• seriously, enough with the white versions of EVERY piece of DJ equipment. Pioneer is far from the only offender, but they’re right up there.

  • Antonio Miranda

    White gear looks so pretty BUT! In my experience, because of the color it get too dirty really fast and it’s hard to clean, Dj Tech Tools should do like a tutorial “How to clean your dj gear”.

  • Djcl.ear

    Apart from the cool or not factor. This recent while line of Pioneer products, serves well when DJing directly under the sunlight. It actually lowers a few temperature degrees on the gear… Leave the black cans under the sun for a few mins and you’ll see. I just wish my Senns would come on pearl white/silver, so to have them with the sound I like plus with a bit of sunlight resistance.

    • Spacecamp

      Interesting perspective, I used to own white headphones and did outdoor mobile gigs – but the ear pads were back, so they were still pretty scalding when I put them back on. Always hid the headphones under the table or under a case after that.

      Also, direct sunlight sucks for screenglare : /

  • rayckaki

    From my point of view its not all about the colour. I own the HDJ 1500 in silver and the sound quality is amazing!! They also combine very nicely to other pioneer products which are available in white, ie. the cdj 850 and 350

  • Simon Andretti

    I must say that although it doesnt leave much room for creativity and what not, its nice they didn’t try to mark up the price for a simple color change. IE: the white cdjs, white djm, white MF pro, and other products where companies think a color change justifies a 25% mark up

  • Dan Reed

    I think the white decks look cool, and so do these.
    And it’s brilliant that the writer is called Dan White. How apt.

    • Spacecamp

      Thanks, that’s my name.

  • AntB

    Want them!