• haunter

    I couldnt stand Ableton 8, but after seeing this, i cant say my opinion has changed. Cubase has all the features you just showed, and has had them for 4+ years.

  • Jonas Barsten Johnsen

    Nice video Dan, the reason that you got “too much snares” is that you deleted the track containing the samples and moved the midi-clip to the first track you extracted.

    To me this looks like the “slice til midi”-feature, just with pitch- and similar beats -detection. Which ofcourse is awesome 🙂

  • Henrik S

    thats awesome!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Amazing. As a Long time Suite 8 owner…Where’s my god damn beta ableton!

  • Jim

    Very cool and cant wait to try it out. Has anyone else ever done this by hand like I do? I will put an drum loop on the timeline, then put a midi track under it and pencil in all the beats. Works exactly the same as this but more time consuming as well. My method is more accurate though I think if you want an exact copy.

    • HRLM

      Only recently just thought of this but I do this all the time for ideas. Pretty good little trick to turn out some quick stuff.

  • Anonymous

    Some precisions:
    It isn’t only a groove detection (as made by the feature “groove extraction”), it also find pitches (trying also to map drum parts inside a default drum kit) and a very accurate high resolution velocity !

    really, it works so fine !

  • Anonymous

    thanks for the featuring 🙂

    • stoersignal

      is it okay to make videos of live 9`s features? if yes, i`m definitly start to make my own for my tutorial channel!

  • Damn remixes gonna be easy as….

  • DJ JD

    was just getting ready to sell most of my ableton stuff to start working exclusively w/ traktor and MF3d’s, but I’m pretty sure my mind has been changed now!

    • HRLM

      May I ask exactly what you do? Strictly for performance I’m guessing?

  • time to get ableton…

  • Nonsmoker

    Amazing remix possibilities. Ableton <3

  • Charles Mykid

    VERY interesting