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Beatport’s Mixes Now Open To Non-Beatport Tracks

When we first broke the news of Beatport’s mixtape marketplace that they launched back in June, one of the biggest pieces of feedback from our community and others was that it was a bit ridiclious that every track on a mix would have to be purchased on Beatport in order to be a valid mixtape.

Over the weekend, Beatport has addressed just that, and have announced that they’re allowing all mixes to now be uploaded – but the only ones that will be able to be monetized will be ones connected with your purchase history on their website. Non-purchasable¬†mixes can still have timed tracklists and comments and all of the cool features of Mixes – but can’t be downloaded or purchased.

It’s starting to be a more solid platform for sharing mixes, and especially as it continues to integrate into Beatport’s other services like DJs, it’s one more solid place to consider putting your latest sets!

More Info:

  • Mixes | Mixes.Beatport.Com


  • Los

    Surely beatport can be sued for copyright if non beatport tracks are being profited by the DJ only and not the original artist.

  • DJ

    But you shouldn’t make money from playing other people’s music anyway. All mixes should be free and preferably downloadable also. You can’t do much with the music anyway if its tied up in a mix

    • Horus

      do you mean in beatport mixes or DJs in general?

  • Guest

    the purpose of mixes is blatantly obvious: customer retention. nobody is making money from selling mixes anymore.

  • djecliptik

    let’s say that I have only one song out of the whole mix that was purchased elsewhere… will that label the mix non-purchasable?

  • Vayne

    “Beatport Mixes is currently available by invitation only.”