• Kyle Ravv

    I agree with Ryan; sound truly is subjective. No matter how much you try to make it objective, it’s still going to be subjective because of the reasons he mentioned (and not just because of the studio speakers you’re using). People always have something bad to say no matter how good the monitoring speakers are. I recently got the KRK Rokit 5 G3 studio monitors after learning about how good they are through review sites like this, and I don’t regret anything. I think they’re awesome, especially for the price. I don’t think any other studio monitors in this price range can beat the Rokit 5 G3. Sure, they’re not as good as the higher-end studio speakers but they still get the job done.

  • Nelly Jay

    i blew the 10 inch woofer i got a new one but cant take the bafel off or the little frame where the alen key screws are off. i took screws off but cant take the thing to replace my woofer

  • stocksy

    I have a pair of Rokit 10/3 in my 30 foot by 45 foot studio , I make tekno and these speakers , rock hard, very neutral love them.

  • I found this post useful.I was trying to find this. Really refreshing take on the information. Thanks a lot

  • Anonymous

    As someone already noted tri-amped means 3 separate amplifiers, one per driver. Having 3 drivers per cabinet would more often be referred to as a 3 way design. I think you should update the article not just so you don’t look a little silly but more importantly not to misinform people. Not having a dig, I like your site just want the correct information for your audience.

  • drowland

    I have a pair of the yamaha hs80m. This is the best $500 ive spent in my life! I got a pair of them from a local place in Brooklyn brand new. Great bass nice highs, and theres some room control switches in the back to help tailor them to your room. They don’t sound like ns10s (i use them at work constantly) but for home i wanted something more round mainly bc i cant have 3 sets of monitors at home. The hs80s tho have a midrange bump that does give the midrange an extra bump like the ns10s. Adam a7s are nice, have them at work but waaaaay to expensive, I listen and can agree yea they sound better than my yamahas but hey not extra $1000 better. Like everyone else says buy a set of monitors that you like! not ones i like or say you should like.

    Theres a really cool company selling monitors Equator D5. Theyre $300 a pair and the best part….theyll let you try them for 60 days! and no questions asked on returns. No im not a sales rep for them I just know when I see somebody doing something cool, and I think theyre doing something pretty cool.

    I work in a studio in Manhattan, and listen to this shit everyday. Just dont buy genelecs, they make everything sound good. which is bad, very bad for your mix.

  • Mark

    stop deleting my replies!!!!

  • Mark

    KRK may have scraped it’s way “near” the top of the monitor market in terms of volume sold, but I don’t think they’re near the like of top-tier manufacturers such as: Dynaudio, Genelec, EVE Audio, ADAM Audio, PMC, Quested, Focal etc.

  • Play!Doh

    Does anyone know of an 8″ speaker for reference listening that is also <$500 each? The part about the KRKs putting out a lot of noise is troubling to me, but I don't want to spend $5k for an Adams 2.1 setup. I have a 5.1 M-Audio 4" setup now that's quite satisfactory, but I want some bigger speakers to pair with a Mackie 15" sub.

  • tony

    Its a bit sad but this site has got very boring of late,cant remember the last time there was a good video on technique/mixing programming etc.
    Of late its been products and very intricate stuff that probably is of no use to the working dj.I like this site hope it changes.

  • Mad Zach

    horizontal speaker placement seems a bit off, pretty sure they’re supposed to sit upright.

  • I have a pair of Rokit 5s and a matching 10S that I produce with. I’ve worked on Genelec 1032s, Genelec 8000 series (I think the 8050s? Not sure), and original Yamaha NS10s. Do my Rokit 5s come close to matching those monitors? Well, no. But having those as a reference, I certainly wouldn’t call my pair “muddy,” “flabby” or any other weirdly nauseating negative adjective.

    This is why I think hardcore audiophiles are crazy people. Sound is always subjective. It’s a product of your monitoring setup, the room, your position, the quality of your connections, your power source, your age, your hearing; and if you’re listening on digital, your interface, sample rate, bit depth, compression quality, and more. If you’re listening on vinyl, god help you. It’s your turntable, the way you balance your tone arm, your cartridge, your needle, your mats, the weight of the record, the vibrations in the room, and on and on and on and on.

    So reading the posts below, I could doubt my choice of monitors and start anxiously wondering how I’m going to afford different monitors that still others will undoubtedly call inferior, or I can remember that I like my monitors and, having listened to quite a bit of other people’s music on them, it’s really not that hard for me to tell when my mix sounds good. I’ve heard tracks mixed on my monitors in my untreated, 112 sf dorm room in headphones, in cars, on other people’s sound systems, on club systems, and they sound good! Other producers have listened to said mixes critically on their own systems and they approve. So like, get a good monitoring system, but really, don’t kill yourself, people.

  • I’ve heard KRK rokit 5’s against mackie HR824s MKIs and they don’t even come close to being a producers nearfield monitor. So so muddy and flabby. I really would not advise anyone to invest any reproduction faith in KRKs for the budget minded. Yes they are better than HiFi speakers but not by much. I’m of the opinion you should spend this kind of money on your first set but just not these, Adams, Mackies or almost anything classed as a monitor speaker for this money will beat these. Even the updated Yamaha NS10s would be better for most musical applications.

