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New Gear: Pioneer DDJ-ERGO-K – Designed For Traktor

After almost a year since the original announcement of the Serato Intro-branded Pioneer DDJ-Ergo-V, the high-end DJ hardware giant is releasing a new limited edition of that same unit, with a redesigned control scheme aimed to match the workflow of Traktor Pro. The DDJ-Ergo K will come bundled with TraktorLE (LE is short for Lame, er, Limited Edition – no cue points), and is set to launch within the month of August of this year! It also boasts a less toy-like black control scheme, rubber EQ knobs, and similar lighting effects as to those featured on the original Ergo unit, including white LEDs, playback rotation, FX pulse, and track load pulse.

There’s no official word on the price of the unit yet, but we are seeing it show up in one online European retailer at 499 euro. We’ll wait for the official press release from Pioneer for the final word! In the mean time, have a peek at the unit in the official launch video below.

UPDATE: The DDJ-ERGO-K (official name!) will be available starting in late August – with a MSRP of £429 / €499. 

(Editor’s Note: seems like there’s a bit of a naming confusion here – even within Pioneer’s own site, we’ve found the unit referred to as both the “Pioneer-DDJ-ERGO-K” and the “DDJ-ERGOLimited”)

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  • eck

    Is this one more professional than ergo-V?

  • biswajit

    are u all gone mad……….what an excellent desgine friend…….u all are a big shit

  • What they don’t understand is that any LED effects are just something on top, something cool, not a main feature unless they help you DJ.

  • Makes me wonder if they’ll design one specifically for Ableton. I imagine it being black like this, or really dark grey, but with lime green lighting. That would be awesome, visual wise.

  • Jordan Reifkind

    how does this compare to the s2?

  • i would just stick to a s4 or s2

  • Look at that, Pioneer made a joke of a controller. Bet they’ll sell it for $1,000
    It’s really difficult to advertise toys as professional pieces of equipment. “White LEDs.” Because that’s what we care about.

    • it would be pretty surprising if it sold for $1000 since that’s more than the DDJ-T1

  • s4 still the best imo

  • Michele Maffei

    I hope the rubber knobs will be sold as replacement part as well, so i can finally change the ones on my t1 (because you at DJTT don’t make chroma caps for it, shame on you! 🙂 )

  • Timmy Pell

    Shame its only got 2 deck control. That’s all well and good for Traktor LE. But Controllers at this price point are aimed at DJ’s running Traktor Pro. and that begs another question… LE doesn’t have cue points. So what are they gonna use the buttons on the hardware for???

    • dshzn

      it has 4 deck control! you can switch a/c b/d on 2 lines 😉

  • Harry Rait

    Any word on when it’s going to be available????

  • Nordine

    I wonder how the scratch performance will be with Traktor? Also, 2 channels != enough.

  • Stereo Surgeon

    Still looks like a toy

    • Technokrat

      Di you ever play on a DDj Ergo? I’m DJing now for almost 2 years.. and got a lot of friends how dj for themselves. Therefore I had the possebility to play on diffrent controllers. i own a VCI 100 + Nanopad+ Akai lpd 8 – and i’m happy with that – but i practised for 2 or 3 weeks with the Ergo-V of my friend and i can only say that this controller is very serious. The pitch-faders are awsome – compared with the faders of the vci or the S2. The feel of the cue and pause/play buttons is great and I never saw nicer jog wheels!! The “look” of this controller is also really nice: If you disable the pulse mode it looks very proffessional and decent. Not to mention that the soundcard of the ergo is much better than the s2. So please, don’t tell shit about this controller

      • Anonymous

        Pioneer’s business schedule and products are outdated, and I don’t mean technologically wise, it’s like buying a blackberry nowadays. What is this? It’s like buying a Wii for ‘proper’ gaming.