• Mav

    About 2 years ago is when I really decided to move my following of music to electronic music solely. Then, I’d only come across DJTT when innovative NI showcases & music was posted. Within the last year I’ve gathered equipment and finally (because we all know how competitive and daunting the music world is) decided to start producing/making my own music, despite pursuing a science degree.

    Since then I’ve began to follow DJTT religiously. Ean and the team truly have offered a sense of clarity and depth that no other website I have come across offers…a scientific-artistic mashup. Keep it up guys. Maybe I’ll visit sometime.

  • Jordan 3G

    Happy B Day! 🙂

  • safadao

    I need to review both # 1 and # 2 right now!

  • RockingClub

    Happy Birthday from Europe!

  • happy birthday and keep up with the hardwork.

  • Danny Byrne 29

    Happy Birthday guys…. your in my favorites… keep up the good work…!

  • Rafa

    Happy birthday from Portugal, thank you a lot for all your brainstorming !

  • deejaygee

    Happy Birthday DJTT , and any more to come . Thanks for all the help and knowledge. Thanks for helping me get back into djing and the digital world .

  • Anonymous

    Same for me. Great work guys. Congrats. And let’s keep it going!


  • Stewe

    Happy birthday DJTT-unity! Did that birthcake come with any mappings? 😉

  • Big thankyou from Canada

  • jprime

    Happy Birthday guys! Can’t wait to visit the SF HQ one day 🙂

  • n4Sphere

    happy b-day to the new empire state of djing

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY DJTT!!!! Here’s to five more!!

  • malzfreund

    Congrats, DJTT!