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Reloop’s Tape: Official Details Emerge

If you made it to the BPM show earlier this month, you might have seen Reloop’s new mix recording kit, a simple USB-drive based recording interface that allows for really simple recording of DJ sets. Reloop showed off the basic concept last week, but now we’ve finally got the official technical specifications and feature lists that we all crave.

The Tape is essentially a sound card – you’ll have to supply your own USB keydrive or external hard drive to record onto, plug it into the device, and press record. There’s switch that allows the user to toggle between 320kbps and 128kbps recordings, and a phono/line switch complete with a grounding post to make a direct recordings from vinyl also possible.

Additionally, if your mixer only has one output available, the Tape can pass the master signal through – recording the mix and passing the audio along to the speakers or amplifier.

First impressions are this little guy might be a great addition to a lot of DJ’s bags, especially if you’re in the habit of recording every single mix. The Reloop Tape is set to be in stores in January 2013, and Reloop has confirmed the price to be $129 at MSRP.

Here’s the full feature list and tech specs from Reloop’s press release:


  • USB mixtape recorder with retro tape look
  • Direct recording of mix sets on USB sticks or external USB hard drives
  • Connection of line and phono sources (e.g. mixer or turntable)
  • Easy operation without complicated settings for secure recordings, even in dark surroundings
  • Can also be used for converting analogue vinyl into digital format, with a dedicated turntable grounding post-
  • Direct recording as MP3 files on a USB storage device; no computer necessary
  • 3,5mm stereo jack input (including appropriate RCA-to-stereo jack cable and turntable
  • grounding)
  • Hi-speed USB port (for USB stick or external USB hard drive)
  • Switchable recording quality (192kbit/320kbit)
  • Numerous status LEDs (power, USB, record, signal/peak)
  • 3,5mm thru connection for signal routing; convenient for when the mixer does not have a recordout connection
  • Various design sticker sets available
  • Mains connection (mains adapter included)

technical datas:

  • Input: 1 x phono/line 3,5mm stereo jack
  • Output: 1 x line 3,5 mm stereo jack (thru port)
  • USB port for sticks and external hard drives
  • Grounding: GND screw
  • Dimensions: 103 x 14 x 65mm
  • Weight: 59 g
  • Incl. RCA-to-stereo jack (3,5mm) recording cable with grounding, mains adapter and 3 design sticker sets available for retro look


  • Root Ginger

    So this is an iKey only not as good, more expensive and a few years too late. Greeaat… My advise is for everyone to pick up an iKey or iKey Plus on ebay.

  • I love the tape shape, and I love the concept – All they need to add is an audio OUT, and a REAL tape-head so I can slip it into my 1992 Honda Civic’s AC-Delco tape player and play back my jams 😉

  • mentalu

    Didn’t the iKey do the same thing in 2006?? Late to the game people

    • mentalu

      oh and it was 99 bucks then.

  • I have an iKey Plus and I think it’s almost the same thing. I hope this one has lithium rechargeable battery…

  • Nah, not that sexy. Should have had some memory or flash card integrated from start. And some lossless WAV recording … Start /stop seems to be too easy to handle by mistake, if you ‘re using it in live set environment. My opinion; idea = good, execution doubtful…

  • Shishdisma

    Ewww… For $150, I would have expected them to ditch the “tape” form factor” and throw some actual I/O on the thing! Seriously, $150 for a sound interface and no digital ins? C’mon. You’re in the range of actual recording sound cards at that pricepoint, and you’re swapping usable I/O for a USB record function? Meh.

  • Eoghain

    Christmas present sorted

  • Paul

    Can’t you just save $150 and just record thru traktor?

    • chris

      yeah or into ableton and throw ozone 5 overtop of it haha

    • Guest

      Not if you’re not using traktor or if you have multiple computers running or multiple programs (like using ableton and traktor simultaneously) or even going completely vinyl/cdj)

      • Master Fader

        Incorrect. Traktor can record anything your send to an input as long as one is available. Just send rec out from your mixer into a channel you have configured in your preferences.

    • Steve

      No if your using an external mixer