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DJ TechTools Needs Your Talents: Fresh Work Openings

We’re growing – again! As we approach our five year anniversary next Thursday, I am excited to share a few new job openings at DJ TechTools, as well as the official launch of the DJ TechTools Internship Program for students and recent grads. If you’re highly qualified (read the descriptions carefully!) and want to help DJ TechTools have five more years of resounding success, we want to hear from you. Read on for all the details!


Location: San Francisco (DJTT HQ)

Job Description: We need a confident and dynamic person to help make the DJTT HQ run like a charm. If you love working with other people and keeping the office running through great organization this may be a good position for you. Keep the books and office in order so we can keep building an amazing DJ community. Learn more about the position by clicking on the tabs below:

What You'll Need To Have
  • incredible organizational skills and innate desire to be supportive
  • experience with office management and/or executive assistance
  • experience working in a fast-paced startup environment
  • a passion for assisting creative teams
  • a positive + infectious energy towards building strong and healthy company culture
Weekly Missions
  • purchasing and predicting: skillful anticipation of the needs of the collaborative team within DJTT HQ
  • caring for office space: ensuring a clean, attractive, and productive environment
  • coordination: of meetings, office scheduling, events, and special guests
  • bookkeeping: tracking and coding expenses to maintain basic financial books of the company
Double Bonus Points For
  • reliable transportation for local errands
  • knowledgable about DJ technology, digital music world, and music tech
  • experience in basic HR administration (benefits, intern coordination, etc)
  • knowing San Francisco like the back of your hand
How To Apply
  • Send an email to with:
  • Resumé with complete work and salary history
  • Short cover letter (in the email is fine!) – include your ideal start date, expected salary, and a story about your powers of organization.


Location: San Francisco (DJTT HQ) or potentially remote!

Job Description: The editorial staff is overflowing with great ideas and awesome new projects – you’ll be a part of the day-to-day operations of the DJTT blog, from research projects to brainstorm sessions to writing hilarious YouTube annotations. The editorial assistant will also help make the content on the site dynamic and visually engaging, find great DJTT contributors, reviewing user feedback, and building out systems that allow for an exceptionally efficient publishing team.

What You'll Need To Have
  • experience using WordPress
  • crisp graphic design skills, Photoshop-fu
  • intense knowledge of the DJ and digital music production worlds
  • a passion and skill for writing and basic copy editing
Weekly Missions
  • Reviewing and collecting content ideas
  • Seeking out great content creators in the DJ sphere
  • Crafting incredible graphics for articles and the site
  • Maintaining the DJTT YouTube channel
  • Building a stream of news and featured content from around the web
Double Bonus Points For
  • Journalism and Publishing background
  • Video editing skills are always appreciated
  • Social Media expertise
How To Apply
  • Send an email to with:
  • Resumé with complete work and salary history
  • Short cover letter (in the email is fine!) – include expected salary, desired start date, and three original content or interaction ideas for the DJTT blog

Alec Baldwin, feel free to apply.


Location: Anywhere in the world

Job Description:   We’ve got a part-time opening for a rising ad sales star who is confident in their ability to find good advertising partners for DJ TechTools. The position will be commission-based, and will work with our Ad Sales Manager to build advertising partnerships with brands outside the DJ space like consumer electronics and tech brands. An ideal candidate should know their way around selling online advertising and have existing contacts. Check the tabs below for more details!

What You'll Need To Have
  • solid experience in ad sales
  • strong powers of negotiation
  • a hunger for new relationships and connections
Weekly Missions
  • Contacting new clients to build a relationship with
  • Selling inventory on the DJ TechTools blog
  • Reporting on sales to and strategizing with the editorial team
How To Apply
  • Send an email to with:
  • Resumé with complete work and salary history
  • Short cover letter (in the email is fine!) – include expected commision, desired start date, and three non-DJ-related companies you think are a good fit for DJTT advertising


College students and recent grads – we’re finally making the internship process here at DJTT official! Did you know that over half  of our current staff started out as interns? An internship at DJ TechTools provides you with real projects and responsibilities where your contribution actually makes a difference. Internships at DJTT are unpaid, but provide valuable education and experience in the operation of online communities and product development. Students pursuing a degree in any subject are considered, but interns must have a strong interest in the digital DJ industry. Internships at DJ TechTools are fantastic because you get a chance to contribute in many different parts of our creative process. Interns in the past have assisted with on-site artist interviews, organized important events, and even helped build a new DJTT headquarters!

What You'll Need To Have
  • Actively or recently pursuing a college degree
  • Knowledgable about digital DJing and/or electronic music production
  • Able to commit to a minimum of 3 months
  • Able to commute to the DJTT HQ in San Francisco, CA
  • Excellent communication skills
Potential Areas of Focus
  • Advertising
  • Graphic Design
  • Engineering
  • Editorial
  • Administrative / General Office
  • Video Production
How To Apply
  • Send an email to with:
  • Resumé – show us what you’ve already done that’s awesome!
  • Short cover letter (in the email is fine!) – include when you would like to intern, what areas you’re interested in, and you’d hope to learn through an internship here


As always with our job posts, we’re sure to be overloaded with responses – so please be patient. We’ll contact you if we’re interested within two weeks! Know someone who might be a really good fit for one of these? Share this article with them! Finally, major thanks all of our readers and community members for making it possible for us to even consider hiring more people – more about this in next week’s 5th anniversary post!

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