• NY HEADQUARTERS NOW PLEASE! shiiiee Ill run it! lol

  • If only you guys werent soooo far away.

  • OMG it’s the original bird scratch pick that was repainted on the Drum & Bass Arena at Ultra 2007 http://dvsdjtv.com/stuff/birdscratch.jpg Great find DJ TechTools!!!

  • Tompi79

    Why dont you start a eropean home base like in Belgium the center of Europa 😉 Just kidding love your products hope you Will expand worldwide

  • Destiny

    Out of interest, any internships on the IT/software side (programming & such)? And would their be some sort of support for international students?

    • mr stifffy

      Djtt is a dj site I’m pretty sure if you want a programming internship you should go to a local college and learn a language and take it from there.

      • Destiny

        True, but I’m just curious about the possibilities for an IT-internship in any ‘major’ music production / dj / … company.

  • beck

    why do i have to be 14

  • would be interesting to have a store in austin or houston texas

  • Ralph Verkuijlen

    sales/marketing how do i get there

  • Brad Dougherty

    Steve: Anne Marie, do the interns get Glocks?
    AM: No! We all have to share one.

  • Only one logical course of action now…
    Sell everything i own and hitch hike from ATL to San Fran. DJTT internship, here i come!

    Just kidding,

    But seriously…

  • Stewe

    Nice to see DJTT is growing again! If you will ever look for new mapper in your team consider to let me know.


  • Why does that bird on the article photo has a tag on its leg? :O

  • Mitch

    Wish I wasn’t 16!

  • Ryan Supak

    Does the music come out of the bird’s tail?

    • no, it just goes into his brain. it’s like an iPod for him, i reckon

      • d000000000000d

        truth be told it would come out of his beak if he really did this.

  • Argh. The other side of the world…

  • the juxtaposition of the job postings and the movie photos is hilarious.