• Duke

    Can somebody please tell me is there away to get a full screen library on DJ Rig
    Thank you,


  • Peter DiFalco

    I have made suggestions to the support channel. I don’t expect much movement on the multi-touch gesture issue – the IK apps are designed to be used as tiny replicas of physical interfaces, and I think time will show that to be an archaic design for touch apps. However I did receive a reply from the dev team about forthcoming support for multi-routing under iOS 6 which I find very encouraging.

  • deejaesnafu

    That is mad weak scratchin yoooo

  • Peter DiFalco

    I’ve been using DJ Rig on 2 iPads since it came out, and I’m finding this new version to be somewhat disappointing. Besides the lovely retina-quality graphics, the update fails to address some of my criticisms of DJ Rig (and most iPad DJ apps in general): poor track browser, and lack of multi-touch gesture support, too many functions buried under menus. It does add the much-needed countdown timer, but watch out! It doesn’t count real-world minutes and seconds if you speed up or slow down the track. For instance, a track sped up 10% should show 10% fewer minutes and seconds remaining, not just countdown the time faster. Maybe it’s a minor point for some DJs, but I work on the radio and need to really know how many minutes and seconds I have left.

    Further, with this version we’ve actually lost valuable functionality: the iPhone version of DJ Rig has a nice single deck mode which I use on two iPads with a DJ mixer – the same setup demonstrated in IK’s own scratching tutorial with their mixer. @facebook-1169749589:disqus might not roll with two iPads, but since I have an iPad 1 and new iPad, I use them both with a four-channel mixer and two 1200s, so my full music library is available to me. There’s no single deck mode on this new app! Single deck mode gives you a much bigger waveform view for cueing as well as a larger manipulation surface on the virtual turntable.

    So pluses: great sound quality, nice graphics, countdown timer.

    Minuses: just another one-finger virtual button interface with lots of unexposed functionality, no single deck mode.

    So I’ll probably stick with the iPhone version (where I’ve made in-app purchases to unlock functionality I don’t wish to buy again) except for live gigs, when the multi-touch interface of TraxPad is my weapon of choice.

  • Some people might already have an iPad but I don’t think any body is going to pick up a second Ipad just to DJ with. Plus I’d rather spend that money on actual hardware with a little bit more of a “feel’ to it.

  • Not sure if awesome or a useless expensive toy 😛

  • Mike

    That’s not how you hold a crossfader!

    • Correction: That’s now how YOU hold a crossfader. Apparently this anonymous pair of hands does it all the time!