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Denon Announces MC-2000 Controller

Denon today announced the launch of their MC-2000 unit, a new budget controller targeted squarely at the young beginner DJ. Designed to work Serato DJ Intro, the unit isn’t anything revolutionary or groundbreaking – but instead seems to be focused on taking both the physical size and  the price point down on this introductory class of controller to a very reasonable level – expected to be around £269 /€325/$299.

The unit sends full MIDI, so it is mappable in other DJ softwares. Additionally, it sports some fancy backlighting, as well as a sufficient soundcard featuring RCA master out, a RCA aux in channel, and a 1/4″ mic input. Also is that Denon has a pretty realistic ad campaign going on in their video – sure, it’s classic “you’ll rock the party/get the girl/be popular” salesmanship, but the routine isn’t some unrealistic, error-free routine that a beginner would never hope to achieve with some practice. That being said, we’re not sure that beginners should be encouraged to use every. single. effect. in a row in a mix – but again, perhaps it’s just a reflection of what new digital DJs actually do (Author’s note: I’m guilty as charged here. When I started DJing, I could not stop playing with the effects). 

Have a look at the unit for yourself in the video below:

  • ZJ

    Im 17 and Im an aspiring DJ with no controller/experience , is this a good controller to get started on? It seems simple enough and not as pricey as other conrols like the Traktor S2/S4

  • Lame

    The best quality you can get for 299$!!! Nice controller, lame commercial … Hhah pay attention at which channel the tune is played

  • so when i watch this ad, the messaging i read is “you’ll be that d-bag DJ who can’t just let a song play, who has almost no timing, abuses the effects, and scratches despite not being able to very well.”

    also, seriously? they totally just stole the whole NI aesthetic for the floating display. laaaaaaame advertising, not sure who they’re trying to appeal to.

    without the ad i would have thought ‘pedestrian budget controller,’ but now I resent it and will hold it personally responsible for all opening DJs that play like that ^

  • Guest

    Unfortunately, this UMG-music-content is not available in
    Germany because GEMA has not granted the respective music publishing

    • bling

      Download ProxMate from The Firefox/ Chromium AddOn-Page and you are good to go! Just got to “Watch on YouTube” thou (link in the lower right corner)

    • I was thinking of posting this too. Surely Stanton has paid for usage of the audio content??? but GEMA want payment for VOD broadcasting rights in Germany.

  • how much for this one???