• Guest

    Where’s the Maschine deal? It’s in the photo!!! You guys are a bunch of CTs!

  • In what world are these “great deals”?

    • Fader Pusher

      VCI-400 EGE for $799.99 – regularly 1099.99

      That’s a great deal on my planet.

    • Novation Twitch $247 plus I get a $100 Bag Free….Hmmmm did I just get screwed?!?……………NOT!

  • jprime

    Thanks djtt. Chroma caps ordered 🙂

  • I mean…. Not to b rude but u guys only have ur selves to blame. How r u not aware of black Friday cyber Monday possible deals.

  • Antifmradio

    aww man! i feel so BONED!!! i just got my stuff and the next day the sale started. IF i ONLY had joined the newsletter sooner i would have known. GUYS…. MAKE SURE YOU JOIN THE NEWSLETTER hahahaahah

  • Hey the links aren’t working!

  • dev

    why do i get (
    We’re sorry, but something went wrong.
    wen i click on go to deal

    • Flashflooder

      try again it should work now!

      • wha-illed

        nope. something is still going wrong.

        • Antifmradio

          its working now. I had the same problem the other day. Its a database thing but its all cleared up

  • god dammit, I literally bought my MIDI Fighter 3D 10 days ago 🙁
    would’ve been nice to save the $30 and buy a MIDI Fighter t-shirt as well

    • whY

      Same here, I bought MF 3D week ago straight from their office. I’m from Finland though, so taxes would have been problem anyways,

    • Sonshine

      Same here…it also came defective right out of the box so now it’s ship it back, wait a few weeks, then get it back.

    • i bought mine recently too…should have waited and got a shirt!

    • Send it back? Say you didn’t like the color? Then reorder new?

    • Q

      Why didn’t you all just wait until Black Friday? It’s not like it’s an unpredictable sale; it comes every year on the same relative day.

  • Weyland