• Does anybody have any info on the F1 ableton scripts he is talking about ? Cant seem to google my way towards this one. Help appreciated !

  • Jimmy C

    Any ideas where to find the Ableton Scripts for the Kontrol F1 he talks about ? Googling for months and cant find anything useful. :s

  • More please!

  • ddaniels3000

    Abdullah, as far as future articles go, i would love to see the god himself Flyin Lotus

  • Tommy Trash

  • Skrillex? Kapslap or the super mash bros

  • BoogieJunior

    Awesome article.
    And Abdullah, as far as future articles go, I’d love to see something like this with Modeselektor.

  • Mick

    I love this kind of articles. It just gives the site a whole new quality. (Y)

    I’d love to see how Stimming or James Blake produce.

  • ? ?

    ” I don’t want to say anything and get in trouble, but the Maschine MkII update is only the tip of the iceberg of all the cool shit that Native is plotting for the Maschine ”
    Pretty please can they add that “audio to midi” thing they’ve just introduced in Abelton 9.
    Would love an easier way to get what I’m hearing in my head down into piano roll. 🙂

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  • Guest

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  • Drew

    I could spot a Access virus in the bottom right corner of the 2nd pic, shame he didn’t mention it

  • PAnpan

    For the future could you make the pictures interactive, a close up view when you over the number label for a certain gear.

  • PAnpan

    Nice test article. Good way of getting inside the heads and process of how different artist create their sounds.

  • 4321djgear

    I could read these ALL DAY! Fantastic job Mr. Saeed.

  • M3D!C

    i was going to make a midi fighter guitar but the ztar blows my midi idea out of the blue

  • Really glad everyone is into this type of piece. Gotten some great recommendations so far, but would love some more! Whose set up would you like to see next?

    • LoopCat

      Matthew Dear, Simian Mobile Disco maybe?

  • dDaniel3000

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • PLF

    “I grew up scratching, and still get on these from time to time. I’m working on a project for Traktor that is gonna fuck the DJ game up. I’m mad excited about this.”

    I’m liking the sound of this shit…

  • It’s very nice to see the intellectual side of electronic music performance. I loved seeing the old Juno 106 and the new Maschine Mk2 as part of Mr. Gao’s (out of respect) gear, but that’s pretty much all we got. I was hoping to see Mr. Gao use his skills on his gear… maybe the new standard should be to do a 3-part series of each performer? Part I: The Tools (and why they are used), Part II: The Performance and how it’s crafted by the tools the performer chooses to use (including their own), Part III: The Interview and how performer feels about important topics. I think parts I and III could be swapped but I think it rounds out both the professional and personal aspects of the performing artist… which is satisfying.

  • Anonymous

    really cool feature – thanks guys!

  • Erik Mitchell

    Great article! Love checking out how artists use their equipment in the studio. Makes me jealous though lol

  • pmgo

    he’s right about the softstep. I found that taking off my shoes really helps.

  • gibli

    mike gao is the truth. once i saw him pretend to spill his drank on a laptop during his gig
    everyone felt bad for him lol then he lifted his computer and it started making some gurgling sounds

  • AWESOME piece. More like this, please!

  • Apoplexia Music

    how about trying to get Noisia do one of these features? that would be awesome!

  • Trent

    i like this new style i hope to see more “inside the producers studio” Try to Get Bluetech in studio!

  • RockingClub

    Like that new type of DJTT articles. Very inspiring to see what and especially WHY artists use a specific kind of gear!

  • Anonymous

    We miss you Mike!

  • rfb

    Great series, more of the same pleaaaase 🙂
    What about some of the guys on the CNTRL tour?

  • Steve

    He seems like a douche but good interview none-the-less.

    • Mike is nothing close to a douche. Hes one of the coolest people ive ever met and a very kind and helpful person. Text is so impersonal you know. So you can get a real feel for how someone is. Much respect though man.

  • Sarasin

    Awesome article and well written!!

  • steve

    first Tokimonsta and now Mike Gao ! sweet to see him on DJTT and I like that you guys are branching out like this into covering the production side of djing.

    I’m curious what the Maschine update is he’s hyping up….any more details?!?!