• Ryan Supak

    I love the segment on Digital Recording (“the mode of the future”). According to the article, Digital Recording has no [bass] or [treble] distortion, and no tape distortion.

    Funny that so many people use tube gear, vintage compressors, tape machines, and vintage gear-emulating VSTs just to get some of that distortion back.


  • Guest

    You should definitely hyperlink Gridface.com…

  • Guest

    Lame! You basically stole this post from Gridface.com.

    • If it wasn’t for DJTT I wouldn’t have know to check Gridface in the first place. You should be thankful not hateful.

  • Anonymous

    Loving this stuff! I still have many issues of a Dutch 80’s DJ magazine called “Disco dance”

  • Dj O

    Happy to see articles like this! I love the diversity of this web site and it’s articles. You stay classy DJTT!!

  • Micah

    For some reason, this article isn’t showing on the main site.

    • This article is part of the new “Breaking News” series, these articles dont follow a schedule nor do they show up in the main blog feed, however you can always check on the side bar for new content.

  • OUI

    haha an article that actually means something to the history of DJing and no comments lol

    • They only show up to B!tc4 about djtt grammar…lmao..oh,and look for free stuff..smdh.
      Also, this is an article about djing and there are many, we’ll call them “hobbyist” who don’t really grasp the concept of what a dj actually did back in the day….or even now.
      Good article to see posted on here actually refreshing to see.

      • mrfingerdrums

        you are a dick jockey