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Video: What’s New In Serato DJ?

Yesterday marked the initial launch of Serato DJ, the new software from Serato Audio Research designed to replace ITCH. But aside from a few screenshots, we haven’t had a chance to see the software in action, since the launch release version only has support for the Pioneer DDJ-SX (a review is coming soon!)

Thankfully, Serato has taken the time to make a five minute video overview of all of the new features of DJ, and it gives a much better sense of what the interface redesign feels like when the software is actually in use. Watch the full thing below:

More Info:

  • It’s WONDERFUL! I use Serato Scratch Live internally and it’s great to see that the main interface looks quite similar to the regular Scratch Live. In fact, the only reason that I haven’t invested in a controller as of yet, is because I hated the interfacing of ITCH… I’m currently rethinking that….

    • And that new Pioneer DDJ-SX looks pretty SWEET!

  • Gowstpop

    Can this software use the bridge

  • Anonymous

    The UI is definitely mofugly.

    And did I get this right? You can’t see the effect banks and the sample section at the same time? If that is true, big fail.


  • DJ TeeOh

    The SP6 sync could prove useful.

  • DJ TeeOh

    I like how the deck at the beginning of the video is lagging…. -_-

  • campark43

    Its not ugly, actually very pleasing, why? In a dark environment, the platters with BPM stand out, also the waveforms will stand out. The rest is muted yet still perfectly visible when u need it. In my opinion just as good if not better than traktor, stacked waveforms:( new HQ effects if better than before prob beats traktor, as the quality of seratos effects were already better in quality, just had less in number.

    How about latency? Or the way the waveforms r stuttering on the demo screen. Seen this on Mac with traktor as well, not a huge deal.

    Still a traktor fan, let’s see what native has been cooking up, think quality really matters in effects, not quantity.

  • lauti

    good thing serato’s guis are way simpler than traktor…

  • tr4gik

    damn that GUI is ugly …

  • Has there been any suggestion that the features of Serato DJ will carry over to Scratch Live? Or at least the slightly less hideous GUI? If Scratch had these features combined with the Bridge I might consider selling my DNx1600 for a Sixty-Eight .