• james lapert

    and by correctly I mean NO ONE ANSWERED THE DAMN questions on the video lol

  • james lapert

  • james lapert

    still open? No one submitted correctly

  • tim williams

    so when did the contest end? I was going to submit, and then I noticed you were picking a winner on 9/7. I was most interested in speaking w/ a few artists about their live stage set up, and their thoughts on the rise of edm in the us. And, where they expect themselves and the scene to be in five years. And, I would be interested in speaking with ean about some technical stuff too, Cheers.

    • Spacecamp

      Tim! Go ahead and submit, we’re reviewing the entries on Monday 😀

  • I am competing to perform at Counterpoint Festival, trying to bring some House in that mug so listen to my mix and vote for me if you like it and share thanks!

  • Look out, ya boi Trevor D from UNC is about to do a bangin entry!

  • Guest

    Look out, your boi Trevor D from UNC is about to make a bangin’ entry 😀

  • I may be DJing this, I’m open for interviews 😉

  • tman

    come to south africa preferably Cape Town

  • Daniel

    when you say ‘two guest passes’ does that mean 2 backstage passes and 2 camping passes or one of each?

  • “Gain support for your entry on social media – get your friends to share your video and use”
    Huge fucking anti-kudos on that. What the fuck happened to the best entry wins? Anybody with 250 dollars can hire a fucking botnet to vote for them.
    You just lost a lot of respect in my eyes, and I hope more people feel the same way.
    In conclusion; Fuck you DJ Tech Tools.

    • Spacecamp

      Social media and likes will NOT determine the winner, but for obvious reasons we want to encourage that people use their promotion skills to make sure people see their video – we want tons of people making entries and auditioning to come with us! There’s no “voting” in this contest, Ean and myself and the DJTT team will be choosing and watching.

      • Promotion skills? You mean bothering people? How annoying do find the DJ MAG spam that comes each year? Or people begging for votes in remix compos? This is 90% the same thing. Except people have no incentive to go check out a ‘mock interview’. Big friendlist does not = talented. It only means you have no real life. And I can say that, because I have no real life. Hah.

        It’s very clear that you want to use this as a way to promote DJTT, but I’m telling you right now, “social medias” (and esp facebook+twitter) are fucking passé. There are other ways to promote a website, that are far more lucrative when it comes to visitor numbers, that won’t make you look like fucking sheep. This contest is more likely to hurt the image of DJTT, in the eyes of existing users, than bring in new visitors. If you want some pointers as to how to attract new users in innovative ways, give me a call, if not, keep doing what you’re doing while you watch the visitor numbers keep going down.

  • DJ.Lovemannick

    Love to See DJTT in Toronto we have a bunch of different genres here you will be pleased Soca & Zouk etc.

  • skerrplunk

    I will definitely be there with a bunch of friends. Helps that I live in Atlanta. I’m really excited to hear that DJTT will be there. You guys definitely need to have a meet up!

  • Mysteryland 2012 is tomorrow, the mother of all party’s!

    • b

      And i am gonna be there..edlx!

      • See you there 😉 (and the 59.999 other people too 😛

        • They use the metric system there… that’s 59 thousand nine hundred and ninety nine, not 59 point 999 people… BIG difference.

  • I live in Atlanta and I am not too stocked about his festival. Looking at the line up, its not as diverse as I think it could be. No techno, house type music,no trance, just a bunch of bass oriented music and then the like famous guys; avicii, skrillex, steve angello etc.

    • no techno no trance…..sounds like an awesome party.

      • tr4gik

        lololool …

  • ticktack

    Yeah you should definitely check out the FUSION FESTIVAL in GERMANY. Best There is!

  • Telequanta

    Cool idea. I’ll be filming my submission this weekend.

  • Captcha

    Come over to the UK. Preferably down south!

  • The next big European music expo would be BPM in October so it would be great to see DJTT there.

  • London baby! Get your asses across here!

  • I’d interview this guy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=_ZrEWwbjMK4 I think we could all learn a thing or two from him!

  • come to Canada !

  • jorge muniz

    Treasure Fingers would be my pick 😀