  • Anonymous

    DJTT is one of the best sites for DJ tech articles, but recently standards have slipped. Tri-amped doesn’t mean three speaker cones, it means three AMPlifier circuits, individually driving each cone. This is a pretty embarrassing error, as anyone who has bi-amped passive speakers will know. Compare this article with the equivalent one on digitaldjtips and you’ll see what I mean.

    Your expertise is far and away with controllerism. Stick with it. That subject offers plenty of scope for brilliant, creative articles, and on that subject you knock the socks off the competition.

    • What do you mean by “bi-amped passive speakers”? amped=active. Or do you mean bi-amped stereo speakers?

      Whatever, I always thought the KRK reputation was more on their looks than sound. You get a lot more bang4$ with M-Audio IMHO.

      Of course if you’re feeding them 192k mp3s, who cares (“but it says 320k”). Stop throwing your $ out the window and start training your ears.

      This ipod-generation-mastered-for-itunes crap has got to stop. I’ve even bought wav files where the samples used in the song is low rate. WTF, thanks for ruining your track.

      • Anonymous

        “bi-amped” = 2 amplifiers (per cabinet). How hard is that to get?

        • technicaltitch

          Thanks bart02, that’s why it is obvious if you’ve bi-amped passive speakers: because you have the same pair of speakers, but two boxes with lights on instead of one. Anyway reason I came here was to say that I sold DJTT short – not only are you incredibly inspiring in the field of DJ controllerism, but also DJ and synth etc culture – I love the occasional video articles for example. This greatly enhances your DJ interface reviews. Perhaps just be a bit more careful with the reviews involving sound engineering knowledge. I think this is important for DJTT as when I buy kit I often discover new sites, and if I see a good quality review I’ll come back. If it pales next to the other sites I’m looking at I’ll close the tab and never look back. I mean this as a committed fan of DJTT – absolutely love what you’re doing.

          • technicaltitch

            PS. I’ve got RKR 8s and I adore them. Just re-read your post Futureglue and not sure where to start – take a deep breath, find your neutral space, we’re all friends here.

          • Hey, I guess you’re taking my post WAY way too personal. I wasn’t attacking you personally AT ALL, just lamenting the fact that sound quality in general is going down the drain.

            I’m far from the only one saying it. I mean, if you buy a song from Beatport (Dinky – Take Me) and the drum sample sounds like a compressed 128k sound, what does that say about us as music creators & providers, that we don’t care?

            And yes I know what bi-amped speakers are & why you would do that, I just didn’t know they made passive studio monitors, so you had me confused for a second there.

            Peace out 🙂

  • Apobiosis

    KRK monitors are good…just not anything with “Rokit” on them. They’re muddy, and they’re targeted at DJs who don’t care too much about accurate reproduction and novice producers. Save up for their V or VXT series, or go with another company (Adam, Mackie, etc.). Be sure to listen to them to find the ones that work best for you.

  • Marvelous Mixin Miguel

    I don’t care for the KRK. For the amount of $ you’re spending you’re better off buying some adams. Way better quality then the KRK. http://www.adam-audio.com/

    • I agree. I started out on a pair of KRK Rokit 5’s many years ago, and had them for 3-4 years before I upgraded. They were decent entry level monitors, but they sounded way too muddy to accurately mix with. From that experience, I would never shell out $1000 for any set of monitors by KRK. I’m also not a fan of the black and yellow design, just messes up the Feng Shui of my studio, Why can’t they just stick to a more neutral color scheme? Adams are much better choice to spend your money on for sure. Considering DJTT only carries KRK monitors in their store, I wouldn’t place much value on this “review” and do your own independent research before you decide anything. The best way to do that is to test different monitors yourself at your local music gear shop.

    • Play!Doh

      Yeah, but the Adams A8X speakers are $900/each. Of course they’re going to sound better.

    • Eve Australia

      or EVE Audio 😉 http://www.eve-audio.com/

    • How do the old 20s stand up to these guys?

  • I always wanted a pair of KRK 6 or 8’s now that this has hit im saving my money.

  • I have the 6’s and love them. I would def get these if I was in the market for more sound.

    • PCuts

      Hi, thinking about getting the 6’s – do you use them without a sub and would you say they sound decent? I just wanna monitor my mixes,don’t produce really. But some more or less clear bass for dubstep and similar tunes would be still nice. Only have a 18m² room so hope they’ll sound well here.

      • I use them with out a sub with out any problems. I use them as DJ monitors and for producing deep house and tech house.

  • I may just get a pair of these. Good review.

  • KRK has done it again! i won a pair of Rokit 6’s and even in monitoring conditions that are unsuitable (i.e. in the corner of a room on a table about 2 feet away from my head…at least the room is fully insulated with Roxul and acoustic panels) i get very clean an accurate reproduction of the sound…. I would say this is definitely a company whose products i have grown an emotional attachment to, they’re just so awesome