• also they limit the people to vote on to people you’ve actually seen (or at least marked as such on your account) so that you can’t have groups like daft punk appearing without doing anything.

    • Matt

      I understand that principle for “Top Live Acts”, but not for “Top DJs”. Considering you’re mainly going to vote based upon their production for the “Top DJs” category, I don’t see why I can’t vote only because I haven’t seen them live…

      • RA trys to focus more on the actuall DJing and performing rather than the production.

        • Matt

          I guess I can understand that. But aren’t we going to vote for the same top 5 in both categories? I mean, what’s the difference between the 2?

          • A DJ is one who plays tracks in front of people. a Live Act performs it, like with instruments. a DJ would have Turntables, CD Players or Software while a live act would have instruments or more production oriented software like ableton. A Live act will usually play only their songs and they often won’t play clubs.

      • owen

        Theres allot of DJ/Producers that play crap sets, actually seeing them play live means you are voting based on their skill as a DJ/the whole package, not just as someone who makes good music. That said it sucks for people who live in places their favorite DJ’s don’t play.