• darqade

    I’m a little confused. Is the seminar at the university then a show at clubs at night? I want to go to both tomorrow in Dayton OH. Do I need tickets? What time is the seminar?

  • June Lopez

    Live Stream in Philly is broke :0(

  • ReRe

    I can’t get the live stream to work. Any help out there???

  • John

    What happened to the West Coast?!

  • Aaron

    How/where do we sign up for the workshops?

  • D3RKIN

    There has been limited information concerning the workshops. Do you have to be a student at the college to attend the workshop? Is there an additional charge for the workshop? I live in Chicago and purchased tickets for the show and have been trying to find info everywhere about the workshop. I found the address the room and time but there was no other info about cost or if you had to be a student. Thanks, Kevin

    • 1nfinite zer0

      the one in montreal today was held in a university amphitheatre, but did not require you to be a student. it was also free of charge, but RSVP to accomodate limited space. dubspot is probably too busy (and hopefully otherwise unscathed) to respond, and the university was mum to my requests. the CNTRL tour has an active twitter campaign, so if you don’t have details a few days before i’m sure they’d happily field your questions.

      • D3RKIN


  • JuanSOLO

    You guy scared to come further south or something?

  • DJ2CUT

    I really wish I could go to one of these. 🙁 Chicago is 5 hrs away and no cash to go 🙁 FML

    You should come to SLU in STL MO next time!

  • RockingClub

    Someone here who could record the Ean Golden livestream?
    Would be so awesome to watch but in the European time zone it will be in middle of the night or early morning then I guess

  • Who is going to be there from drop bass (in wisconsin)

  • sdfsd

    2 live sets from the man himself, ean golden! awesome!

  • Linzmar

    Sorry I’m gojng to miss it in Philly 🙁
    At least I’m going to be in the Caribbean on the beach 🙂

  • if I work 8-5 on Friday, will i miss out on most of it?

    • evelyn

      depends on your time zone of course.

  • Foush

    Damn, i got homework to do. I’m gonna have to miss tonight’s set.

  • W

    good to know you are all okay!

  • dl

    HD 25’s in that pic <3