• trigger

    Its disappeared out of my list in logic x after the upgrade anyone know why n how to fix it ??? Please help.

  • ObieGYN

    About multicore…I was wondering if anyone has tried this but I’m gonna be running my mk2 in host plug in mode with ableton suite 8…does abletons multi core support translate over to the maschine??

  • jon port

    too little, too late. “offline” time-stretch would have been impressive in 1984 but insulting for people that have waited so long for this. still no Multi core support. weak. time to say goodbye to Maschine. disappointing as ever NI.

    • Plauto Camargo

      I agree!

    • SK

      Meh… I was looking for that multi-core support as well. Would much rather have that than a color coded controller. But time stretching has always been an easy work around, both within Maschine or in a separate program. Glad to finally have this feature though.


    • Rayalon

      Goodbye. Don’t let the door hit you on your way out.

  • Rafa

    Hi there,

    I now have 1.8.1 version installed, I had to install it twice, first time was buggy, crashed loading samples, but now is just fine.
    I don´t see Massive anywhere ! it didn´t install it, and it´s not up for download at the service center.
    So where is the massive ?

    And thanks NI great update

    • Check your email, Massive and code was sent to you by email. Do a search in your email and you will find it. Download and have fun.

      • Rafa

        I did, and haven´t got it, when didi you receive it ?
        Already send NI an email

        thank´s for your awnser

        • Rafa

          and here it´s – NI Massive
          Problem solved – thanks to NI fast support center

          • LoopKat

            wow that’s the first time I’ve heard a thank you, the word fast and NI support in the same sentence.

          • BUSYB

            I have always found NI customer service to be top-notch. Maybe I’ve just been lucky.

  • Oliver Force

    New Browser sample preview mode: Easily scroll through the browser list and pre-hear samples without loading them. – GOLD!