• Root Ginger

    So this is an iKey only not as good, more expensive and a few years too late. Greeaat… My advise is for everyone to pick up an iKey or iKey Plus on ebay.

  • I love the tape shape, and I love the concept – All they need to add is an audio OUT, and a REAL tape-head so I can slip it into my 1992 Honda Civic’s AC-Delco tape player and play back my jams 😉

  • mentalu

    Didn’t the iKey do the same thing in 2006?? Late to the game people

    • mentalu

      oh and it was 99 bucks then.

  • I have an iKey Plus and I think it’s almost the same thing. I hope this one has lithium rechargeable battery…

  • Nah, not that sexy. Should have had some memory or flash card integrated from start. And some lossless WAV recording … Start /stop seems to be too easy to handle by mistake, if you ‘re using it in live set environment. My opinion; idea = good, execution doubtful…

  • Shishdisma

    Ewww… For $150, I would have expected them to ditch the “tape” form factor” and throw some actual I/O on the thing! Seriously, $150 for a sound interface and no digital ins? C’mon. You’re in the range of actual recording sound cards at that pricepoint, and you’re swapping usable I/O for a USB record function? Meh.

  • Eoghain

    Christmas present sorted

  • Paul

    Can’t you just save $150 and just record thru traktor?

    • chris

      yeah or into ableton and throw ozone 5 overtop of it haha

    • Guest

      Not if you’re not using traktor or if you have multiple computers running or multiple programs (like using ableton and traktor simultaneously) or even going completely vinyl/cdj)

      • Master Fader

        Incorrect. Traktor can record anything your send to an input as long as one is available. Just send rec out from your mixer into a channel you have configured in your preferences.

    • Steve

      No if your using an external mixer