanks for answering my question. very much appreciated,

  • AndyBundy

    This interview is really good. It would be nice of DJTT to have some more of these crowdsourced interview question events, because you’ll publish interviews with information your readers care about. It would be a smart move.

    I had a lot of questions and some of ’em made it to the final interview. Phew… so not all of’em were trash. Hey could I start writing interview questions for DJTT, Ean? Let’s say 250 HQ questions for a MF3D ;-)… just got brain but no money.

  • Lauti

    I’ve never won djtt contest BUT THEY CHOSE MY QUESTION AWWYEAH

  • Understanding all the separate elements and how good they are individually then to see them form like voltron is very inspiring for tech musicians everywhere.

  • Awesome everything except the terrible name! Robots are so 2002.

  • RockingClub

    Mostly robot. Simply inspiring.