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Featured Mapping: Ghztomash’s Midi Fighter 3D Ableton Script

You ‘ll remember  from his runner-up entry into the DJ video contest earlier this year featuring a modified Midi Fighter Classic. After we sent him over a Midi Fighter 3D, he decided to make an Ableton Live script for the controller that mirrors much of the behavior found in the Launchpad’s standard Ableton mapping. It’s a solid mapping with four pages that can allow a complete performance in Ableton just using the 3D – with transport, clip launching, drum rack, and even motion-based FX controls.

Check out his overview of the mapping in the video below, or try it yourself: it’s a free download on!

More Info:

  • Midifighter 3d will arrive on Monday for me 🙂

  • DUDE THIS IS WHAT IVE BEEN LOOKING FOR. Now i just need to figure out how to implament my crossfader and use of turnado!!!! You rock dude.

  • yenga

    That’s pretty cool. I especially like some of those effects chains you’ve made