• That video was pretty nasty.

  • chekrah

    Did anyone else find that video awkward? The guy on the left just doesn’t know where to put his hands. I’ve never understood how 2 or more DJs can play together on CDJs. Fair enough if it’s a live setup but that video just reinforces my view that it really only takes one person to mix.

    • Collide

      Maybe they needed the two heads in stead of the two pair of hands? When i mix with a friend of my, we really flow together and the set is different then when i spin alone!

      Or maybe it is just because they produce together…

  • Ravin mad Mel Gibson

    Yet another video with truly hideous music…

  • Enyix

    Nasty expensive… I’m a former DJM-2000/CDJ-2000 owner and I can’t say anything which may justify that price. The worst: The DJM-2000 touchpad is very small, so when you use it for triggering you need either to be a kid or to have too small fingers for sure; there are solutions like Korg padKontrol which is better suitable for that use; DJM-2000 has only 1 no phantom-powered MIC input, while another models like the DJM-5000 (My current mixer) has 3 (no phantom-powered yet) MIC inputs; DJM-5000 has integrated dynamics and 1 ZONE output, while DJM-2000 has no that options (considering price, DJM-2000 should be integrated with at least the same dynamics and 2 ZONE options); the best is for sure the integrated effects, and I had a lot of fun with using the LPF (hot effects) and with using the ECHO and DELAY effects, but that behavior can be easily replaced with another mixer by chaining one EFX-500 and one RMX-1000 (As I have right now) attached to the send/return channels at the mixer. Basically I replaced my very expensive gear with 2xDJM-900 + 1xDJM-5000 + 1xDDJ-SX (it was one Traktor Kontrol S4 but right now I got the DDJ-SX this week) + 1xEFX-500 + 1xRMX-1000 + 1x HP Touchsmart 320 computer. The only of that stuff which I buyed since new were the DDJ-SX and the RMX-1000, all the others were at second hand (and in excellent conditions, was almost-new gear) and the final investment was at least 2/3 the budget I invested by buying the DJM-2000 and two CDJ-2000. So far a better combination for me. DDJ-SX is far a better investment this moment than buying any DJM-2000nexus.

    • Enyix

      Sorry, where wrote DJM-900 I mean CDJ-900. A little mistake.

  • kiddies with expensive toys. is endless Stutter / Glitch still “in fashion”? Singer is talented though, nice voice.

  • 3k for that? No thanks, I’ll stick with my S4 or any Rane mixer. I used the 2000 two months ago and thought the build quality sucked.

    • jv

      Plastic toy Traktor S4 (quality way more suck), ur kidding right? lol

  • MuuLen


  • After a few ups and downs today Pioneer confirmed that the old DJM-2000 will get ALL features of the new DJM-2000Nexus including Beat Slice Remix.

    Source: http://forums.pioneerdj.com/entries/22400756

    EDIT: Whoops, didn’t read the post thoroughly enough. Dan already included that information.

    • Spacecamp

      Cheers Hedgehog! It’s already in the end of the post. I’m sure loads of DJM-2000 users will be ecstatic about this.

      • Yeah, just noticed that too. I’m VERY ecstatic about this. Maybe its because Pioneer tries to make up for the almost a year overdue bugfix all DJM2000-users have been waiting for.