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Video: First Look at Ableton 9’s Drums-to-MIDI and Melody-to-MIDI

Spotted over on Matrixsynth, an eight minute long test of the Ableton 9 Beta’s new Drums-to-MIDI and Melody-to-MIDI features. Within just a few minutes of loading in a track, the user shows of how easy it is to use the software’s robust detection to copy a drum groove or melody progression.

Read our full overview of the new features in Ableton 9. 

The uploader writes in the description: “As an ableton certified trainer, I’m lucky to be involved in the early beta test of Live 9. Here is some early plays with the very new audio to midi feature. You can also see the glue compressor, the new browser too.” Watch the full thing below:

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  • haunter

    I couldnt stand Ableton 8, but after seeing this, i cant say my opinion has changed. Cubase has all the features you just showed, and has had them for 4+ years.

  • Jonas Barsten Johnsen

    Nice video Dan, the reason that you got “too much snares” is that you deleted the track containing the samples and moved the midi-clip to the first track you extracted.

    To me this looks like the “slice til midi”-feature, just with pitch- and similar beats -detection. Which ofcourse is awesome 🙂

  • Henrik S

    thats awesome!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Amazing. As a Long time Suite 8 owner…Where’s my god damn beta ableton!

  • Jim

    Very cool and cant wait to try it out. Has anyone else ever done this by hand like I do? I will put an drum loop on the timeline, then put a midi track under it and pencil in all the beats. Works exactly the same as this but more time consuming as well. My method is more accurate though I think if you want an exact copy.

    • HRLM

      Only recently just thought of this but I do this all the time for ideas. Pretty good little trick to turn out some quick stuff.

  • Anonymous

    Some precisions:
    It isn’t only a groove detection (as made by the feature “groove extraction”), it also find pitches (trying also to map drum parts inside a default drum kit) and a very accurate high resolution velocity !

    really, it works so fine !

  • Anonymous

    thanks for the featuring 🙂

    • stoersignal

      is it okay to make videos of live 9`s features? if yes, i`m definitly start to make my own for my tutorial channel!

  • Damn remixes gonna be easy as….

  • DJ JD

    was just getting ready to sell most of my ableton stuff to start working exclusively w/ traktor and MF3d’s, but I’m pretty sure my mind has been changed now!

    • HRLM

      May I ask exactly what you do? Strictly for performance I’m guessing?

  • time to get ableton…

  • Nonsmoker

    Amazing remix possibilities. Ableton <3

  • Charles Mykid

    VERY interesting