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Pioneer Releases White Editions of DJM-850 and CDJ-850

Pioneer has been on a product releasing rampage over the last two weeks – with one more new announcement today of “pearl-white” models of the multi-player CDJ-850 and mixer DJM-850. While the 850-models have been around since February and we’ve already seen white editions of the DJM-900Nexus and CDJ-2000 at NAMM, this is the first time the two shall meet.

While from a technical standpoint, there’s absolutely zero difference between the white editions and the regular grey or black versions, we’ve never been ones to look down on additional colors and customizability for DJ gear! The new white models will be out later this month and have a suggested retail price of $999/€930 for the CDJs and $1999/€1,499 for the DJM mixer.

If you’re into drool-worthy shots of DJ gear, Pioneer has put together a launch video here:

More Info:

  • SVED

    I would honestly consider these but with the 850’s EVER have TRUE HID?

    • SVED

      ***Sorry meant to say WILL the 850’s ever have true HID support? Thanks

  • Mitch

    Lol too bad I just bought my 850’s a few weeks ago.

  • Anonymous

    Comparing the amounts of the price in dollars and in Euros, that mixer looks very expensive in the USA: $1999 vs €1499, which is a lot more steep than $999 vs €930 for the CDJ.

  • OMG, OMG, OMG…!!! they’re white, Please someone calm me down before i pee myself with excitement….

  • Mr. McGoo

    this could be a dumb question, but what the heck is that giant screwdriver looking thing sticking out of the CDJ in the top pic? its not shown in the video at all.

    • Its a thumb drive.

      • fubu

        mass storage device


      A USB drive.

    • usb stick 🙂

    • That is a thumb drive.

    • Mr. McGoo

      haha, well it looks just like my set of craftsman screwdrivers…. interesting.

  • these are gonna get dirty as hell