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  • erizz

    I feel the fame with Abletone Live lol

  • Mosaic

    Here are some newly reworked elements in Live 9: http://youtu.be/NKqASHqfmh8

  • Chris Rawles

    This looks promising, I just hope there are more new features. I would like to see a better mixer page and automation curves. They are the 2 main features I miss in Logic. Live is still my number one DAW for creative workflow.

  • Boceefus

    Yep, it’s Live 9.

  • Rishi

    Pretty sure that is the voice of Dennis DeSantis from Ableton

  • Charles Mykid
  • lefreak

    Well i happen to know that ableton will release a NEW controller alongsinde ableton 9…. might explain the unknown controller

  • Anonymous

    you shouldn’t have posted this video

  • edmproducers.com

    Sweet! It´s about time we had the Live 9 now:)

  • Nick

    A bunch of you guys are talking like we’re already looking at the final product and that they’ve changed too little- although this is a demonstrational video, but I don’t think it’s meant for the general public; I’m guessing that it’s meant for third-party developers and business partners.

    Have you guys ever seen leaked photos of car test mules? Sometimes you’ll see weird versions of the current car, with all-new mechanical workings underneath, that look a little out of place. I think that’s what we’re seeing here.

  • Yuusou

    Ableton might have accidently published this video. I remember that I had this video listed in my channel abonnements yesterday. Now I checked the official AbletonInc channel and it’s not online anymore. It seems like someone has already grabbed that video and re-published it. (thanks Tung Luong for the link)

  • mothergarage

    convolution reverb on the return track?

  • RockingClub

    The original video seems to have been called “Live 9 devices master” so it probably was more kind of an introduction of their new devices rather than showing all of their new stuff. So we stay curious what else will be on its way!

  • bacKspace

    YES! finally! the clues of Ableton 9 starts to appear! but im guessing it won’t be out until late Q3 2013… i mean 8.4 isn’t even out yet (the non-beta)

  • VisualFidus

    I noticed a few things I haven’t seen anyone else mention:
    There was a pretty revealing frame at 6:09 where you could see the full list of plugins and all of the reverb plugin.

    The sad thing is: the reverb plugin is exactly the same and the list of audio effects is exactly the same with the exception of the Glue Compressor (although there is no longer an entry for “Max Audio Effect” which suggests that Max may be integrated standard because earlier in the video the same rig there is an entry in the new right hand browser for “Max for Live” around 2:08)

    also, there is grey bar next to some of the names of the plugins in the audio effects browser that you can see at 1:32… perhaps this is some sort of readout of plugin latency, cpu taken, preset number, instances on the track or session?

  • First screenshot… I think he’s working on an analog console, hence the VU meters. And that “controller” looks more like a reverb/effects box to me…

  • The only things i’d like to add to Live, is a better windows workflow. I wan’t use all my monitors and see more than a instrument rack at time! The user interface need A LOT of tuning in the little things

  • Getting close now 🙂

  • Anonymous

    It’s real

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, It’s Real

  • This has to be legit. Get ready, more leaks incoming!

  • al@al.com

    nah – looks too much like ableton 8. I’m bettin on bitwig or someone else.

    • not bitwig. that’s for certain. the virtual knobs are ableton knobs, that’s their IP.

  • Video link of it here :


  • This looks very promising!

  • I watched the whole video. Aside from the changes to the original compressor there’s a new one called the Glu Compresser which has a lot of nice features along with allowing for Parallel compression.

    Also in the last screenshot the reason the waveform is blue is because he’s working in something called Audition mode (I think?) which allows you to see and hear what each band in your EQ is doing on it’s own.

    I will say it was definitely a mistake that they put it up since the video seemed as if it was part of a series of videos rather then a standalone, since you’d think they’d have some sort of announcement trailer rather then a video showing off a few changes. Or at least I’d hope so since there are so many features people want from Ableton that we’d hope be included in this new version.

  • Ri Dios
  • Ri Dios

    heres another pic i made from the video of the new Glue Compressor in partnership with Cytomic

    hope you can add to this thread

  • Matt

    Got dang it looks good! Hopefully this can take me away from the neverending crashes in Logic.