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Paper Diamond on TouchOSC, Ableton, and Mixing Techniques

We’ve featured Paper Diamond previously on DJTT, but the interview was too short – so when we had a chance a few weeks ago to have an extended interview with the Colorado-based producer, we jumped on the chance. In today’s video, he discusses how he uses his iPad’s TouchOSC mapping to craft an incredible Ableton set, and some of his secrets behind mixing tracks together. Watch the full thing after the jump!

As he mentioned in the video, Paper Diamond is constantly answering fan questions and chatting up folks on Twitter- so check him out @PaperDiamond! Also, if some of the tracks that you heard in the video interest you, it’s worth¬†cruising¬†over to Beatport to listen to a few and learn more.

Here’s the tracks from the video:

Thanks again to Paper Diamond and the whole Elm and Oak crew for their help in putting together this interview – we’re looking forward to more great things from this crew!



  • Mark Quest

    what a wanker..seriously, that dude needs a good, hard look at himself & needs tocome down of that pedestal he’s placed himself on.. And what’s with his dancing when putting on a show & holding up the iPad to the crowd “wee-o-wawa! I press button, sound it makes! you like?”.. Dude needs a shave and a new name that isn’t so ghey..and not in the homosexual sense of the word, but the replacement for being a ‘dick’ sense of the word. That guy is definitely a FAG in the Southpark sense of the word..WORD!!!

    Paper Dildo, do us a favour and an hero pl0x. kthnxbaii

    • no shit. but it’s kinda the state of things these days, all these wankers with their little devices prancing about. perhaps it’s the emasculation of american men?

  • in my area if your not using turntables and serato your lame and i get so sick of hearing that shit being that i’m a controllerist (thanks DJTT for the title). I’m beyond excited to be moving to CO where there are people like this… Great interview.

  • DeadM1C

    No matter what you do, jumping around stage with an iPad makes you look like a twat.

    • Mark Quest

      YESSSSSSS!!!!!!!! ^^^^^^^^^^ This^^^^^^^^^^

  • Guest

    So thats how you make dope beats

  • PanPan

    So thats how you make dope beats

  • Razzlesnaz

    Colorado represent baby!

    • Local

      DTC in the hizzhouse!

      Denver EDM fo’ LIFE

      • Razzlesnaz

        find my profile “Razzlesnaz” on the user forum. I am in centennia/highlands ranch. I am Intersted in talking more about colaboration, spinning, etc…

  • Dan

    like the way he uses magazines for info and uses vanguard and nexus also he looks like a cross between ali g and shiftee

  • great interview, i love it when you guys get technical

  • RockingClub

    Very smart guy.
    I would love to listen to his mentionned “one track has a pre-recorded ending that keeps in the same bpm and another track’s scene launch which jumps bpm”-kind of transition. Something like that around there on the internet?

    • i don’t know any tutorials specific to that technique but it’s pretty easy (and ableton specific).

      basically you are just taking your outro clip and playing it upwarped which will cause it to play at its “natural” tempo regardless of the session bpm. you then rename a scene in your session to “xxxbpm” and when you launch that scene the session tempo will automatically snap to the value that you used to rename the scene but the outro clip will keep playing at its natural tempo because it is not warped.

  • This guy is very cool about everything. Sounds like it’d be fun to hang out with him. He seems to me like DJ Shiftee, very knowledgeable yet he doesn’t throw it in your face and actually seems nonchalant about the craft.

    • Random Guy

      My friend smoked with him in Alabama. He is really chill.