• Anonymous

    Well that took long enough. Congrats to the winners. They probably already have forgotten about this so it would be only fair of DJTT to actively chase these winners after screwing up this competition.

    Too bad, I didn’t win myself considering the amount of effort I put into this but I guess that’s the bitter price you pay when you stir up a hornets nest to remind DJTT of their responsibilities: http://forum.djtechtools.com/showthread.php?t=59387

    • Elliot Adamson

      Seriously though?

      • Anonymous

        Let me put it this way: Which one would you choose as craziest picture? http://www.facebook.com/djtechtools/photos

        No offense to the current winner btw. It’s a cool pic but by no means I would call it the “craziest”

        • Gnarly

          Hahaha, this guy submits pictures he found online then gets all butthurt when he didn’t win. Get over it dude.

          • Anonymous

            There was never ever any rule about being it from your own camera. Besides that, how can you ever possibly know this for sure?
            They changed the rules one-sided afterwards and they admitted it. That’s a serious issue if you ask me.

        • My gf didn’t liked it broke down the fridge anyway 🙂 Maybe you’re right your pictures are better that doesn’t change the fact thati’m a very happy winner! 😀

          • Anonymous

            Not sure if my pics were better but at least DJTT has publicly admitted I should have won by their original rule: craziest picture.
            Because of this huge mess they have created and all the hassle it has taken me to get at least some word out of them on this contest, I was planning on giving that Midi Fighter away for free anyway.
            Therefore: van harte gefeliciteerd! Your pic was cool and a well deserved winner by their updated rules.



      • Anonymous

        Announcing a contest for serious hardware without proper rules, forgetting about it and then screwing over contestants by changing the rules one-sided afterwards, sounds pretty infuriating to me…

  • Leslie Jones

    Congrats indeed!

  • Congrats to the winners